It’s On Now Bitches!

The rules of the game just changed assholes.

The Military has arrived.

They just took over for the police at Lafayette Park next to the Whitehouse in Washington D.C. and they brought some help from ICE down in Los Angeles.

They don’t play nice in case you weren’t aware.

For one thing, they don’t do Catch and Release.

You get arrested by the Military and you are FUCKED six ways from breakfast.

There has been rampant speculation that President Trump would like to invoke The Insurrection Act originally passed way back in 1807.

That would guarantee a Constitutional Crisis as the Democrats would shit little rings around themselves because he could start deporting illegals at the same time he is trying to get a handle on all of these out of control protests that these Mayors and Governors haven’t been able to deal with effectively.

Either way and no matter at this point, the Military is in fact taking over the defense of some of these cities.

National Guard units have been called up across the country.

Normally commanded by the Governor of the state they live in, the President is The Commander In Chief and can supersede their asses in cases of National Emergencies and Federalize their mission.

Multiple major cities have already declared  Curfews but these protesters are ignoring them.

Things are about to get real spicy here, real shortly.

What a time to be alive eh?

I was still too young to know what was going on with all of the protests back in the 60’s.

Now I’m in MY sixties and can understand exactly what the fuck is happening.

I’m still waiting for the Attack Dogs and the Fire Hoses but the Tear Gas and Pepper Spray at least liven things up a little bit.

Since all of this has the fingerprints of being centrally organized I’m also watching for some conspiracy and Insurrection arrests to be coming.

Something these dumb bastards seem to forget and would be wise for you to remember, the NSA intercepts ALL electronic communications in this country.

All of these MORONS taking selfies and pictures, yakking to their friends and their fellow protesters on their cell phones?

The NSA has a copy of every bit of it.

It all goes into electronic storage.

When they arrest one of these Peckerheads, all they have to do is make a call and give a name.

Every single call ever made, Tweet Twittered,  Facebook post, Blog post, Email sent or received can be retrieved so even more charges can be filed if warranted.

Oh and anyone on the other end of those electronic emissions can get pulled too if necessary.

And here you thought the FISA court was bad?

Lol, you ain’t seen nothing.

Not to mention The Surveillance State and the damn cameras on every street corner.

This “protest” bullshit is going to burn out eventually.

There is going to be a metric fuck ton of damage to be cleaned up and repaired.

There are also going to be a lot of surprised motherfuckers getting knocks on their doors too.

There Will Be Blood

These protests have gone far beyond what happened in Minneapolis the other day and have taken on a life of their own.

There is an unrelenting backlog of anger and frustration built up in this country and now the protests pretty much have nothing to do with the killing of Mr. Floyd and everything to do with releasing that built up anger.

This is in Brooklyn New York.

Anyone else reminded of the mid 1960’s here?


Breaking: Police are clashing with protesters outside of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Police are using pepper spray and batons against the protesters.


Now I am seeing reports that these protests have reached the nations capitol, Washington D.C. and that The Whitehouse has been locked down for security.

The Washington Post

White House reportedly under lockdown after D.C. protesters briefly clash with Secret Service


Several major US cities are having protests turn violent.
This is Houston.
The clock is ticking at this point, the government is a hammer and anything sticking up is a nail that needs to be pounded violently.
It’s not even June yet.
It’s going to be a long hot Summer.

How Sweet It Is!

They are protesting in Atlanta as well as other places tonight.

CNN has been an especially egregious bunch of propagandist cocksuckers since forever and have been fanning the flames.

Looks like those chickens just came home to roost.

CNN HQ in Atlanta getting overrun by leftist protesters that they themselves whipped into a frenzy. Many are defacing and vandalizing the giant CNN logo outside the building. You’re watching Dr. Frankenstein get destroyed by his own monster. #GeorgeFloyd
4:31 PM · May 29, 2020TweetDeck







Reap what you sew motherfuckers.

How much do you want to bet all those Talking Heads inside are pissing themselves in fear at the moment?

Fuck with the bull you get the horn assholes.

Mobs can be quite unpredictable as you just found out.

Maybe people aren’t quite as stupid as you thought they were.