Happy Mothers Day Ladies

Since I have already lost one and am about to lose the other, allow me to to tell all y’all not to take your Mom’s for granted. If you have lost yours already, you know of which I speak and you have my condolences.

Enjoy your day ladies and make sure they treat you right today.

Mommin’ ain’t easy.

Holy Crap! I Have A German Twin And He Is Even Dumber Than I Am!

Good Lord, it was like looking in a mirror. Poor bastard looks just like me.

The second I saw that scarf though, I knew bad things were coming.

The Cardinal Rule of working around Power Equipment, NEVER, EVER,wear loose clothing or jewelry, long floppy sleeves, gloves or ESPECIALLY a fucking scarf around them when you are using them.

People laugh at these little Mini Lathes but here is proof they will FUCK YOU UP if you aren’t careful.

Dude is lucky it didn’t break his neck.

H/T to George from the Mini Lathe forum I read for the warning and the link to Home Made Tools.

A Coupla Small Projects Ticked Off The List

It’s not like I will ever SEE the end of that list but hey, it keeps me out of the taverns, right?

So the other day, last week, whenever, I put up a post about some Wall Hanger Chinesium decorative sword my buddy has that he wanted modified.

I fiddle fucked around with the thing off and on and finally got done with it last night.

Originally, the small tip was attached to the back of the main handle so that whenever you picked the thing up or handled it, that sharp point wanted to stick you right in the guts.

He wanted me to separate them and make a new end for the main handle and then come up with something to make a new handle for the little point.

A new end for the main blade wasn’t too bad, I found a hunk of Aluminum bar, turned it, drilled it, tapped it and threaded it on.

The smaller blade was the issue.

5MM hole

First I had to knock out the Aluminum pin they smashed into it to retain the blade which was easy because it was barely in there.

I replaced that with the stem of a fat Aluminum rivet I had laying around and peened it in there good.

Then there was the issue of the edges of the blade sticking out there and a 5MM hole I had to drill out and re-tap to 6MM.

I ground those down, dug around and found a hunk of really good tool steel and turned it down to fit over it then took it and turned a taper on the end so it blended into that flange.

I did the taper on the Mini lathe because it’s way easier to do.

The handle is one off of an Angle grinder, it was the only thing I could find that was even remotely close to the plastic one on the main blade. A hunk of 6MM All Thread, cut down, drilled and tapped a chunk of 1 inch Brass bar and threaded it for the end, then screwed it all together.

What can I say?

Almost none of it was measured, it was all eyeballed and hand fitted.

I sent him some pictures and he seemed to be happy with it and that’s what counts I guess.

One down.

After I got about half woke up this morning I trudged outside and fired the lawn mower up, after I took one look at the lawn and raised the damn thing as high as it would go.

I also took the bag off the back and propped open the side discharge.

Not messing with the hay baling today kids.

Mowed the yard once like that, took a break, lowered the thing back down and mowed that bitch again.

Two down.

It can rain all it fucking wants to now.

This Ain’t Your Instant Rice

Listen here to Mr. Phil.

Not me, him.

He’s right about a few things.

Americans don’t know how to cook regular Rice anymore and we need to reject Leftism’s Doctrine of only practicing our religion inside the box.

I’m not overly religious and I don’t wear it on my sleeve but I do have my beliefs. If that bothers anyone that ain’t my problem.

Trying To Tie Up Some Loose Ends

And I ran out of string, dammit.

My little Pea Patch already has some small pods and flowers going and the tendrils needed another stretch of string to reach for.

I just barely had enough left to get it done so that means I needed to get some more coming now, before it slips my mind.

Because, you know, CRS.

I had to laugh when I got on Ebay and typed in a search for String.

All it returned was several pages of String Bikini’s.

Be strong Phil, ignore that shit and stay on task man.

It was surprisingly hard to find some stupid string.

Just plain old string.

Five minutes later I found what I was after, that wasn’t stupidly over priced, with shipping charges that made the whole deal cost over $30 fucking dollars!

Yeah, $35 for that roll of string.

Plus $15.00 Shipping.

Granted it’s 6500 feet long but I’m not going to use over a mile of string before I kick off, I hope.

So I opted for 1800 feet, $13, Free shipping.

Even that caused me to pucker but every damn thing is expensive these days.

Sweet Jesus it cost me $85 even to fill the tank on the truck earlier.

But now I don’t have to worry about string, of all things.

Sometimes the stupid stuff that doesn’t even register 99% of the time turns out to be a bit more important than you realize.

That last 100′ roll I just went through was new 6 months ago so I go through a lot more string than I would ever have imagined.

The U.S. Government Has Gone Schitzo

One one hand, it has literally declared war on one third of it’s population, declaring us to be Right Wing Extremists, hiring private organizations and using Domestic Spy Agencies to troll Social Media to track, document and compile lists of what it considers Enemies of the State, to do something with in the future that should have the hairs on the back everyone’s neck standing up.

On the other hand, it is sending checks out left and right so that these same “enemies” can buy all the armaments and ammunition they can carry, if they can be located, so they can defend themselves against the tyranny in the facts assembled above.

Who the hell is actually running this circus?