Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

Where to start?

I love this guy. He even kinda looks like me.

This is an hour long and an hour well spent.

Cliff started doing computer predictive computer modeling way back in 1993 and he has a very impressive track record for predicting shit coming down the pipe.

He also has a very long list of these videos you can spend all day watching in case you are interested in catching up to where we are now with this one.

Don’t get lost worrying about what this WOO is and The Bug he talks about.

This will catch you up on where we are at with this whole Deep State/KungFlu/ Great Reset/ Depopulation thing and he will give you some hints as to what is coming.

Spoiler Alert,


He cusses, that tells me he is genuine.

He is so much smarter than I could ever hope to be that it’s impossible to articulate. He has been at this a long time, working on Super Computers since the 60’s.

He does a pretty good job here of explaining how this whole thing works, who the players are and telling us that The Normies are about to get a Huge Red Pill shoved right up their asses here very shortly.

There is going to be an Internet Black Out coming. The MSM is about to get Nuked from orbit. There is going to be a Financial Collapse coming.

Lots of Banks are going to fail. He explains ANTIFA, Bill Gates, and a whole host of other players.

Fauci is a fucking idiot.

This is very much worth your time.

29 thoughts on “Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

  1. Who is the guy ? Does he have a website ? Did he smoke something before his spiel ? Very interesting and he reminds me of my cousin Larry . He did 12 years at Ohio State . Never had a fulltime job . Died of cancer at 49 years old . Belonged to the Mensa Club . Spent the last 6 months of his life up in a tree stand in my woods . And pictures . Larry liked to take naked pics of girls . We did have that in common , Heh .

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    • Most of his early books predicted the future. I was always impressed once I got there. The book ending with the manpad shot from the van in the cell phone lot in phoenix I think scared the hell out of me when news of several missing manpads a few years ago.


  2. Good for you Phil for posting this, it has brought some clarity for me at least. He makes sense, and it is a proven behavioral trait that profane men/women are more truthful, you could look it up…I ought to know. This Cliff fellow does look like your smarter older brother. We are fucked but there may be a way out of it…

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  3. The Georgia Guidestones and the self-appointed masters of the universe always put everything down in writing.
    The “elites” really are a James Bond cabal of villains made up of vermin maggots like comrade kommissar Schwab and tranny Gill Bates.
    Dr. Mengele Fraudci will get the under the bus treatment as he counts his highest paid apparatchik lucre.
    Robocop, Blade Runner, Running Man, Hunger Games, Red Dawn, these are the future if the controllers get their wish.
    You are on your own.

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  4. Antifa has proven themselves to be democrat weapons, as is BLM and as was OWS and the KKK, by attacking anti-vax or anti-big government protesters. Actual anti-fascists would be fighting against forced vaccinations and/or big government as they did during the west coast G7 protests during Bush’s time.


  5. I’m going to have to watch this again to digest it all. But I’m struggling to understand how the vaccine was supposed to depopulate the world. The countries with the most billions of people, and growing, don’t appear to have gotten the memo.

    But a lot of what he said is a plausible explanation. I can totally believe the stupid, greedy, and incompetent rulers we have are trying to save their phoneybaloney jobs.


    • The vaccine will really kick in and do what it was designed to do during flu season which starts med to end of October, until the middle of February.


    • The Vaccine is nicknamed the clot shot because the spike proteins cause clotting of the blood.
      One additional bonus feature of this gene therapy is that it has a limited immune response to each variant of the virus. This encourages mutations to flourish, delta mu etc. And the original virus was altered to increase the likelihood of those mutations. All paid for with your tax dollars at UNC Chapel Hill.
      Yea we built the chimeric virus and gave it to the CCP to see what it could do.


  6. WOO? bugs?
    I finally got around to watching this and I have to admit it’s way over my head.
    Maybe I’m a bit old and under educated..but that being said I am ready for whatever.


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