Free Is A Very Good Price

There’s a little Gas Station/ Minute Mart/ Car Wash outfit on my way to work that I stop at all the time and they got this thing called a KickBack card.

You get the card for free and then you register it on your phone and you know like they say if you get something for free you’re the product but for once this thing paid off.

Every time you buy something it racks up points on your card and I have been racking up points for quite a while now.

You can pretty much use the points like cash and you can buy all kinds of stuff with it and I had them check it the other day and I had $78 built up on this thing so today I got a free tank of gas.

Thank you very much.

11 thoughts on “Free Is A Very Good Price

  1. The Pik-N-Pak has the loyalty card and you automatically get a few cents off with every gas purchase.
    The more points you have accumulated, one dollar spent is one point, you can get up to fifty cents off a gallon but you can only use those points once a month.
    During the weekends they will quadruple the points so one dollar spent actually equals four but it has no cash value and get be used on items in the store.
    Gas shot up locally with premium at $3.60 and 87 octane at $3.25, it was $3 over the weekend.
    Someone spray painted crime stats matter on the Pik-N-Pak dumpster for the laugh of the day. (wayciss!)

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  2. Ouch, it was free but that price still sucks, regular is running about $2.70 and diesel is running in the $2.80 range in Kentucky, subject to change with the direction of the wind.


  3. here in pa we have this thing with weis markets and sheetz gas stations as well. for every one hundred bucks spent at weis you get 10 cents off a gallon of gas at sheetz. last month we got 80 cents off per gallon (stock up time ) but the limit is 20 gallons per use. one time only and the points expire in a month. trick is to get the max the tank can hold before the points go south and you start
    over again. I have fill all the gas cans a time or two though. regular is 3.29 or so here. and the sheetz card dives you 3 cents off every other time per gallon. pays off for people around here driving to work/shop as it 45 minutes each way.


  4. Alternative currencies, man – we’ll done.
    Hey, remember when I mentioned that coffee had disappeared from wallyworld?
    We’ll, it’s back.
    At least 10% price increase on all brands. Doesn’t look “transitory” to me.


    • Everybody is over paying for everything. I normally don’t get gas at this outfit because it’s twenty to twenty five cents a gallon cheaper across the street at the ARCO station. They do whoever have a few pumps of straight gas with no methanol in it. That shit is really expensive.
      So yeah, I paid for it up front but I didn’t have to open my wallet this time for damn near eighty dollars of gas so I’m putting it in the win column anyway.


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