There May Just Be Hope For This POS Bronco Yet.

My fingers are crossed.

Ever since the day I bought this miserable nightmare of a rig, as soon as the engine got good and warmed up to operating temperature. the oil pressure would fall off a cliff when it idled in gear at stops. Sometimes it would drop to zero and the Red Engine light on the dash would come on.

I have heard the rocker arms rattling before because the oil pressure fell off when I gunned it and it shifted gears.

After this latest round of wrenching on the bastard and finding all the gunk built up inside the engine, I filled it with whatever remnants of oil jugs I had laying around and a couple of quarts of ATF. I also left the old oil filter on it because I know I had knocked some serious chunks of crap down into the pan when I was scraping all of the built up gunk out of the valley between the heads where the lifters are.

Then after I finally got it started I just let it sit and idle for a while during which time I went around it checking for leaks. It ran for some time before I shut it off.

Later on I went out and drained the oil pan, left the plug out for a half an hour and changed the filter. I figured I would give it time to drain out real good and give any chunks a chance to work their way to the drain. What came out was in a word, nasty.

Then I put the drain plug in and filled it with 20/50 Wt oil plus a bottle of STP oil treatment because that stuff is the shit. I have been using it since the late 70’s in every rig I have ever owned.

Since then I have only driven it for round trips to the store and a trip to my Buddy’s house yesterday. A couple of miles round trip each time but enough that I can feel heat coming from the floor with the heater on. Even if it has been close to seventy five degrees around here.

I have been watching that oil pressure gauge like a hawk too.

I have been waiting for the pressure to drop off at idle after it gets warmed up but I never did see it. I figured maybe I just hadn’t run it hard enough yet.

Well I just got back from a lengthier trip up close to by where I work. I had some business to take care of. It’s pretty damn warm outside and this was in light to light traffic, about seven miles one way. Plenty of opportunity for the thing to get up to operating temp.

One time, when I was almost there, I had to stop at a light and I saw the oil pressure gauge start to fluctuate but it never did drop below the “N” in Normal on the gauge.

The same thing on the way home when I had to stop and the idle dropped down to about 700 RPM. Usually that’s when it would have dropped clear to zero and the Red Engine Light would have come on. One again it fluttered for a second but never dropped below that “N”.

Other than that, the oil pressure read up where it is supposed to, even at idle, without any fluctuation all the way there and all the way back..

I also noticed the thing seems to run smoother and the idle quality is definitely much better and smoother. As a matter of fact, it has never run this good since I bought it.

Cleaning all the carbon build up off of the fuel injectors and inside the intake manifold couldn’t have hurt.

I’m thinking the screen on the oil pump pick up tube was probably clogged up with all the gunk that was all over inside the rest of the engine and that ATF must have acted like a solvent and cleaned it out.

All the more impetus for me to drive it a bit more and change the oil again.

I won’t know for absolute certain until I take it for a nice long drive on the freeway on a hot day but so far I am certainly encouraged that just maybe that major issue might have been taken care of.

Because I was really starting to run out of this stuff,


Sorry Notwende, not quite yet it appears.

For Once The Stupid Really Does Burn

This boy obviously ain’t too bright and the hilarious part to me is that he thought he was gonna get lucky on this date. There are even gnarly pictures of these crotch burns if you are into at kind of thing at the link.

I’m going to just leave it at posting a picture of the dumbass.


Man suffered groin blisters, severe burns after leaving hair removal cream on too long

man in the U.K. has allegedly been in the hospital for weeks and will remain there for several more after he reportedly left hair removal cream on his groin for a few minutes too long, resulting in gruesome blisters and painful burn

“I didn’t think much of the stinging to start, but it got increasingly worse – and it wasn’t until two days later that I saw it had burned a hole in my crotch,” William Bishop, who said he was prepping for a date when he used the cream, told SWNS. “For two weeks now, I’ve been in the hospital burns unit. It’s been extremely painful because of where it is. I can barely walk, sleep or sit.”

Bishop told SWNS it was not the first time he used Veet’s Body and Legs Hair Removal Cream, but admitted that he didn’t follow the product’s instructions on timing. He said that he used the cream on July 27 and removed it with lukewarm water. Two days later when the blisters and open wound appeared he took himself to Southmead Hospital where he’s been receiving treatment in the burns unit.

