Going All Out And Doing It Right

Let me start this out by making it clear that there is absolutely no way that I have the patience for something like this, nor do I see the need for it in the larger scheme of things but if you want to see what it takes to really take something smallish and refurbish it, this is your video instructional.

There are hundreds of videos out there like this and some of the results are astonishing.

This is a small project but it will give you a good idea of just how anal retentive you gotta be to get top notch results.

It’s Coming Along Nicely

I just received an Email from Paul, the gentleman who so generously donated the Smithy 3 in 1 machine to me a while back.

He says that he saw that I have actually got it working and used it and says he is glad someone is finding some use out of that “boat anchor”

Well shiver me timbers mates, I replied to him that he had most definitely found it a good home and then attached some before and after pictures.

I hope he is pleasantly surprised because I am just thrilled with this little unit.

Here’s the Before,

And here’s what it looks like after I just took the chuck apart and cleaned it all up.

The “After”, I’m nowhere near done shining on this thing but I think it’s starting to look pretty good.

I don’t know what the odds are but they have to be way up there for me to get so lucky as to have the paint on my little Machinist’s Vise match the main unit.

But I’ll take it.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Just to prove that it is actually there, here is picture proof that there is still some concrete out there in The Temple of Tools.

You see that cheap Harbor Freight Wood Workers bench sitting in the back of the Caballero?

I am fixin’ to haul that off over to my Sister In Law’s place.

She is into wood working now and has already made some pretty damn nice tables.

She seems to have a natural talent for it and I am tickled pink to be able to help her out. That bench was basically a Catch All and it was amazing just how much room it was taking up for only being 20 inches wide and 60 inches long.

Pretty much all that empty space you see there after I unloaded a bunch of crap because I had to have room to get all the way around it too.

Of course now I have huge piles of crap laying around that I had to stack up to get that huge green drawer set up I had sitting there out of the way so I could get the bench out and then get the big chest back in.

It will give me a damn good reason to go through a bunch of shit.

I think I am going to need another metal cabinet with a couple shelves in it.

I have a bunch of tools that are in those blown plastic cases that will stack right in one and get them going vertical instead of horizontal.

I am wanting some room to put both lathes out there in the middle and still have room to get around and use them.

I am probably going to need another very small roll away bottom cabinet or something to stick my Kennedy boxes on to get them up off the floor.

I dunno, I’ll come up with something but the push to get more room out there has started in earnest.

Things are going to start going out before anything else comes back in.

I Can’t Stop Myself!

Heh, I was out in the Temple of Tools a bit ago doing the usual moving shit around searching for the tiniest glimpse of concrete to put something else on when the Wifely Unit yanked the door open and extended a long thin package at me, along with “That Look”.

“For Me?” I says.

“Isn’t it always?”

“Not always honey”.

But yes, she’s right, it’s normally for me.

So I snagged it out of her hands and took a quick look at it.

Fred Who?

The name of the sender didn’t ring any bells.

Whoever it was wrapped the shit out of whatever it was that was inside but after a minute of wrangling I finally got it out.

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about this”.

Yet another moment of weakness while on Ebay had come home to roost.

Thankfully the damage wasn’t too bad. $8 and $5 or 6 for shipping.

What now you may well ask?

Why another Wall Hanger of course!

Not just any antique threader either.

The seller claimed it was a Finchum Organ Builders small tube threading die from the late 1860’s.

From when they built Pipe Organs by hand.

Pretty unique piece if true.

Either way it’s older than hell obviously but still in decent shape, the handle even unthreaded easily by hand.

So into the bath it went and by tomorrow it should be a pretty easy task of polishing the thing up.

Looks like I still have room for at least one more gallon of Evap-O-Rust.

While I had the bucket open I dropped the 5 inch chuck off of the Smithy in there to marinate for a while too.

It’s pretty rusty and manually getting some of it off out of the crevices was going to be near impossible anyway.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love that stuff?

The Level Of Denial I Am Seeing Already In This Country Is Mind Boggling

I’m sitting here sipping some coffee, catching up on Emails, comments and such like that.

Skimming the news etc.

I see Hank Aaron died.

That’s a shame. I remember the day he hit #715.

At the same time, the Wifely Unit has that fucking Idiot Box on.

The second she gets up she turns that damn thing on and it stays on until after Midnight, every fucking day.

It drives me straight up the wall, hence the headphones and the garage.

I do my damndest to tune that damn thing out but inevitably I will glance up and catch something, it’s hard to avoid as it’s a Big Screen and directly in front of me about six feet away.

So while she was in the kitchen there was some fucking Talk Show or Wannabe News thing on there and this middle aged Blonde talking head going on about some useless shit when she starts spouting off something about “President Biden”

Umm, yeah.


Big Time.

She is flat out gushing about the brain dead, kiddie diddling, ChiCom installed, Phony POTUS.

It amazed me.

So what I am seeing here is some paid MSM whore, shilling her ass off, trying to get the rest of the brain dead Americans who bother to tune into that horse shit to completely accept this jacked up election and normalize Biden The Usurper as being POTUS and everything is going to be just hunky dory.

Like I didn’t see with my own two lying eyes, that election get rigged IN REAL TIME, right in front of my face?

That it’s just business as usual and everything is going to be wonderful now that this coup has come to fruition?

Might as well just come out and say to everyone, “put your heads back down and get back to grazing you stupid sheep”.

It boggles my fucking mind!

So now I also see that this derelict of a puppet is going hard after “Domestic Terrorists”, White Wing Supremacists being very high on that list of imaginary Boogymen.

That would be SJW code for anyone lighter than the shade of Latte they love so dearly.

Ie; you and me.

Because they are wanting to get out in front in a hurry trying to neutralize us.

Just declare anyone who disagrees with their upcoming Progroms to be a Domestic Enemy, just like that shriveled up old cunt Nancy Pelosi already did.

If you can’t see what is directly in front of your face at this point then you too, need to just put your head back down and get back to grazing.

The only reason race even enters into the equation is because they want it to, by design.

The Othering continues at Full Throttle.

LMFAO, OMG! You Are SO Not Ready For This

So Death Ray’s dog done got up and ran away after listening to some old Savatage?

Yeah, y’all better bolt the fuckin’ doors before you click play on this motherfucker.

Allow me to present

Cattle Decapitation and BRING BACK THE PLAGUE.


Here’s the lyrics, so you can, you know, sing along at home.


“Bring Back The Plague”

Yersinia Pestis

The recurring pandemic
Not often enough it seems
For these mammalian hosts
A systematic invasion is a must

These scattering rats
Their diseased existence
Earth’s megalopoli, a plague focus
Eradicated with Death’s persistence

The density of the populace intensifies and modernized
The wrath of God bleeds from their eyes
And like the raven, this contagion keeps repeating, ever eating
Humanity to nevermore

Every body, a host
Every body, infected
Corpses white as a ghost
Naturally selected

Every body, a host
Every body, infected
Corpses white as a ghost
Naturally selected

Black Death, you’ve found us
Your cloak surrounds us
Boundlessly drown us
In bacillus countless

Bring back the plague
Delete those that threaten a new world
Start today
Dig their graves

They’ll find a way
To rid the world of finding new tomorrows
End of days
Dig those graves

Bring back the plague
Even if it means your own survival
Is at stake
Dig your grave

We’ll find a way
To rid the world of everyone tomorrow
End of days
Dig our grave