Why Nature Is Known As A Female Entity

Because even though there is no denying the beauty,


There is that inevitable trail of debris that seems to come with it.


Eleven fucking bags of leaves from those three trees.

Not just any leaves either. Big, heavy, leathery paper leaves, with scads of pods as big as hand grenades all over the place.

The Yard Debris container is completely full of trimmed branches and I have already made one trip to the recycling outfit with a bed full of trimmings.

My back, is fucking killing me.

The Wifely Unit keeps nagging at me that I am doing too much, that we should just leave the fuckers but they drive me crazy and piss off everybody around me because the wind blows them fuckers all over the damn neighborhood.

They literally create drifts next to the curb in front of the place.

It looks like shit compared to all the manicured lawns these compulsive assholes maintain around here and it drives me up the wall looking at it every damn day.

I have been working my ass off lately and putting in lots of overtime and now I get to do this bullshit on my day off. Double triple bonus round, her sisters are moving in together and now one of them wants me to haul some fucking patio furniture.

At the very least, they are both smart enough to hire some movers this time because I am just getting too damn old and my back can’t take that shit anymore.

Don’t even fucking ask me to haul furniture anymore.

Head Scratcher

First thing that came to mind was WTF?

The second thing was, WHY?

The third thing was, WTF do you use it for?


If it’s supposed to be for camping then someone needs to make a shit load of curtains.

When You’ve Had Enough

had enough

There about forty cops visible in this picture.

They are spraying water and chemicals against one guy pushing on a barricade fence.

That one guy don’t give a flying fuck either, he’s pissed off.

Comes the day a couple hundred thousand guys just like him show up in one place?

You won’t be seeing those cops for long.

When the consent to be governed is abused to the point that happens and said consent is rescinded en masse, the police are going to be irrelevant.

They know this.

They live in constant fear as it is.

For good reasons.

The time to choose sides has come and gone.

They chose poorly.

Clueless Dolt

so what

This clown has Cucked Libtard written all over him.

It’s not a novelty Poindexter, they make them for a reason. I use wrenches that big all the time.

Bonus, they double for a hammer or a Cheater Bar a pinch.