“It was a little stupid of me, I know, and laughable, I guess,” Bishop, of Gloucestershire, told SWNS. “Initially I found the whole thing funny, until I realized how bad it is. The pain and discomfort it has caused is far from funny.”

Not the first time he has used it..

That says it all.

When I went to save this picture of the moron I got a real belly laugh. Someone at Fox News has quite the sense of humor


The file name is…

wait for it…



Future Proves Past

A favorite cryptic saying of that damned Q, whoever it is.

While Q and the Qanons are currently on the sidelines, I just read this news article about Lindsey Graham having an interview and him saying that the upcoming Inspector General’s report is going to finally allow the general public in on just how criminal the FBI probe into Trump’s campaign and some of his staffers really was. Thing is, it is only one of three ongoing investigations.

This is going to have the Snowball Effect and when everything is said and done, more than likely years from now, it is going to prove that the whole Russiagate fiasco went all the way through the FBI, the DOJ, British and Italian Intelligence agencies, The DNC, the Whitehouse and  ultimately right into Barack Obama’s lap.

It will also eviscerate the Mueller fiasco and every dirty sonofabitch that egged it on, including almost every major news outlet in this country

Graham: IG’s report on Russia probe will be ‘ugly and damning’ for DOJ


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is adamant about revealing what went on behind the scenes of the Russia investigation and is looking forward to the American people learning about what happened.

Graham pointed to three investigations of the investigators that are taking place: one by his committee; one by Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to conduct a probe; and one by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.


“I believe the Horowitz report will be ugly and damning,” Graham told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” That report has been anticipated for months, but it has faced delays in recent months.

“Every time you turn around you find something new,” Graham explained. “Mr. Horowitz is doing a very in-depth dive” into the FBI’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to acquire a warrant to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Graham predicted that the report will finally come out in the coming weeks.

Another man linked to the early stages of the investigation — former Trump campaign member George Papadopoulos — is eager to tell his side of the story after serving a brief sentence for providing a false statement to investigators. Papadopoulos is said to have brought about the investigation by revealing to an Australian diplomat (who later alerted U.S. officials) that he had information that Russia had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. This was after he heard about this from Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud.

Graham said that once Horowitz’s IG report comes out, he would like Papadopoulos to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Graham believes that, based on interview transcripts, Papadopolous was “clearly” not working with Russians.

“I want to declassify as much as possible … I don’t want people to believe what I said, I want them to read for themselves how bad it was,” he declared. Graham claimed that the FBI relied on the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele when they applied for the FISA warrant, despite Steele being “an unreliable informant” who hated President Trump.

“I want it all out, I want people to see how off the rails this investigation got, and I want people to be held accountable, and I am patient,” he said. “I’m not in a hurry to do it, I want to do it right.”

Graham also expressed a desire to find out just who was ultimately responsible for the Russia investigation, saying he is “curious about the role the CIA played here.” He also questioned whether it went all the way to the top.

“Who knew about this in the White House?” he wondered. “Was President Obama briefed … I’d like to know that.”

My bold.

The reason for the title of this post?

I have known about all of this for over a year and it is just now hitting the news cycle.

I strongly suggest large amounts of popcorn and especially make sure everyone has plenty of  their favorite beverages on hand.

There is a whole bunch of people going to be swallowing HUGE Red Pills before this is over.

I wouldn’t want anyone to get one stuck in their throat.

I Am Currently Having Relations With Shep

Which is a nice way of saying that I am fucking the dog.

I just got back from delivering my old, almost still new, 4 inch Belt/ 6 inch belt grinder to a buddy of mine.

I got it for a Fathers day present a few years ago and of course it being a Harbor Freight product, had to immediately return it because the bed was tweaked. Then the new one had to be gone through. I finally got it all straightened out and it worked pretty good.

I only ever used it a few times and I eventually bolted it down.

Then it got buried.

But good.

It got to the point that it was a huge pain in the ass to get to it and I would usually find some other method to do whatever it was I was going to use the damn thing for in the first place.

Then I got the big one. After getting it all back together and working right I found that it is basically too big to bury and I have been using it quite a bit.

