The Schadenfreude Is Off The Scale For This One!

Oh yeah baby, Karma just done and took a big old bite out of this bitches ass.

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Assaulted & Robbed In Oakland

California – Former Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer was attacked in Oakland’s Jack London Square Monday. The incident happened in the 300 block of 3rd Street.

“Earlier today former Senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted in the Jack London Square neighborhood of Oakland,” her representative wrote in a Tweet. “The assailant pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car. She is thankful that she was not seriously injured.”

The suspect remains at large. The Oakland Police Department is offering a reward of up to $2,000 leading for an arrest in this case.

Oh but that isn’t even the best part.

Oh no.

The best part is the very first comment that got posted in response to this bit of news.

Jared Smith,

Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me as long as they only stole 950 dollars or less. The DA should drop the charges against the assailant and maybe even create a statue of him. Let them enjoy the insane policies they create lol .Like · Reply · 43 · 7h


That was beautiful.

The reason why that was so beautiful?

Mike MoraThis should be perfectly fine by her. She championed reducing penalties for criminals. She helped author the current crime wave.
My bet is she is telling her friends the gangsters needed the loot. Boxer isn’t known for her intellect.Like · Reply · 8 · 6h

That’s right, she was one of the ones pushing to decriminalize everything.

How ya liking that shit now honey?

Stupid fucking bitch thought she was immune.

The absolute bestest part for me about this whole story is that it happened in my Home Town.

Fuckin’ Oakland.


WTF was she even thinking?

Whoever the dumb bastard is who snagged that phone has a gold mine in his hands for a few moments.

You gotta know their number is going to be up though.

The Po Po are gonna be hunting that fucker hard.

So is the FBI, The Secret Service and every other Fed agency within 500 miles.

Sit Rep 7/26/21 Local Shortages And Conditions (OPEN THREAD)

This is what I see around me here in Vancouverstan.

Let me know what you have got going on in your area in the comments. Since it’s an open thread, nothing is Off Topic so let it rip.

I posted this response over at WRSA a few minutes ago in response to a query about local shortages. What are you seeing?

Here in Vancouverstan, behind enemy lines next to Greater Portlandistan, things have been …. interesting….for over a year now. Had to go into a Wally World on the East side of town a couple weeks ago after having a couple of teeth pulled to get a prescription filled. While I was waiting I went back to the sporting goods section to poke around. ZERO guns. FOUR boxes of ammo TOTAL. All off caliber. The Wifely Unit shops at another Wally World, there are 3 within ten miles of each other around here. Bottled water low, cat litter and cat food both low. Peanut butter scarce. Some frozen food shelves empty. In the last year I have managed to find packaged yeast ONE TIME. She can’t find Bar S cured hot dogs, period. All their hot dogs are uncured. Fresh vegetables always seem to have limited quantities. They did have a decent selection of Auguson Farms freeze dried long term foods, the Sheeple don’t even know what that stuff is. Gas is up to $3.60 a gallon. They are putting up apartment buildings on every square inch of available real estate and I am not even kidding. Tearing down entire neighborhoods to do it. Housing prices around here can only be described as INSANE. Same for renting. $1300 a month for a studio apartment, if you can find one. Local cop got shot and killed the other day. Gang Banger. You would think Vancouver to be a sleepy little town but it is just across the river from Portland and now we are basically part of Portland except we are in a different state. The gangs have come across and we even have our very own chapter of ANTIFA that has been running up and down the I-5 Freeway clear to Seattle and raising hell in all the small towns close to the freeway in between since last Summer. You don’t hear about that because the news won’t report it. Back channel comms is the only reason I know. This is already a good place to be from and not to be in. I’m stuck here because of the wife and family. It sucks.

In Other Words, Communism Here Is Going To Fail BFYTW

This is a good read.

Sarah Hoyt has a good way with words and a unique perspective to weave them with.

I think after you read this you will find that you feel just a little bit better about where we are at.

Commies are gonna Commie but ultimately they are going to wind up as the complete failures that the system they use guarantees in the end.

I especially liked her perspective on the American Attitude,

“,,,our base culture is “you and whose army?””.

That’s BFYTW any way you want to look at it.

This Is Why Every Man Needs A Damn Truck

It’s also the reason I bought my old Chevy, so I could quit beating the shit out of the Caballero.

Somewhere under that rolling brush pile is an abused POS SUV.

Note the difference here.

I throw a cheap tarp over the crap and use a couple of cheap ratchet straps across the back to keep leaves and stuff from blowing all over.

I’m sure all those little SUV’s have their purposes and uses but nothing beats an old truck for hauling shit around.

I’m also damn glad I bought that thing when I did.

The prices I am seeing that people are asking for used pickups lately is nothing short of jaw dropping.

Old Machine Porn

A Civil War era Bone Simple Metal Planer.

This thing is so cool I can’t find the right words.

Its 160 years old, still works flawlessly and if people take care of it it will still be making chips 160 years from now.

No batteries, no plastic, no electronic crap, just plain old mechanical goodness.

It is a perfect example of why I love old machinery.

Neither Rain, Sleet Or Snow Shall Stop Us…

The 4 of us boys used to pile in the back of the Old Man’s 68 Ford 4X4 in any and all weather and sit there until we got where we were going .

Sometimes half way across an entire state.

No canopy.

When it was wet, cold and miserable, we would fight over who got to sit over the mufflers and who got to snuggle up with the wet Black Lab to get any hint of heat.

Now it’s even illegal to have the damn dog in the back if it isn’t tied .

And you wonder why we laugh and make fun of the younger generations.