You’re Still Not Voting Hard Enough

By all means keep trying though, it will give you something to take your mind off the impending economic collapse.

10 thoughts on “You’re Still Not Voting Hard Enough

  1. Did anybody expect any thing different? I knew the commie bastard wasn’t going to be recalled. When all the ballots counted and audited they will find most precincts had 120% or better of voters… and all democommie checked.


  2. Look at the percent numbers listed about the votes cast, the lower “yes” votes where for 49% of the votes in the higher numbers were from when 52% of the vote was in.. this was edited to look like this. This video is made up shit.

    More propaganda… can’t trust either side…

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    • My thoughts exactly. Lotta fakes out there.
      Reminded me of the PornHub election night video hoax.
      Was there fraud? Yes. Was it massive? No, because it didn’t need to be when there are 2 ‘crats for every ‘can. It was for insurance in case 18% defected and voted for recall.


  3. If you think this is something, just wait till the next national election go round. The outcome on this was in before the vote even happened. Only way out of this I’m afraid will be the very liberal application of Rule 308.


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