Virginia Is Going To Be The Crucible

As everyone who considers themselves to be a Patriot in this country is very well aware of, the new State Government in Virginia went Blue and then insane with power.

The Anti Gunners have dropped all pretense of being coy about their lust for gun confiscation, registration and basically disarming the general population completely, up to and including making even practicing illegal if they decide there is intent to train for civil disobedience.

Outlawing militias, hand to hand self defense training and all manner of insanity manifested via Lawfare.

Rumors of calling in the National Guard to facilitate disarming the population have flown around the internet.

I just watched this piece by Matt Bracken that Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters Association postedand I have to say that Bracken seems to have a pretty good grasp of what the ramifications of all of this could very well turn out to be, after all, he pretty much predicted all of this fifteen years ago when he wrote his first book.

I can’t embed the video but if you would like to watch it, and I highly recommend you do, you can get to it at this link.

I believe there are over seventy Virginia counties and towns now that have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Almost all passing unanimously.

Matt also passed on in the video that there is a massive rally planned in the State Capitol of Richmond on January 20th, 2020 to protest these new laws and to send a message to the wannabe tyrants in office.

I found this in the comments under the video,

Regarding the mass rally in Richmond, Virginia January 20th, 2020 that Matt mentioned at the 16:32 mark – The Virginia Citizens Defense League ( will be holding their big Lobby Day Rally on Monday January 20th, 2020 (which also happens to be Martin Luther King Day).
Mr. Bracken very astutely pointed out that if these new laws go into effect and the Governor feels froggy enough to try and send troops or police around to implement confiscation, that there will be a bloodbath.
He compared our governments 18 year hubristic adventures in Afghanistan to what would very likely happen in rural Virginia just to make a point.
What I can  see happening is  more of a nightmare for these tyrannical cucks than even they could possibly imagine in their worst fever dreams.
I can see God Fearing and completely fed up rural Virginians going on the offense.
As Bracken pointed out what we and they already know, they don’t have enough people to accomplish this Confiscation wet dream.
On their best day.
Add all of the National Guard that Virginia and even possibly a few other states could muster, all of the State and Local police, remember most of the Sheriffs have already told them to go pound sand, plus any Feds they might possibly be able to round up and then put that number next to the population of seventy counties and towns full of heavily armed and fighting mad Virginians and start doing some division on paper.
If I was this dumbass Governor they got, I would be thinking real hard about sitting the fuck down and shutting the fuck up while I was ahead.
All of these laws they rushed to pass violate the Constitution without even a hint of legitimacy.
I do believe one of he best visual images I ran across that puts this into perspective is the one I saw over at A Nod To The Gods ,which I swiped fair and square for the purpose of making my point here.
So while this Rat Fucker of a Governor, Ralph Northam and his equally reprehensible accomplices may think that they can just run amok over peoples God Given rights to defend themselves, our Founding Fathers were far sighted enough to see his ilk coming a couple hundred years away and made arrangements to give We The People the ability to reign that kind of shit in up front and from the back too if necessary.
Virginia is shaping up to be the ultimate test of those decisions made way back in the late 1700’s.
Because I can absolutely guarantee one thing as sure as the Sun rises in the East,
the majority of those people in those seventy counties and towns are not going to surrender their guns.
Whether Governor Ralphie  thinks he has the balls to try and take them remains to be seen but I would bet a weeks paycheck that if he ever actually tried to force the issue with government guns and enforcers, he wouldn’t be around to see how it ends.


Shortly After The Great Awakening Should Follow The Great Comeuppance

One thing we as Americans tend to forget is that we aren’t the only ones who have been taking it in the shorts year after year.

There is a “Rest of The World” after all and they have been taking it up the wazoo just as long and hard as we have.

In case you have been living in a cave for the last year or two, there is this thing called The Yellow Vests over in France.

They have literally been protesting in the streets every weekend for a year now.

Then we have this Hong Kong thing too.

Keep looking and you will probably find fed up people in virtually every country.

In the mean time, over the last two years, there has been a steady drip of information making it’s way out into the public sphere.

Things the Bad Guy’s would really rather never see the light of day as it tends to rile the natives.

Scandal after scandal and rip off after rip off has been uncovered and dispersed for public consumption.

Very serious scandals and absolutely shocking rip offs.

Then on top of all of this, we have the machinations of cretins like George Soros, a certain soon to be ex Mayor of New York , Michael Bloomberg and countless others working behind the scenes and spreading lots of money to advance their very own special visions of what societies around the world should be like.

Among these activities is the creation and furtherment of special interest groups who have a tendency towards violence, ANTIFA being Exhibit A here.

Keep adding these things up.

Now add stagnant wages, unaffordable housing, inflation well above the officially published rates, the absolute shoving down our throats of everything LGBTQXYZ, Muh Diversity, The very real genocidal goals of the Anti White crowd, the special targeting of White Males, the Femininization of all male children, importing millions of illegal aliens and on and on and on and on.

Get the picture?

You remember that part above about all of this previously hidden information that is slowly dripping out?

Along with all of these scandals and rip offs, names are being named and lists are being kept.

Companies are being identified. Crooked politicians have been retiring or choosing to stay at home to spend more time with their families.

The ultra rich have been throwing money at personal SHTF retreats all around the globe.

Everybody and I do mean everybody, can feel in their bones that something really big and really bad is coming down the pike.

What was once considered the realm of crazy people, the open speculation that actual Civil War could be imminent is now being openly speculated about on Prime Time television and every print media there is outside of Cosmopolitan and Better Homes and Gardens.

This drip drip drip of information and the awareness of what has truly been going on behind our backs is The Great Awakening

My intuition is leaning towards a few BILLION people getting fed clear up to the point of no return and a massive retribution for all of that is what I see coming and I am going to call it The Great Comeuppance.

A worldwide game of you can run but you can’t hide and ain’t nobody going to lift a finger to help you when you get caught.




Reports of Snipers in New Jersey ‘Ambushing’ Multiple Police Officers

As usual, it would be advisable to wait until the hysteria abates somewhat before taking anything the news is reporting as fact.

This is the breathless story as I found it,


BREAKING: Snipers in New Jersey ‘Ambush’ Multiple Police Officers


(RT) Several police officers have been shot and two suspects have barricaded themselves into a bodega in Jersey City, New Jersey. People are being advised to avoid the area and a dozen schools are on lockdown.

One officer was shot at a cemetery and injured in the shoulder. A second officer was shot near Martin Luther King Drive and Bidwell Avenue, according to police transmissions reported by It is not clear exactly how many officers have been wounded.

New Jersey State PBA@NJSPBA

Today is a horrific day. Officers have come under attack and we have several wounded. Our hearts are heavy and the violence is not over.

We need prayers.

Two suspects then fled into a nearby bodega and barricaded themselves inside, police told local media.

Y’all pray for my city there is a active shooter and one cop got hit…

Embedded video

NYC Blue Lives Photographer@bluelivesphoto

Exclusive video from the scene of the active shooter in Jersey City.@BlueLivesNYC @ImperatriceV

Embedded video

Once Again RUfanEsq.@fparisi14

Jersey City Task Force now responding

Embedded video

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said its officers are among those responding to the incident. Local schools have been put on lockdown as the police operation continues.

Police warned on radio transmission that the suspects are shooting at anyone they see on the street, said. One officer was heard saying that gunfire begins each time a police officer attempts to move toward the bodega.

The two suspects reportedly arrived in the area in a U-haul van and are carrying “long guns.” The two shooters are apparently a male and a female, dressed in black. Local media reported that police said in transmissions that “pipe bombs” were found in their U-Haul.