My Buddy has a big one also but it’s messed up and needs the same roller I was missing for a while but his has a dented flat spot on one side a a chunk missing out of the other end. I figured maybe he could get some use out of the little one and here in a few minutes I am going to get on the Grizzly website and look him up one. They are all basically the same.

It also gave me a chance to run that Bronco just a little bit farther from home and back.

Fuck no I don’t trust that thing yet.

It hasn’t given me anymore grief yet but I’m not taking off to parts unknown in that bastard until I get more comfortable and can quit wondering if it’s going to get me where I’m going.

In the mean time, it’s a beautiful day here, the Wifely Unit and the boys are getting ready to go watch a football game because it’s getting to be that time of year again when I can resume my Football Widow status.

I’m actually looking forward to it.

At least that fucking television is going to get a rest and I can enjoy some peace and quiet finally.

I think I just might go see about rounding up some fishing gear.

Well? It Runs Again.

Trust me when I say I am just as surprised as anyone.


I haven’t found any leaks yet either.


When I had this thing apart I found some very disturbing and very telling evidence of a complete lack of maintenance on this thing.

What a surprise.

Serious neglect.

Like never changing the fucking oil neglect.

The valley in between the heads was covered in a thick layer of sludge and when I flipped the intake manifold over to clean the gasket surfaces I almost got sick.

I literally scraped this off the bottom of the intake manifold with my fingers,


Engine killing shit right there.

After I got it put back together I drained all the crap out of the oil pan and then filled it up with basically anything I had laying around, including two quarts of ATF.

That shit has so much detergent in it that you could wash your dishes with it.

I had some trouble getting it started and it acts like the idle control solenoid isn’t doing it’s job but it kills the engine when I unplug it and you can hear the vacuum leak it uses to control the idle speed when you plug it in.

I may unhook the battery now that it runs and reset the computer so it goes back to it’s original programming.

But it does run.

I can rev it up and everything, it just idles slow

So I let it get good and warmed up, allowing that ATF to bathe the inside of the engine using the old oil filter to catch as much of that crap as it can.

I am letting it cool off right now and that will give any of that shit that was loose a chance to drip back into the oil pan. After while I will go drain it out, change the filter and refill it with decent oil.

I think I may run it a couple hundred miles, change the oil again and use some DELO 400.

It is designed for Diesel engines but I think it has even more detergent in it than ATF does.

I put that shit in an old 300-6 I bought from a junkyard and ran it for a while,

After a few months I had to change the valve cover gasket and I was astounded at how clean it was under it.

Like new clean.

It’s a no win for me either way, the damage is already done to this engine and when it gets warmed up, the oil pressure drops to zero at idle anyway.

Lack of oil changes + shit loads of carbon based sludge= liquid sand paper on bearings.

It’s that simple.

But, it runs again and so far it doesn’t leak.

I can put that in the Win column for now at least.

It’s True I Tells Ya!

rigor mortis

You should see me trying to get a around some days.

fall apart

Of course it would be one that I kind of need.

Then there’s this,

getting older

Now if I can get out of this recliner, without hurting myself, I have things to do.

Like find the Ibuprofen.

After climbing up and playing contortionist on top of that Bronco engine again yesterday, I haz some serious aches and pains.

SERIOUS, aches and pains.

I’m still not done yet either.

OMFG, I’m gonna SCREAM!!!!

I swear, if I  have to deal with just one more STUPID FUCKING BIMBO behind the counter of an auto parts store, I am going to lose my shit.

While I was thrashing around on that Bronco last weekend trying to get those broken bolts out of the heads, I managed to break the gulp valve for the air injection system that is mounted on a tube that goes between the heads behind the intake manifold.

It must have been rotten to begin with because all I did was bump it trying to get at those bolts and it just split into two pieces.

So I get up today and gird my loins for what I know in my heart is going to be a pain in the ass, gulp down some coffee and head up to the local parts house I have been dealing with.

I have run into a couple of dumbasses up there but for the most part they have people that know what the fuck they are doing, including a nice lady who is probably in her late thirties. When the dumbfuck kid picked exhaust manifold gaskets instead of intake manifold gaskets last weekend and I had to go right back up there, she looked them up right away went and pulled them and then made sure they were the right parts.

So don’t be thinking that hey, this Phil guy is just a hateful old mysoginistic bastard who likes to be hatin’ on the Split Tails.

