There’s Something Missing

There should be another sliver for me digging through all the shit I carry around in my pockets every day looking for either the right razor knife, lighter, the right set of keys , the little flashlight I use constantly or my little 4 inch crescent wrench.

You think I’m kidding?

Just for fun I emptied out my front pockets.

There’s actually 3 sets of keys there and when I get to work I have a retractable clip on set I put on a belt loop.

32 thoughts on “There’s Something Missing

  1. I once went on a week long training trip for the job. Just before I went through the check-in line at the airport (this was pre TSA days) I handed my keys to my wife and said I wouldn’t be needing these until she picked me up again. BIG, BIG MISTAKE. For the next week, every time my hand passed by my pocket, a sharp breath and adrenaline rush–MY KEYS! And then I’d remember. About drove me nuts, and I’ll never do that again.
    I’ve carried a SAK since I was in high school, and it’s a rare day that I don’t use it for something at least once.


  2. Who even carries pennies anymore? Except for that and the lighters( finally quit 6 years ago) I pretty much carry the same amount of shit. Maybe even more actually.


  3. Well, besides the usual nerd pocket protector full of pens, mechanical pencils, screwdrivers, test lights, and a multi-tool and pill caddy in my pockets, I also had an IR beam detector in my wallet… which makes sense since I worked with a lot of IR break-beam and reflective sensors. If Id’ve needed a 4″ Crescent wrench I’m sure I would’ve carried THAT as well!
    You’re in good company, Phil.


  4. Primary knife, backup knife, opener, wrench, darkness penetrator… Looks like my pockets too. I forgo the wrench for a snap open multi-tool on my belt tho; I deal more with 1/4-turn cam-locks on access panels.

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  5. Back when I was graduating from being a curtain climber, we would take trips with granddad to the oilfields of south Texas. In the front seat of his ’57 chevy, he kept a El Producto cigar box. In that box would be several key rings of keys, mostly Master Lock keys, and many other loose keys. They were all gate keys that allowed access to leases where they may be working at one time or another. Along with all those keys, note pads, and at least one 4″ Cresent wrench, a small Proto screwdriver, and prescription bottle with spare “guts” for 4″ and 6″ Cresent wrenches and flashlight bulbs. All J H Williams.

    I don’t know how many of those 4″ Cresent wrenches we talked papa into buying us over the years, every time we would go buy the supply store, they called it back then. I know of at least four to myself and probably as many for my brother, too! now, I have a collection of about eight of them of various brands. They got too expensive to collect anymore of them today.

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  6. When a yonker my favorite uncle got me to carrying a small set of snap on pliers. Left them at my fiances house. Thought damn, lost my pliers. Months later I got them back for Christmas. A tradition at the in-laws house. Her mom cleaned her house out little by little every Christmas back to the kids.

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  7. Looks close to my pockets. Reminds me of the time the wife was doing laundry and insisted I dump my overalls in. Then she got mad because I forgot to remove the fencing pliers, scalpel, hawk bill knife, about 4 dozen twist ties, etc. Lmao
    Told her not to be in such a rush next time.

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  8. Outstanding! I think a really useful poll/study could be conducted by randomly stopping people out in the world and verifying what they carry daily. It would give a clear distinction between the makers and the takers. Those who can actually do, fix, create, build and improve versus those who just roll through the world without a care and expect everything to be solved for them. Go Team Curmudgeon!

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  9. I put my hands in my pockets to play pocket pool… I don’t know what else you guys do. I hate fucking carrying anything in my pockets, but look into my truck door pockets on my Chevy and behind/under the seat and it looks like some of your pockets. But, don’t you dare put anything in my ashtray or on my dashboard, you will walk home.

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  10. In my pockets?
    Foam ear plugs, a Byrd Meadowlark folder, a 4″ x 1/8 blade Craftsman screwdriver, about $500 cash, and a leather tri-fold with an actual “little black book” of addresses and phone numbers. I refuse to get a cell if that is what you are wondering. Pretty much my every day load out.
    I stopped carrying a Leatherman after losing a couple. Too damn expensive to keep replacing. Besides, rolling around under Mopars and Chevys, fixing them, the multitool hurts when you are laying on it.

    Whitehall, NY

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  11. Heh..That amount of stuff would ensure that my shorts (it’s Texas, Long pants time is coming in a month) would fall to my ankles at least once a day.

    And I didn’t see anyone pick up on this; the n+1 redundant lighter setup.

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