More Jewelry In A Box

Something else I found while sorting stuff out.

The first one was almost done when I put it away God knows how long ago, and I had to use little bitty hand files to make the hole in the middle.

Like you can’t tell.

No handles on the files either, my hands are sore now.



It works though.

This next one was the reason I made that one in the first place. It was a down and dirty quick solution to hold a needle dick bug fucker of a tap on some project I was working on at the time.


Pretty simple really, just buy a barrel nut and two corresponding bolts, drill a hole in the middle of the nut big enough for the end of the tap, thread two bolts in and pinch the flats on the end of the tap.


I have a small tap wrench but the tap I was using at the time was too small for it even.

I’m talking dinky.

The one in the pictures is just one I dug out of my tool box.

It worked so I kept it around and it wound up in a box full of crap when I scraped a bunch of shit off the top of my work bench to make some room.

I have several little boxes and cans full of stuff that I have scraped off my work bench over time like that. It is a pain in the ass going through them because most of it is just junk but every once in a while a little something catches the light just right and lets off a little sparkle.

My Latest Persuader

Heh, while I was digging through and sorting out a bunch of shit to get rid of out in the garage, I ran across this little jewel I had forgotten about.


I snagged it off Fleabay earlier this year for a whopping $8 plus some for shipping. In case you think that was a bit much I suggest you take a minute and go see what some of these people are asking for a damn Sledge Hammer head anymore these days.

Even cheap Chinesium units at the Big Box stores are running close to $40 anymore.

Anyway, I decided I needed to do something with it since I also found the new handle I had bought for it too.

Pounded out the remnants of the old handle they had sawed off to ship it and then about an hour on the belt sander. After it cooled off enough to be able to hold on to it again then some finishing with an Angle grinder with a Flap Wheel on it and I finally got it cleaned up some. It was a rusty mess.

Then the new handle, cut it down to suit my needs and also because it had a weird bend in it, then oiled it up and it was ready to join the force.




All because late last year as I was digging through my tool boxes looking for a decent sized hammer to smack something with, I came to the realization that out of the at least fifteen hammers I own, I didn’t have anything bigger than a two pounder.

Fuck that, sometimes you need a real Persuader.



The Wifely Unit bought one of those flexible split screen door covers with the magnets down the middle a couple of years ago. She likes to keep the patio door open so the fucking cats can come and go as they please. I was sitting here a few minutes ago with the headphones on kind of mindlessly flipping through the web looking for things of interest and I kept hearing something in the background with the occasional meow thrown in.

I wasn’t paying any attention to it until I went to get up and get some more coffee.

Across the room a bit behind me and to the right, I see the little Murder Machine batting something around.

My eyes ain’t good and these cheap glasses are so scratched they look like they are fogged up so I couldn’t tell what it was. It kind of looked like a bunched up dark colored sock.

So I walked across the room to pick it up and find out it’s a fucking bird instead.

A still warm, freshly dead bird.

Gee thanks Kitty, just what I wanted this morning. Out to the garage, get my Picking Up Dead Things The Cat Leaves Laying Around Needle Nose Pliers, come back, chase the murderous fucking cat off and pick the still limp bird up and go deposit the carcass into the garbage can outside.

The cat didn’t seem to understand my lack of enthusiasm and why it’s little present disappeared.

Back outside it went, looking for a fresh victim.

Sorry, no pics, I was too busy getting rid of the evidence and didn’t think to get one of the Great Hunter and it’s kill.