The Local Hood Rats

There is an outfit Kitty Corner and one house back that has been a pain in the fucking ass around here for well over a year now.

Little punks and their slammed Low Riders coming and going constantly, traffic in and out all day and all night , cars lined up down the little driveway clear out to the road etc. so I have a pretty good guess of what’s going on.

You can hear these dumb bastards coming because they have ripped the mufflers off dragging them on speed bumps and driveways. Some are slammed so hard you can hear them dragging sheet metal on the ground. I have literally seen several of them get high centered trying to get in and out of this driveway.

Then there are the real little assholes who get fucked up and decide whipping cookies out in the intersection is a great idea at 2 in the morning.

Some of the neighbors have lit into them occasionally, so far I haven’t got in their faces because there isn’t any point. I’m just waiting to show these little wannabe’s what a real asshole looks like.

I Haf My Vays, if you catch my drift.

So this morning I go out with my coffee to have a smoke and see two of the little bastards have given up on trying to get in and out of the driveway and are parked nose to tail across the street.

The good news is that there was a moving truck show up a couple weeks ago and someone from that bunch went bye bye.

Since then all the bullshit has dropped by a good 80%.

I’m hoping that the rest will follow soon.

Just goes to show that even though we are out in the Burbs, we are still way too close to The City.

I am trusting in The Lord that HE has his reasons and hopefully also has something better in my future.

Because I don’t want to have to start this show literally on my front door step.

All Show And No Go

Some people just have way too much time and money on their hands.

First off, what a waste of resources.

They should have taken that body and engine and built a nice Hot Rod. Then they should have found a nice vintage 4X4 truck body to throw on that frame and running gear.

Second, I can see straight through that front fender well to the wall behind the rig. That tells me that there is no transmission and transfer case mounted behind that engine.

Stop now and do it right.

(Edited To Add), Apparently my eyesight is worse than I thought, Mathew in the comments pointed it out to me, I had to blow the picture way up to see it but the gas shocks are a similar color to the wall so I can’t actually see through it like I thought.

It was an Optical Delusion. My Bad but still a waste in my opinion.


More like this.

You see, this thing is actually still functional.

There is still a 5th wheel plate attached to the back.

You could haul your travel trailer in style with the added bonus of pissing off the Enviro Weenies every time you floored it.


Ahh yes, the muscles in my lower back sure haven’t forgotten.

They gave a quick spasm by me just looking at that picture.

That is just the concrete that I had to haul off from the Great Gate Post Fiasco.

There is still a couple hundred pounds of dirt and rocks sitting on a tarp out in the side yard that has to be dealt with.

But I’m friggin’ done for the day with chores.

The last 3 posts are pretty much what a typical weekend day is for me anymore.

Bullshit by the truck load.

However, I am only going to be sitting down here for a few minutes.

If I don’t get back up and keep moving I will seize up like a two stroke engine running on straight gasoline.

Once that happens I am all done for the day.

A few more Ibuprofen to keep the stiffness at bay and I’m off and running again.

I can hear something whispering my name out in the garage.

Round Two…. So Far

While I was screwing around at the “Transfer Station” earlier, getting rid of the crap from kicking a hole in the garage to make a walk way last weekend and dumping off that damn canopy, the Nephew was busy with the electric trimmers.

About an hour, hour and a half to knock this down and load it up.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg around here.

That load of yard debris cost me $18.50 to get rid of.

Compared to the $23 to get rid of half a truckload of crap PLUS that damn canopy at the dump.

It’s a racket, I’m tellin’ ya.

Because the kid was in a hurry to get back to wherever he came from or wherever he is going, I can’t keep up with him, there is still a huge freakin’ mess of shit that needs to be raked up on top of the load of busted up concrete and shit from the Great Gate Post Fiasco that needs to be loaded up and hauled off.

We told him to just cut down as much as he could while he was here and “WE”, meaning “I”, will clean up the rest of it.

Gotta love it.

Why Can’t Anything Just Be Simple Anymore?

I am reminded EVERY SINGLE DAY NOW that I am a throwback to another era.

I just got back from the dump, I mean, THE TRANSFER STATION, because all they do is scoop all the crap everyone hauls up there into Conex shipping boxes and load it onto trucks that haul it to the real dump over a hundred miles away.

It’s quite the racket too, which I have ranted about here on this blog several times.

I call ’em the Trash Nazis.

Motherfuckers got rules for everything and eager enforcers all over the damn place.

So I went up there, actually got in the damn place without having to wait for traffic for a half hour and drove past the line to dump stuff to get into their recycling barn. Here the rules are strictly enforced and God help ya if you don’t do everything EXACTLY as they wish.

I got chastised for not putting a bag of styrofoam in the right place but other than that managed to escape rather unscathed.

Then the fun starts.

