Go To The Store BEFORE The Snow And Ice Hits!

I was gladdened to see maybe my incessant harping about having some emergency supplies on hand seems to have finally sunk into The Wifely Unit’s thought process a little while ago.

I had been over in Portland doing some things and when I got home this afternoon she was dressed and ready to hit the door the minute I got back.

She wanted to get to the store and pick up enough stuff to get through next week.

It’s a small miracle I’m tellin’ ya!

She normally shops from Tuesday to fucking Tuesday and it drives me nuts.

She finally figured out that she might have to venture out in the cold and snow just to go get some shit we should have on hand anyway and thought maybe going now BEFORE it gets nasty might just be prudent.

Good on her.

Not only for finally looking past the end of her nose for once but also for actually doing it and not waiting and making me do it because she couldn’t get her fucking car out of the driveway.

I’m sure she saw what would be coming her way if that was to come to pass.

She hates me to go shopping because I buy shit she thinks we don’t need.

It’s supposed to start in tonight, if you haven’t yet, NOW would be a good time to get your ass to the store. Running out of asswipe when there is a blizzard going on just doesn’t sound like a good time to me for some reason.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, proud of my oldest daughter too. I had to stop at her place to look at the younger daughters POS car that took a shit earlier in the week. The alternator is out and it’s a toss up on whether or not the vehicle is worth dumping any money into so she is going to weigh her options.

The oldest daughter had just returned from the grocery store doing the same thing as the wife.

The wife just walked in the door and told me there wasn’t a single shopping cart left in the rack at the Wally World she went to. The place is packed.

Guaranteed there will be stupid fucks there tomorrow out in the mess that is coming. There is a Winter Storm Warning for our immediate area in effect right this minute and the rain just started. It’s currently 36 degrees and the sun is going down as I type. There will be snow here shortly.

Our Turn For The Snow Next Week

We have had an extremely mild Winter around here so far but it looks like that is about to change.
According to every weather forecast I can find it is supposed to get shitty all week next week. Snow off and on and then ice and snow late in the week.

I’ve had this Bronco for just over a year now and have never run it in 4 wheel drive.
I shifted into 4X4 just briefly when I bought it to make sure it worked and as far as I could tell, it did.
It was on dry pavement though. At the very least, the transfer case works.
It also has those infamous automatic front hubs.
This could be interesting.
I’m not too worried about it, I have gotten to work and back for the least 5 years in that Caballero with nothing more than a set of cable chains on the back. At times, when guys with 4 wheel drives were calling in and saying they couldn’t make it.
Fucking pussies.
As much as I dislike the shit most of the time, I’m kind of looking forward to playing in the snow a bit for once.
I am interested in the driving characteristics and the capabilities of this Bronco just for my own information.

This Looks Handy

Hi, my name is Phil and I am a tool junkie.

I know that if I went through the trouble of finding this and buying it, that it would wind up at the bottom of a drawer in my toolbox, only to ever be seen again by whoever winds up with my shit after I am dead.







I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the weather forecast apparently.

Last Friday I got the little fucker started and backed it out of the way to work on my little projects in the garage.

This is what I found a few minutes ago when I went out to have a smoke. It has been lightly snowing off and on all afternoon but I really wasn’t too concerned about it. After I saw that shit I came back in and checked the projected forecast and it’s supposed to drop into the twenties all fucking week now at night.

Guess I’ll have to go clean that shit up out there and get the little monster tucked back inside tomorrow before I go back to work eh?

If  the doors don’t freeze shut.

This Could Be Interesting

I’m pretty confident saying that anyone reading this probably has a bank account somewhere.

As such, you probably get Emails from them occasionally.

I just got this one from mine,


Being the asshole that I am, I wondered to myself why it is that my fucking bank, of all places, felt the need to send me this bit of virtue signaling in my Email.

So I asked them exactly that in a reply.

A couple of minutes later, I get this back.


I await their response with baited breath.

I’m sure they are going to tell me that if I don’t want to get any more of their propaganda that I can just unsubscribe from their email blasts, which I will do.

I just felt the need to stick my finger in their eye first.

I personally don’t want my fucking financial institution bragging to me about their social justice groveling.