Geezer Test

If you remember this* you are officially an Old Fart now.

Phone Cord

Very Pre Cell phone.

*This is what we had to do back in the day when we wanted to have a private phone call.

Hell I even recognize the old door handle.

I Am Not Alone

Dickin around

I must have well over a hundred little projects and none of them seem to get done.

I have had plenty of time lately too.

Apparently a swift kick in the ass is in order.

The line forms on the right.

Rest In Peace Ol’ Remus

Damn, we just lost a National Treasure.


This whole year has sucked mightily but this is just horrible news.

Ol’ Remuswas without question one of the smartest yet humble and down to Earth human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of corresponding with and that makes it hurt just that much more.

The knowledge that he took with him is priceless beyond measure and is now lost to the world.

Old School Appalachian style with an intellect that would embarrass most P.H.D’s these days.

I used to sit slack jawed at his knowledge of Particle Physics and Astronomy.

He would slip some of that into his weekly article round ups but you really had to be paying attention and be able to read what he wouldn’t say out loud whilst reading what he would.

The thing is, he never stopped learning and searching for the latest news and discoveries.

I am going to miss that man so much it is impossible to articulate.

Unfortunately he didn’t trust the modern internet very much and didn’t archive his articles so some truly are lost forever.

I did see over at Brock’s place the other day that someone is actually trying to dig through the internet and find any scraps of his work that can be found via other sites that linked to his work, besides what was still available on his site at the very end.

Cancer sucks. That is what got him, three weeks after he was diagnosed.

That tells me he knew he was in bad shape for a long time prior and was the kind of man that knew he had a good run and his time was getting short so instead of trying to fight it, he just kept doing what he could until he flat couldn’t do it anymore.

His wife had passed away not too long ago and I can only imagine that she must have been another source of wisdom that is now lost to the world and a force to be reckoned with in her own right intellectually.

I am so saddened by his loss it is hard to put into words.

Mr. Remus Marsilvia  19?-2020

Rest In Peace sir and God Speed.


Btw, this is the picture he used as an Avatar and is not actually him. He said it did look almost just like him and that is why he used it.


You know, I started blogging 14 years ago to blow off steam basically. I have several blogs on different platforms that are still around, I just don’t post on them. One of them was the original Ornery Bastard on the Blogger platform, first started in March of 2006 and still there.

If you ever wondered what a pissed off drunken Phil rant looks like, there are a few epic examples still smoldering away over there in the archives somewhere, you will just have to dig to find them.

That’s when I was still pretty much a drunken Libtard and where all of this started.

It actually got rather popular and was once even linked to with a two word hyperlink by the Wall Street Journal.

Heady times boy, I’m telling ya. There aren’t too many Red Neck Mechanics have those kinds of bragging rights I’d wager.

One time I got an Email from some outfit that wanted to put some advertising up on the blog and it was a Bumper Sticker outfit. In exchange I got a couple hundred free custom bumper stickers.

I screwed up and had them put the web address on them at the bottom so I just cut that part off an have been slowly giving them away ever since.

I sent a couple clear to fucking Austria once to my Blog buddy Notwende.

Speaking of Notwende, I see he just put up a post saying he finally got to his vacation destination in France, after driving 22 hours with no stops except bathroom and fuel all the way from Austria!

Imagine my surprise when he posted a picture of the back of his vehicle after that journey through about half of Europe when he finally got where he was going and highlighted one of the bumper stickers I has sent him!

I just cracked up laughing!


Fuckin’ AWESOME!

How cool is that?

You have a good time my friend and don’t worry.

I’ll pick up some of the slack tormenting our mutual friend Cederq and you can take a break and enjoy your vacation.

Reap What You Sow Assholes

This gives me a Schadenfreude boner.

Feds deny Walz’s request for aid to rebuild after riots

More than 1,500 buildings suffered damage in the unrest after George Floyd’s death.

The federal government has denied Gov. Tim Walz’s request for aid to help rebuild and repair Twin Cities structures that were damaged in the unrest following George Floyd’s death.

Walz asked President Donald Trump to declare a “major disaster” for the state of Minnesota in his request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on July 2. More than 1,500 buildings were damaged by fires, looting and vandalism in the days of unrest that followed Floyd’s May 25 death in Minneapolis police custody, racking up more than $500 million in damages, according to Walz.

The governor’s spokesman, Teddy Tschann, confirmed late Friday that the request for federal aid was denied.

“The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support,” Tschann said in a statement. “As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through.”

Many small businesses and grocery stores, pharmacies and post offices were damaged during the unrest. In his letter to FEMA, Walz said what happened in the Twin Cities after Floyd’s death was the second most destructive incident of civil unrest in U.S. history, after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles.

The Walz administration conducted a preliminary damage assessment that found nearly $16 million of eligible damages related to fires. The federal funds would have been used to reimburse local governments for repairs and debris removal.

Republican Minnesota U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer on Thursday sent a letter to Trump in response to Walz’s aid request, asking for a “thorough and concurrent review” of the state’s response to the unrest so that “every governor, mayor and local official can learn from our experiences” and prevent such a situation from happening again.

“If the federal government is expected to assist in the clean-up of these unfortunate weeks, it has an obligation to every American — prior to the release of funding — to fully understand the events which allowed for this level of destruction to occur and ensure it never happens again,” Emmer wrote.

I would think that Seattle, Portland and a whole slew of other “Progressive” shit holes that these Mayors and Governors have let their little childrens run amok in can now expect the same thing.


You shit in your mess kits, you clean up the fucking mess.

Of course they will immediately start raising taxes on everything they can think of  and I have already seen at least one state commence to order all of their available “resources” to start raising revenue every way possible.

This is how you get ticket quotas for the Po Po and shit like taxing the square footage of your roof for a “Rain Tax” and other creative ways to wring every last dime out of the citizenry possible.

Even more incentive for an already beat down and broke populace to start voting the Commie motherfuckers out of office if they have even two functional synapses to rub together.

I ain’t holding my breath though. We seem to have an extremely pernicious moron infestation in this country lately.

I Am Confident That No MAN CARD Was Ever Issued

“Fellas, I just spent 2 whole hours arguing and searching the dustbin to prove to my girl that this missing piece is not from a condom.”


Yeah, fuck you bitch, I ain’t digging through a fucking garbage can to prove anything to your stupid ass and seriously, how many guys do any of you know call a garbage can a “Dustbin” anyway?


I don’t think I have ever heard an American guy say that in my entire life.