Works For Me

I ain’t in the mood to rant and rave about the latest stupidity the Democrats are busy pulling.

Impeaching Trump again is more important than any other thing possible to them.

Fuck them.

The clock is ticking you motherfuckers.

Democrats Are Drooling At The Prospect Of Taking A Very Big Bite Out Of A Very Rotten Apple

Since I know, You know and They know that the last two elections were very blatantly and In Your Face stolen, the second Joe Biden and those two sleazeball Democrats from Georgia take the oath of office, this country will be running under an illegitimate government.

All of our most important government bodies are already corrupt, including the Supreme Court.

The Three Letter Agencies are basically criminal syndicates anyway.

We have already been told in no uncertain terms that since the Democrats will have the levers of power in all 3 branches of government, control the Presidency, The House and The Senate, that they are going to go on a wild spree passing their Wet Dream Agenda.

The only problem with that is since it will be an illegitimate government to start with, every single piece of legislation that gets turned into law will be the fruit of a poison tree and thus be Unconstitutional right out of the gate.

Of course it won’t matter where the rubber meets the road because they will have the full power of the United States Government behind them to prosecute those laws.

Just another example in a mile long list of examples of our current Two Tiered Justice System.

This will not go over well with a certain demographic.

We are very quickly running out of boxes.

There is also a very real lack of supply for the last one currently.

I really don’t see the current most likely chain of events having a happy ending for many, myself included.

The only thing that I find comfort in lately is the knowledge that there are 75 to 80 million other Americans out there who are just as ornery as I am and who will be throwing sand in the gears at every opportunity to keep these Commie bastards on their toes.

And if it comes down to it, who will show these fuckers just exactly what we are made of when push comes to shove.

Let the naysayers shill all they want, the last thing anyone on this planet wants is 70 million pissed off and heavily armed Americans coming after them.

That’s something else that I, You and They know for a certain fact.