Absolutely not true. I once trained a ninety pound soaking wet 19 year old girl to work on brand new Lincoln Town Cars and when I was done she could strip a dashboard and have it ready to pull to get to the heater core by herself in an hour and a half.

It’s the stupid people I don’t have time for and I lay the blame squarely on the owners and managers of these places that turn these incompetent motherfuckers loose on the general public without proper training or qualifications in the first place.

When we as consumers who have very busy lives go into an established business we expect competent help and by every measurable metric, those places who don’t supply that competent help should be punished by a severe lack of business.

It’s called Word of Mouth and bad news spreads fast people.

Schucks, Autozone and every place who even remotely imitates their business practices should be avoided at all costs.

Even NAPA, who at one point was universally considered to be just one step below the actual dealership in regards to knowledge and parts availability, has turned into a fucking joke. I walk in, there is a frumpy middle aged woman manager and a bunch of clueless idiots behind the counter.

If they can’t find what you are looking for on their computer in less than two minutes you might as well walk the fuck back out the door because they are incapable of  tapping into an unwritten knowledge base that is only acquired by years of experience, including hands on wrenching on vehicles and equipment.

Which is what virtually every NAPA store I ever walked into in the last forty years had.

Once inside the door you were greeted by some gray haired old fart with gnarly scarred up knuckles who knew every parts interchange by heart.

You need a water pump for a 77 Chevy Caprice and the computer said they were out?

Well, the water pump off of a 68 truck will fit and we have four of those.

That kind of knowledge is priceless and is also now pretty much impossible to find.

If the ALMIGHTY COMPUTER says we don’t have it, we can order it and it will be in next week.


So after the place I go to didn’t have this valve on hand, the guy tells me that he can have it in about two hours.

Me, being in a hurry and knowing better, asks where the next nearest parts house is.

Autozone is down the road a couple of miles.

I thanked him and took off down there. I walk in, there is some fat chick with blazing fake red hair behind one counter and a skinny twenty something chick behind the other.

Not a fucking guy in sight.

The unmistakable feeling of DOOM started creeping up on me.

I wind up with the skinny one.

I tell her what I want, the make, model, year and engine displacement.

I tell her the name of the part and SHOW HER A FUCKING PICTURE.


Nope, can’t find it, can’t even spell it right.

She shows me what she sees on the computer and it’s not even close. I try explaining another way to try and find it. She stops me and says she doesn’t know how to do that ,points to the far wall and suggests that maybe I can find what I am looking for on their “HELP” wall.

I put my hand up, tell her to stop and that she can’t help me. I leave. There is some other guy getting out of his car as I am getting in mine. I tell him to spare himself the misery,that they are absolutely incompetent in there. He grins and tells me he knows exactly what he is after. I laughed and said I even showed them a picture. Good luck pal.

I drove right back up to Tony’s Auto Parts, as I walk in the door, the guy I had been dealing with tells me he already ordered it because he knew I would be back.

I thanked him, gave him my number and came home to start in on this rant to blow off some steam. I wasn’t even half way through this when he called and said it was already there, they caught the delivery guy from the warehouse right before he made his run and threw it in.

It is sitting right beside me.

I would STILL be trying to find it if I had to keep dealing with the incompetent morons who seemingly populate every single parts house within ten miles of here.

Now if you will excuse me, I have shit to do.



One More Day

Thirteen more hours to be exact.

Then I’m off work until a week from Monday.

The first thing on the agenda is to put that fucking Bronco back together.

After that, our wedding anniversary is the 21st.

Other than that I have no agenda.

I would like to putz around out in the garage, maybe straighten some shit out and get some stuff put away.

I have a never ending list of shit I would like to get done but zero expectations of actually doing it.

I’m just not going to work for a week.

That alone should go a long ways towards restoring my sanity and taking the edge off of my seemingly never ending urge to choke the living shit out of several lazy fucking assholes.

Who knows, I may even roll out of here and go fishing for a day.

The more I think about it, the more it sounds EXACTLY  like what I need to do.

Get the fuck away from everything and everybody. Some peace and fucking quiet, just enjoying natures beauty and maybe a nice bologna sandwich.

I’m a simple guy.

I like simple things.

Like telling the world to simply shut the fuck up for a few minutes.