4 thoughts on “It’s Called The Chicken Wing Throw

  1. More kung-fu mysticism bullshit. /eyeroll

    More seriously:

    It may sound like bullshit, but Xu Xiaodong (a Chinese dude who is a relatively mediocre MMA fighter) has been kicking the asses of Chinese “tai chi” and “kung fu” masters. This has got the Chinese government so upset that they lowered Xu’s social credit score to zero. He’s banned from social media, but more importantly, he can’t buy property, can’t buy a plane ticket, or a ticket on a new, fast train.

    Social credit – coming soon to the US. Soon the unvaccinated subhumans will get theirs. No airplane tickets, no admission to government buildings. Also, I don’t see why subhumans should be allowed to have a bank account, or internet access, or set foot in a hospital. Do you? Should subhumans be allowed to drive a car? Someone so selfish as to refuse to be vaccinated for the common good (it’s not to protect you, it’s to protect the World!) certainly can’t be trusted to pilot a multi-ton vehicle responsibly. A selfish subhuman certainly can’t be trusted with a gun. That would be meshugganah!


  2. Got a friend who is a multiple black belt guy. He says this shit works on idiotic martial artists because idiotic martial artist buy into the hype. He used me as a demonstration one time, to do the finger punch to the heart thingy that some people says works. Did it on a belted student (not his) and the guy fell down. Did it to me and I pushed him over, hard.

    There’s a 70’s kung fu movie out there, where the kung fu master is kicking and chopping a bunch of soldiers armed with swords. Cuts to the leader of the soldier, leader looks down at his sword, turns the sword sideways (blade parallel to ground) and stabs forward. Cuts to toes flying in the air… Funniest kung fu movie I’ve ever seen. Because that’s the real thing.

    There’s a lot of bullshit out there.


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