12 thoughts on “You Go Boy!

  1. Mexican overdrive on a tractor? Oh the feeble mindedness of the younger generation, Not a clue that tractors are NOT that stable, are Not meant to be driven that fast, are uncontrollable at anything over their designed speed limit and toucan’t stops=em anywhere near like you can a car or truck. Especially the older one like this one is. This dipshit wis an accident waiting to happen. But not to worry, the accident will be chalked up as a covid infection of the unjabbed so it’s all good.


    • And on a hair-pin turn during the early hours of the closely-contested competition, a few of the independent observers — a more lackadaisical bunch I never saw — standing on the hitch… ended-up in the water-hazard… leaving Free Willy stranded in the lurch.
      Oh, the humanity!


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