You have to drive all the way around the transfer station building and head back out to the road, then start praying that someone who is currently in line to get in will let you make a damn U Turn in the middle of the road so you can get back in line to actually get into the transfer station.

It can be and usually is, a Clusterfuck of EPIC proportions.

I got lucky today because some kid in a Chevy truck close to the vintage of mine, broke down and had the hood up, allowing me to whip around and get back in line.

Sucks to be you kid and in another life I would have tried to help you out but shit don’t work that way with the Trash Nazis.

I get up to the scales and ask the chick what it’s going to cost me to leave that canopy there, fully expecting to be told that ain’t happening.

She tells me however much it weighs is how much it’s going to cost, at 7 cents a pound.

OK, I can deal with that,

My original plan was to unload the crap out of the back and then ask one of the guys inside to grab a fork lift, get in behind the truck, stick the forks under the canopy and get the weight off enough so I could just drive out from under it.

Oh hell no, that makes too much sense.

The guy remembered me when he saw the orange WARNING, ORNERY BASTARD ON BOARD sticker on the tailgate because I had given him one at some point last year and he told me he still had it.

Unfortunately, he tells me that it’s going to cost me EIGHTY DOLLARS if they have to use any of their equipment to help me unload anything.

Fuck That I says.

Back in the day, if anyone besides my apparently ancient old ass, I or anyone else, would have volunteered that little help and thought nothing of it. It’s kinda what we did back then.

Not so anymore Grasshopper.

So of course they have people back in to unload shit and they pack them in at door ding range. Now I have to try to get this heavy assed fiberglass canopy off by myself, without having it come off the side and hit some other asshole’s rig. I had to use a forklift with fork extensions just to get it on there in the first place because it was so heavy.

I undid all the clamps, kind of hunched over with my hands on my knees for support and then tried standing up a little as to take enough weight off and be able to kind of rock backwards a bit, sliding the heavy bastard straight back two inches.

Repeat as necessary and make adjustments to keep it on the damn rails.

I got it back far enough that I could skinny underneath the front glass and get between the cab and the canopy so I could give it a shove.

I also got damn lucky that the rigs on both sides of me pulled out while I was crawling around so I yelled at the guy directing traffic and told him not to park anyone next to me for a few seconds because I knew damn good and well that it was going to wind up coming off the side instead of straight back, which is exactly what happened.

It scuffed the paint in a couple places but I don’t give a shit about that, it’s a truck, ya know?

Now that it’s on the ground, you fuckers can deal with it, thank you very much.

I drove out, went to the scales and was pleasantly surprised to hear that with all of it, they only wanted $23.

It usually costs me $15 at a bare minimum up there no matter what I have so I am going to call that a win.

Now I am going to go find the Ibuprofen, take some of that and then head right back out for round two.

I’m gonna be hating life later tonight, I can already feel it.

I Heard The Wages Of Sin Is Death

But first I gotta work my homesick ass to the bone apparently before I get paid for my iniquities.

The Wifely Unit’s Nephew showed up to start trimming hedges and bushes.

That shit was on my To Do list but he can always use money because he wants to be some kind of Pastor and never seems to have a real job so when he comes to town she has him do little odd jobs and pays him.

That works for me BUT.

He always leaves a big mess.

I caught him first this time though. The yard debris bin is empty and I spread a tarp out in the side yard and told him to make a fucking pile this time instead of just leaving shit where it drops.

On my end, I already have a shit ton of things that need doing.

My truck bed is already full from cleaning out the garage last week.

That’s one Dump Run.

All the busted concrete and that kind of crap from the Gate Post project is sitting on a tarp in the side yard and needs to be loaded up and hauled off.

That’s two runs.

Then whatever yard debris he piles up will have to be loaded and hauled off.

That’s three runs.

Then and only then, I get to start making a new pile for yet another dump run.

I took this next week off except for Sunday because they don’t have anyone to cover that shift.

I have accumulated enough PTO that it was bumping up against the limit they will accrue it to.

Now that my Mom has passed, her house and the garages need to be gone through and a realtor is coming Monday to give the joint a look see so we can get a list of shit that needs to be fixed over there. There is a whole ton of crap that needs to get done over there now but thankfully my Brother and his wife are directing that project.

There is going to be a Dumspter ordered and a work crew assembled to fill it up.

I am going to get rid of the canopy on the truck at some point during all this. There are things that I need to haul that I can’t get in the truck with it on over there and the damn thing is all tore up anyway. It has served it’s purpose of getting me through the Winter but it is so heavy that it takes four full grown men to lift it on or off , I had to use a forklift to get it on there.

I also still have my little projects to work on, I have been ordering and collecting even more parts for that damn Mini Lathe project that are sitting out there waiting to be installed.

I think you get the picture here.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked.