“Structure” Change Coming At The Fed?

That damn Q can be a little too cryptic sometimes but he has said this before so I am relaying this bit of information to you so you can try and figure out what it is and be ready for whatever it is, anyway.

The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep incline beginning Mar 2019] in an effort to ‘kill’ the economy prior to 2020 P_elec is known and planned for.

Structure change coming?


Trump has already put some of his own people in at The Fed, I do know that. He has been planning something in that area for some time now, I also already know that.

What I and apparently no one else seems to know is exactly what that plan is.

This “restructuring” that Q has said twice now is also apparently in the works to counter the Deep States plan to crash the economy in advance of the 2020 Presidential election to facilitate placing the blame for it on Trump and therefore help sway the election to their preferred candidate, who we don’t quite know who that is yet either.

All of this is coming, I do know that.

What to do in preparation for it though is beyond my meager abilities to predict .

I am certainly no economic genius, as a matter of fact, I am pretty fucking ignorant when it comes to money matters and large economic trends and predictions.

I am hoping someone with a lot more insight and knowledge can maybe use this cryptic message and read some tea leaves for the rest of us.

This makes me nervous, restructuring the Fed?

Restructuring the Fiat money system we use?

I don’t know exactly but one does not fuck with the worlds preeminent¬† money system lightly.

It basically affects everyone on the planet one way or another, eventually.

Scares Me Every Time



I didn’t get fuck all done all weekend. I spent all day Friday running my ass off, Saturday we had a little Christmas party for our kids because some of them could only make it this weekend.

Sunday I didn’t do shit other than run up to Wally World and get a couple of things.

I did manage to get rid of a bunch of tools and shit Saturday. I gave my boy and Son In Law enough shit to at least fill up the trunk of a car.

I’m sure I will be looking for some of it later because I gave the SIL some stuff that I have had for over twenty years.

That’s a good thing.

Almost all of it was wood working tools that I don’t use anyway and he is doing some for home repairs and doesn’t have a lot of extra money for that kind of shit. I gave him a worm drive saw and a whole bunch of other stuff he didn’t have.

I finally gave my boy that other drill press too. I also gave him the Harbor Freight drill press vise and some C clamps to hold it down with.

The best part of that is I actually have an empty drawer or two in a small old roll away temporarily.

I’ll be filling that fucker right back up with other shit that is laying around in my way.

I also managed to take a damn nap 3 days in a row, twice on Friday.

I’m going to bed right now as a matter of fact, it’s 3 AM.

Y’all have a good day now.

Start Paying Attention To What Is Going On In France

It’s one thirty in the morning here, ten thirty or so in the morning in Paris and shit is going on over there.

These Yellow Jacket protests are going full blast and they are just getting started today.

I have been watching a Live Feed on Youtube and the tear gas has already been blowing in the wind.

I’m hearing there are 8,000 police officers in Paris, they have streets blocked off and have seen that they have the Arc De Triumphe encircled with police vans.

On the Yellow Jacket team, I am hearing early estimates of 20,000  protesters with more on the way.

There have already been several skirmishes and as I type, I am jumping back and forth between here and the live feed. Right now there are protesters picking up tear gas cannisters and throwing them back behind police lines.

This has been going on for a week, French President Macron has been hiding from public comment and the people of France are pissed clear the fuck off. It started with some gas tax bullshit but has morphed into a revolt against the Macron administration and the NWO cabal behind him .

This is why it is vitally important to see what happens here, this is one front in a larger war on the NWO bastards, England is going at it with PM May still trying to drag out the BREXIT deal they voted for.

There are actually several European countries openly revolting against the Deep State agenda but right now France is the only one with active protests going on and they show no sign of slowing down.


Shit is going down , the people have had enough of the forced multiculturism and having their once thriving countries turned into 3rd world shitholes in front of their very eyes by their traitorous leaders.

Tired of seeing the elites take and take and take.

France is going to be the first major revolt against all of that and what happens there will be felt around the world.

I am very much waiting to see what goes on in Germany in the next few months also.

If you want to know how important this is, ask yourself how much coverage of this whole thing have you seen or heard about from the MSM all week.




It Begins

The Christmas bullshit has started.

The Wifely Unit woke my ass up a bit ago so we can start the running around crap.

She was at least smart enough to have a cup of coffee in her hand as a minimal peace offering.

I gotta take her, the oldest boy and the niece out for breakfast.

I staggered around and got changed, went and had a smoke and poured the coffee straight down my throat.

While I was getting my clothes out I’m talking to the niece and she is sitting on her ass playing with her phone.

We all get ready to go and she declares she needs to take a shower.

That’s one.

Get the fuck in there, wash your little Hoo Ha and get the fuck ready to go chick.

While we are waiting on her ass, the Wife starts in on The Tree.

Gotta go get the tree today.

Mumble Grumble, Curse the day I was born. I fucking hate that shit and she knows it damn good and well because I hammer on it every year.

You go pick the fucker out then call me and I’ll go get it and bring it home.

Oh no, I have the day off today so I can go with, right after I pay for breakfast.

Oh by the way, I have something else I need you to go pick up, it’s a gaming cabinet.

I told her that if you tell me it’s at IKEA I will kill you where you stand.

Oh no, it’s at …. The Mall.



Besides ten thousand brain dead zombie motherfuckers all shuffling along in herds, do you know what else they have at The Mall?

Christmas music.


I’m gonna be RAGING by the time I get outta that cocksucker.

I also have to drive over to Commieville and get more smokes sometime before Rush hour so my day is pretty much FUCKED before I open the front door.

It’s going to be a long day, I can see it coming.

I need more coffee.

Grouchy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Look out you motherfuckers because I am coming your way.

Oh Baby, Oh Baby, OH BABY!!

The new vise and parallel set arrived from The Little Machine Shop.


This thing is fucking SWEET!


Extra double bonus round, those T nuts that came with it fit the old Post Drill perfectly and also fit in the slots on the Jap drill too but the casting is a bit rough on the inside edges and they won’t quite slide.

A little work with a file to smooth the rough edges out and I am in business!


The little oiler for the shaft is nice and that color is real familiar for some reason….

IMG_20180923_155650 (1)

There is one little scratch on the top but I don’t give a fuck about that.


The little parallel set is the perfect size just for the vise and came with it as a package deal. the whole deal shipped right to my front door for $175.


That is a SMOKIN” good deal for all that.

The damn vise is top quality stuff all by its self and is easily worth every penny of that even without one extra bolt.

Yeah buddy! Merry Christmas to me!

Today is my Friday so tomorrow after the Wifely Unit gets done torturing me with that fucking Christmas tree bullshit, I am going to start in on fixing the drill press plate with the JB Weld I bought last weekend.

I am finally done with the 12 hour shifts and back to the 4-10’s so I get 3 days off again.

That POS Sprite has been sitting out in the driveway all week quietly sulking and rusting away somewhere inaccessible I’m sure.

It’s been down to freezing and then some for the past few days and when I went out this morning with a cup of coffee to have a smoke the little bitch had ice all over it.




Get used to it fucker, I am really liking the extra room in the garage.

I have some more cleaning up and rearranging to do before I can bring it back inside and currently don’t give a rusty fuck if it sits outside for a few more days.

For once I am really looking forward to getting out in that garage and getting some shit done.

The little Milk Shed space heater I bought at a garage sale down the street last year for one dollar keeps it nice and toasty in there.

It’s an Old School one that actually fucking works like they are supposed to.

The Handiest Little Tools That I Had Never Heard Of

I was poking around EBay a couple of years ago looking for some deals on cheap tools. When you are a tool junkie like I am, this is what you do at two A.M. sometimes when there isn’t anything else to do.
I can’t remember where I started but somehow or another I wound up looking at cheap Chinesium needle file sets.
Back then you could get them dirt cheap, maybe three or four bucks a set and free shipping.
I was scrolling down a page when all of a sudden these weird looking needle file sets started popping up.
So I started searching for them exclusively and finally settled on a good deal and ordered a set.

When they finally showed up, I discovered the seller had screwed up and sent me two sets.
I thought about it for a second and quickly figured out that it would cost me more to send one back in shipping costs than it would to just contact the buyer, explain the mistake and pay the three bucks for the extra set. So I wound up with two sets. I gave one to a buddy at work who does a lot of our machining and, I have no idea where the set I kept wound up at because I couldn’t find them the other day even though I keep all my files in the top two drawers of one of my old Roll Away’s.
So I got back on Bay and ordered another set. Except this time, the same set costs twelve dollars with free shipping instead of three.
They showed up yesterday.


Every once in a while, these things are the shit.

I had never heard of Riffler files, most of the time they are called Jewelers files I guess.

I didn’t even know they made such a thing at the time.

This time, when I was looking for a good deal, all they had were ones that have been dipped in industrial diamonds and epoxy.

Fuck, I got to looking at them real hard and there are big CHUNKS of diamond all over them.

No thank you.

These were more expensive but they are the same set I ordered a couple of years ago. Very handy for getting old gaskets and shit out of grooves and hard to reach spots, filing curved surfaces inside and out and all kinds of hard to get at places.

I most definitely recommend getting a set if you don’t have one.

One of those Secret Weapon kind of tools you can pull out when you can’t get at something to take a burr off or to make something fit together better that has weird angles or curves on it or is in a really tight spot to get to.