Sometimes A Little Rain Is A Good Thing

It’s funny, a month ago we had so much rain that it caused an Apple tree to lean over and uproot.

The ground was completely saturated.

Then Summer FINALLY came around and it got hot, all at once.

Hot like 80’s, 90′ and even a few 100 degree days.

Around here a hundred degrees can kill people, we just aren’t used to that shit.

Everyone’s lawns started dying and trying to do anything physical resulted in sweat stained T shirts and hat bands. Along with the heat came high humidity.

This ain’t Texas if ya know what I mean. I just looked up to see what the average temperature for the year is around here and it is 63 degrees and we get at least 70 inches of rain.

That is pretty much six damn feet of it.

I even started putting the sprinkler out a few minutes at night just trying to keep some color in the lawn because I noticed the only green I was seeing was the Crab Grass and the weeds. A trip to the store revealed dead lawns all over the neighborhood except where people had sprinkler systems installed.

I have to be careful with that lawn watering though, our AVERAGE water/ sewer bill around here is $125 A MONTH as it is.

I noticed just how dry it was around here yesterday when I was fumble fucking around out in the garage and found about a half gallon of water in a water jug that I had opened up to dilute the antifreeze I put in the Caballero the other day when I changed the thermostat and went to dump it out next to an ornamental Cherry tree in the front yard.

The ground literally sucked the water up as fast as I could pour it out.

From the ground being completely saturated to bone frikkin’ dry, in one month.

It’s amazing if you think about it.

There is a front moving through today and there is a nice, steady rain falling outside right now.

It’s only supposed to last one day but I’ll take it.

If the lawn out front is that dry then you gotta know all of the forests around here are just as dry.

There is no need to expound on what that could potentially mean.

Coming Attractions

I finally got the parts I have been waiting on for two fucking weeks in and installed on this rotten sonofabitch.


So now I have this little fiasco to look forward to at some point.

It ain’t gonna be this weekend for sure, I have other things to do.

I will probably wait until it’s 100 degrees outside to start in on it. You know, just for fun.

Don’t worry, either way there is going to be at least one profanity laced post about it here in the not too distant future.

After I get it in then we shall see if it even works.

I ain’t a transmission guy by any stretch of the imagination so I am not going to be too surprised if something ain’t fucked up.

It’s just how it rolls for me most of the time.

I gotta give myself points just for trying though and if it does work it will be one step closer to getting a For Sale sign slapped on it.


Dirty Fucking Bastard anyway.