Are You Ready For The Biggest Bait And Switch In History?

I have had my suspicions for a very long time that Joe Biden is just one of those Shiny Things that are used to catch your attention while in the background other things are happening but after the story finally broke about his probable criminal activities over in Ukraine and other places like China, I am convinced that the Democrats have a classic Bait and Switch plan in the works.

Biden’s obvious mental health issues not withstanding, even if he somehow manages to get the votes and wins the election, just on the findings of the report released yesterday, the guy would be impeached five seconds after taking the Oath of Office for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

So the question of the week is, just who is the Ringer that the Democrats are going to throw the tarp off of at the last minute?

It’s a pretty sure bet Kameltoe isn’t their first choice either.

Even if she is their back up plan, she would very quickly find out that what she ate for dinner 17 years ago would be just one of the things we would be finding out about her in a New York Minute.

Speculation has been running rampant for a couple of weeks with possible names like Nancy Pelosi and Moochelle Obama leading the pack from what I have seen.

I’m sure the conspiracy theories are running thick and fast the closer this fiasco gets to Election Day.

What are you guys thinking?

Biden Malfeasance You Won’t See In The News

I just checked and the MSM is trying to bury this story faster than a cat scratching shit on a hot tin roof.

BREAKING: Burisma Investigation to be Released within 24 Hours — FINDS BIDEN FAMILY GUILTY OF LIKELY CRIMINAL ACTIONS (VIDEO)

In March Senator Ron Johnson told reporters that Senate Republicans are entering a new phase of their investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties to a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma.

After leaving office in 2017, Vice President Joe Biden Bragged about strong-arming the government of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor.

Joe Biden made the remarks during a meeting of foreign policy specialists. Biden said he, “Threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.” Biden suggested during his talk that Barack Obama was in on the threat.

Why wait until October to spring a political Surprise?

This article is just one aspect of all of the shakedowns we already know about too.

Hunter Biden got filthy rich in a big hurry because Daddy exploited the power of his office.

Joe is as crooked as they come. Whether or not he can still remember any of it doesn’t change the fact that crimes were committed, need to be fully investigated and appropriate charges brought against himself, his kid Hunter and whoever else was involved in the Pay To Play scams.

There were several, not just the one in Ukraine.

This needs to get busted wide open right before the election, it will kill the Democrats chances deader than a door nail.

That’s Just Gettin’ Warmed Up!

My buddy Leonard strikes again. He left this the comments from another post and it’s too good to pass up.

If you have ever turned wrenches, you will be nodding your head in agreement.

Myself, being raised by a Heavy Equipment Operator who was in the Navy and had a whole bunch of friends that were Iron Workers, Teamsters, Pile Bucks and other operators, could cuss a blue streak almost before I could walk.

I have gotten so mad before that I have literally invented new phrases on the spot spontaneously.

I Bet It’s Squeaky Clean Now.

“My partner cleaned the bathroom today and I just realized that I washed my hair with a degreaser.”

What the hell, it’s a multi purpose cleaner anyway.

I never did get that whole gotta have fifteen different products in the shower thing anyway.

I can’t see without my glasses so whatever is in the fucking shower and doesn’t smell too damn girly is fair game for me.

Ususally there is a jug of Body Wash in there and that does the whole job. If it’s empty then I have no idea what I am washing up with but if it makes suds, I’m good to go.

I usually keep degreasers and hand cleaner crap out in the garage just to be on the safe side but I’m sure it would work real good for washing your hair with. Since I don’t hardly have any hair anyway, I could care less what I use as long as it doesn’t smell too damn girly.

What It’s Like Living In California Now

H/T to my buddy Leonard, who is still down there.

Pray for him after watching this.

I can say without reservation that moving back out of that state 35 years ago was one of the best moves I have ever made. Born there or not, you couldn’t pay me enough to put up with that bullshit, even though Oregon and Washington both are racing each other to turn into it.