8 thoughts on “Cha Ching!

  1. Whomever is towing it is an idiot studying to be a moron, you can rent dollies that will enable you to tow a vehicle without a tow truck.

    Probably a friend or the owner. Not a lot of thinking on display here.


  2. Every foot dragged adds another $50-$100 to the repair bill. That assumes there’s anything left to repair by the time it grinds it’s way over to the shop. That’s some expensive stupid right there.


  3. For those that have never worked the other side of the service counter, here is an insider secret. It is called (jargon changes by geographic local of course) a nuisance fee. It starts at about 5% for the mildly annoying Karen_the_cunt and swings upward with no known upper limit. I personally have applied it in excess of 50% to X_Goat-raping clueless truck hearders. (You leave a piss tube in your shit for my crew to find and I make sure it hurts) Keep the rubber side down folks, the ride just gets weirder from here on out.

    That motherfucker Bert

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