ANTIFA Is Boiling The Frog In And Around Portland

They work in teams, they try new tactics, review their successes and failures and are adapting their strategy on the fly.

I was watching the protests last night as they worked from 82nd Ave and Stark St in NE Portland and worked their way down to 122nd and Washington, one block South of Start St..

Stark and Washington are both One Way streets. I used to live on 84th St one block North of Stark and there is a Union 76 Gas station on the SE corner at 122nd and Washington that I used to work at. I know that area well.

The Portland Police were all over it last night and chased them up and down the streets and in and out of a big shopping mall parking lot just East of that gas station, Mall 205. The protesters were breaking glass and painting graffiti on residential homes and blocking traffic again.

You see, there are two kinds of ANTIFA, the useful idiots you see on the television making a nuisance of themselves with the protests and things and the ANTIFA that comes out to play late at night after the first bunch goes home to their Mommies basement. This second group are the dangerous ones and they are ratcheting up their game plays every night.


Now they have graduated to throwing Caltrops in the roads to target police vehicles.


Boiling that frog people.

It Sounds Like Mitch McConnell Thinks The Unemployment Problem Will Magically Go Away If They Can Develop A Vaccine For The Kung Flu.

I was reading an article from The Hill about what is going on with the Democrats and the Republicans and any hopes of a stimulus bill getting passed before all hell breaks loose when this little blurb popped out at me.

Republicans are aiming for a measure closer to $1 trillion that includes a smaller boost to unemployment benefits, while Democrats have pitched a more than $3 trillion bill that would extend much of the CARES Act. House Democrats passed their proposal in May.

“There is a desire on the part of both the Democrats and the Republicans, at least most of the Republicans, not every single one, that we get to an outcome because the economy does need an additional boost until we get the vaccine,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said in an interview with CNBCon Thursday, insisting a deal could come together “in the near future.”

My emphasis.

These people fuckin’ kill me.

Yeah Mitch, that will fix everything, right?

Stupid, short sighted, motherfucker.

If you bother to read the entire article then you will plainly see that the American People are just Political Footballs to these cocksuckers.

They are waiting for a Jobs Report to come out on Friday so they can see who gets to use it for political leverage.

The looming July jobs report is poised to shake up stalled negotiations between the White House and Democrats over another coronavirus stimulus bill as Republicans threaten to walk away from the table.

The national employment report from the Labor Department on Friday morning is projected to show a sharp slowdown after two months of strong job gains. Expectations range from a gain of roughly 1 million jobs to a loss of several thousand following the 8 million added during May and June.

An unexpectedly positive report could buy Trump administration officials more time to negotiate, and even give them some leverage, as President Trump attempts to circumvent Congress with executive action. But a disappointing downturn could spur Trump to strike a quick deal with Democrats to avert deeper economic pain ahead of the November election.


It disgusts me to my core.

Of course non of this affects them other than making them actually do their fucking jobs when all they all want to do is take off on their Summer Vacations that no one else gets to do because of this Lock Down bullshit.

These people are all Millionaires, they most certainly don’t have to worry about paying rent, watching their kids go hungry or getting sick and not being able to afford to go to a doctor.

The Limo broke down?

Buy another one!

I have two words for what the fuck is wrong with this country.

Term Limits.