Pretty Much


Way back in the day I enjoyed working on cars.

I got pretty good at it too.

There was a small window in time when I started doing it on the side and I started raking in money. It got out of control and I was doing it 7 days a week and had people lined up wanting me to fix their cars because I was working cheap.

It got so out of control that I couldn’t even stop after work and have a beer at the local tavern without seven or eight people being lined up wanting me to look at their damn cars. Between doing it as a regular job, fixing my own, the inevitable “Welfare Mechanics”, basically charity work and my family hounding me, I finally had enough.

Then the cars starting getting harder and harder and harder to work on.

I finally had a belly full and quit working on the bastards all together except my own and some family.

So now, I work on my own because I have to, my wife’s when it becomes necessary and everybody else can go find their own damn mechanic.

I got too old to be laying under the fuckers out in the street and almost all of them are front wheel drive monstrosities as it is.

I despise those sonsabitches.

My lower back can’t take bending over until I am bent in half, for hours at a time anymore.

This Sprite is at the beginning stages of it’s Long Farewell because I am done messing with it.

Pretty much anything I enjoy doing and am good at these days not only doesn’t MAKE me any money, it winds up COSTING me money.

I do believe that is called a Hobby.

Works for me.