244th Anniversary Of the Shot Heard Round The World, Beginning Of American Revolution

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought on this day back in 1775.

From Wikipedia, to refresh your memories.

A brief comment follows,

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War.[9] The battles were fought on April 19, 1775 in Middlesex CountyProvince of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of LexingtonConcordLincolnMenotomy (present-day Arlington), and Cambridge. They marked the outbreak of armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in America.

In late 1774, Colonial leaders adopted the Suffolk Resolves in resistance to the alterations made to the Massachusetts colonial government by the British parliament following the Boston Tea Party. The colonial assembly responded by forming a Patriot provisional government known as the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and calling for local militias to train for possible hostilities. The Colonial government exercised effective control of the colony outside of British-controlled Boston. In response, the British government in February 1775 declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion.

About 700 British Army regulars in Boston, under Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, were given secret orders to capture and destroy Colonial military supplies reportedly stored by the Massachusetts militia at Concord. Through effective intelligencegathering, Patriot leaders had received word weeks before the expedition that their supplies might be at risk and had moved most of them to other locations. On the night before the battle, warning of the British expedition had been rapidly sent from Boston to militias in the area by several riders, including Paul Revere and Samuel Prescott, with information about British plans. The initial mode of the Army’s arrival by water was signaled from the Old North Church in Boston to Charlestown using lanterns to communicate “one if by land, two if by sea”.

The first shots were fired just as the sun was rising at Lexington. Eight militiamen were killed, including Ensign Robert Munroe, their third in command.[10] The British suffered only one casualty. The militia were outnumbered and fell back, and the regulars proceeded on to Concord, where they broke apart into companies to search for the supplies. At the North Bridge in Concord, approximately 400 militiamen engaged 100 regulars from three companies of the King’s troops at about 11:00am, resulting in casualties on both sides. The outnumbered regulars fell back from the bridge and rejoined the main body of British forces in Concord.

The British forces began their return march to Boston after completing their search for military supplies, and more militiamen continued to arrive from neighboring towns. Gunfire erupted again between the two sides and continued throughout the day as the regulars marched back towards Boston. Upon returning to Lexington, Lt. Col. Smith’s expedition was rescued by reinforcements under Brigadier General Hugh Percy, a future duke of Northumberland styled at this time by the courtesy titleEarl Percy. The combined force of about 1,700 men marched back to Boston under heavy fire in a tactical withdrawal and eventually reached the safety of Charlestown. The accumulated militias then blockaded the narrow land accesses to Charlestown and Boston, starting the Siege of Boston.

Ralph Waldo Emerson describes the first shot fired by the Patriots at the North Bridge in his “Concord Hymn” as the “shot heard round the world“.[11]

It is worth noting, again, for the benefit of wannabe tyrants and the Deep State assholes who we currently have under siege at he moment, that the men who came to the aid of our fledgling country and who fought and died in these battles on our behalf were not professional soldiers. They were farmers and small town folk.

They put it all on the line and in the end, kicked the ass of the most powerful military on the planet at that time. Not alone by any stretch of the imagination, they had plenty of help.

The current back channel conflict going on right now with the Deep State has some similarities and some very unique attributes due to the advanced technology involved.

There is one constant here though. There are now MILLIONS of us common men who would drop everything and come to the aid of our country if a serious threat was posed to hearth and home.

You can take that to the bank.

There won’t be any single shot muskets pointing down range next time.

We have more weapons than all of the major armies of the entire world combined.

We are pissed off and aching for a legitimate target.

You will want to bring a lunch and a lot of body bags.

There is nowhere to hide anymore.

We will have help waiting.

If I judge the current mood of many of my fellow countrymen at the moment correctly, there will be no stopping until the last motherfucker who poses a threat is dead.

That will include the Commie bastards who are currently trying to subvert our government and our very lives at the moment.

All y’all is going to keep fucking around and find out.

The Hard Way.

