I Used To Do This For The Ospreys

Down on the dock on the Columbia at Washougal.

There were half a dozen Ospreys flying around all day in the Summer time.

If you held a fish up in the air, they would spot it. Every Time.

If I was lucky enough to catch any. Usually trash fish like Pea Mouths and Bull Heads.

I had one snatch a fish I threw up in the air get so close I could hear the sound of the wind in it’s wings as it flew off. The damn things are bigger than you think they are too.

10 thoughts on “I Used To Do This For The Ospreys

  1. Fishing is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy.
    You caught too many and must redistribute in the interest of the people’s collective unity to those who were too lazy or stupid to do some fishing on their own.
    On a trip to Grampa (Tampa) Bay FLA to visit grams I saw a manta ray, a sea snake, an alligator and those skink lizards were everywhere climbing on all surfaces.
    God and Lady Nature are undefeated and will win again.


  2. Damn squaw fish too! I would throw trash fish in the air when I knew eagles or ospreys were flying around. If not I would slit the belly’s and throw them back, fresh water crabs and catfish gotta eat too…


  3. Was down at the beach in Florida last week and watched a couple of ospreys picking up fish right out of the water and flying off. You’re right – they are bigger than you think! Once I was standing in a small stream in Alaska fishing and a Bald Eagle came flying downstream right above the water and flew past my head like I wasn’t even there.


  4. In Pennsylvania at Codurus park, there is an Osprey nest, even kayaking past it willget you a $14,000 fine you peasant. The nest is manmade, and the commies will fine you more for going a 100 yards than the catholic priests that prey on kids.


    • Insanity.
      The little town I lived in, Washougal, had at least five nests within a mile of the dock I mentioned. Some in trees but a couple built on top of light poles and cell towers.
      It was nothing to see four or five of the things hanging around the dock or out dive bombing fish in the middle of the river at any one time.


  5. Took a boat trip on lake Marion and lake Moultrie and then through the intercoastal waterway to Charleston SC. Everywhere there was a piling with navigational signs on it there was a Osprey nest in between them. They were everywhere and yeah, they’re huge.


  6. Camped @ Suttle Lake in Central Oregon. They posted signs asking fisher dudes to not feed the Ospreys. Their reasoning was that they were afraid the babies would not learn how to fish on their own but would become dependent on humans. Had to ask: Do they learn how to feed themselves real fast after Labor Day?


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