You Don’t Need Any Experts


At this point every time I take a peek at the news all I see is bad.

Lots and lots of bad.

Lots and lots of REALLY bad.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell any of you that, you can see it for yourselves.

At this point I think everyone needs to start bracing for impact.

We are going to crash.

And it’s going to be spectacular.

train wreck

Any Given Day

That’s the name of the band.

The name of the song is Savior.

I highly recommend you give it at least one full minute before forming your opinion. This tune changes up and away from the gutteral stuff and actually gets quite good and it also has a positive message. I have been listening to it off and on for a few months and it really grew on me so I thought I would share.


Don’t Expect The Government To Take Care Of You, You Are On Your Own

We still have an entire month of this lock down bullshit to get through.

Millions of people are now out of work.

Most people don’t have three days of extra food stored away, much less three weeks or more worth.

There is a small blog that I have had on my Blogroll for a couple of years now that is run by an ExPat who lives in the Philippines near Manila, called Come And Make It.

Conditions there have gone from bad, to worse, to look the fuck out.

Of course their country has been shut down too but it has always been a bit crazy over there to begin with from where I am sitting. As of this morning it has turned into a real SHTF situation.

This is what their government is handing out as a one week supply of food to feed four people,


About 2 lbs. of Rice, one can of Sardines and 2 Top Ramen noodle packs.

They did the math and it works out to less than 500 calories, per person, per day.

I don’t know why anyone here thinks that it would be much different if it comes down to that.

We do not have any National Strategic Reserves of wheat like we used to. Billy Bob Clinton and Obama got rid of it.

One strange thing I noticed in the news the other day were orders from State Governors to the retailers that were still open to quit selling seeds and gardening implements as they aren’t considered to be “essential”.

Right as Spring and garden planting would normally be taking place.

You need to stay indoors and self isolate citizens.

That has Commie written all over it to me, making you dependent on the government for your basic needs.

Get on their bad side and starve.

We have seen that movie before.

The situation in the Philippines isn’t near as bad as what has been going on in Venezuela for years now. Notice you don’t hear a peep about either of these two places on the news?

I don’t know about anyone else but I haven’t seen this magical $1200 show up in my bank account that Trump is giving away yet.

I am fortunate enough to still have a job to hate so we are not currently in bad straights. Trust me when I say that I know exactly what it’s like to be broke, hungry and not knowing where my next meal is coming from though. When living on fried potatoes for days at a time was something to be thankful for. If you have never truly been hungry like that let me clue you in to something.

You will never forget it.

This is why our Grandparents canned and stored food like there was no tomorrow their entire lives. They lived through The Great Depression.

They knew hunger and they never forgot it.

I honestly believe we are watching another one beginning right before our eyes but can’t stand back far enough to see the big picture. We are too busy trying to get by in the here and now to see all the dominoes falling. Too many bright and shiny squirrels to look at.

By the time two more weeks of no income for millions of people comes around I think we are going to start seeing some shit. Some serious shit.

These so called relief checks are not going to be coming in a timely enough manner for a lot of people. Those people are going to be hungry and dangerous.

If you don’t already have extra food in the house and can still afford it, I highly recommend you do something about that now before it does start.

Some serious self protection is also a very good idea.

You have to know that when even the Liberals are out buying guns, some of them are at least smart enough that they can see what’s coming also.

Wirecutter’s Site Is Down again, Wait! It’s Up Again

Updated, Kenny sent word he is back up. I am trying to keep up on my phone here.

Knuckle Draggin’ My Life Away is once again suffering from technical difficulties.

I noticed it was down and just as I was going to send Kenny an Email asking what the deal was, he sent me one first asking me to let everyone that comes here that he thinks it might be down clear into early next week. Monday, maybe Tuesday.

I know if it was me having all these problems after I paid them a bunch of money that they would not wanting to be talking to me for very long.

He has gotta be pissed.

So try to be patient, you have to know Kenny is doing everything in his power to get it fixed.

I already miss his Shit I Post On Facebook feature.

We seem to pretty much have the same twisted sense of humor.

Good Luck Kenny!