To those who are currently fanning the flames of another Civil War here in these United States?

Be careful what you wish for.

You might just get it.



Something To Ponder, RE; The Mueller Report (Updated)

I copy pasted this off The Chan, written by an obviously Anonymous poster.

Take a gander and see if this doesn’t maybe make a little sense to you also.


How do you now “Investigate the Investigators”?

How do you now “Destroy the Deep State C_A”?

You need a legal basis for “new” investigations.

For optics, it can’t come from the President.

For optics, it couldn’t come until Mueller was done.

For optics, it must come from the redeemed DOJ/FBI.

For optics, it must allow for C_A to be dissolved.

And the reason must be familiar to the public…



I just completed a full reading of the Mueller Report.

While reading, I was looking for this spying pretext.

This report is littered with ways to investigate “them”.

Page 62 is one of my favorite ways to target “them”.

It focuses on a core event the public understands.

And it involves Michael Flynn’s email testimony.

That Hillary’s email server was compromised.

– By the Russians.

– By the Chinese.

– By the Iranians.

– By the Highest Bidders?


And that everyone knew it way back then.

And yet it was never investigated properly.

Because it came back to our own C_A.

Because it came back to “them”.

But was inverted to target Trump instead.

And used to remove Michael Flynn.

With knowingly false accusations.

And illegal media leaks.

And illegal FISA’s.

And illegal spying.


Bye bye leakers.

Bye bye MSM.

Bye bye C_A.

Hello new and improved DIA.

The Defense Intelligence Agency.

(Which used to be run by Flynn).

Clowns out. Military in.

Now you know why DIA is hiring so fast.

Where did Trump go on day 1?

Jan 21, 2017?

The C_A.


1000 pieces is the goal.

Pompeo >> C_A >> Sec State

Think strategically.

And long term.

Payback for JFK.

Payback for JFK Jr.

I haven’t had time to read the Redacted Mueller Report but I am seeing that Trump did not use Executive Privilege to have anything redacted out of it.

That fact alone should make some people very fucking nervous.

Much of what was redacted has to do with “Ongoing Investigations”.

That should make these same people even more nervous.

You saw Pelosi and Crew come out whining about AG Barr and his announcement about the findings, all shrieking and indignant?

Hurling accusations of bias and impropriety?

Them fuckers are scared shitless because THEY KNOW what is coming.

There is no stopping what is coming now.

Trump played their fucking game and pitched them a No Hitter.

Now it’s his turn at bat…



I see while I was typing this out that Q broke his week long silence and posted this very related little morsel;


Fake investigations by committee members will not delay what is about to be unleashed.


Now comes the pain.

A Recommended Read

This article is being linked to and passed around in mails.

You may want to take just a few minutes and read it.

This part stood out to me, anyone reading my Blog should already be well aware of my warnings about Civil War,

The day after Election Day in 2020 is the day America fractures. There is no more coexistence with the Left in America, for Leftists have already decided they will never accept the outcome of any election they don’t win. They reject the rule of law; they despise facts that don’t fit their delusional thinking; they have zero tolerance for a diversity of ideas; and they are seething with hatred for their own country and wish to see it overrun and destroyed economically, politically, culturally and geographically. Leftists are a cancer on society, and sooner or later, they must be eliminated from all positions of influence and power.

Here is a link to the article. I can’t find any arguments with it’s conclusions.

ANALYSIS: Why the treasonous Left will suffer a brutal loss in the coming civil war as power, water and food supply lines are cut by rural patriots defending America

Now Ya Know


I couldn’t tell you how many of those fuckers I have changed out over the years.

Really hate the ones that have big aluminum rivets holding everything together, including the glass to the plastic.

This reminds me of the time my little cousin turned too close next to a fire hydrant in her little Dodge Daytona and peeled the drivers door skin off like the top of a sardine can.

Snagged the very end of the plug right behind the fender and off it came.

Didn’t break the window or anything.