Interesting Knot

I don’t believe I have ever seen one and since it was a random GIF I found, I don’t know what it’s called either.

I want to say a Double Bowline.

16 thoughts on “Interesting Knot

  1. Can you use it to still hang someone iffn’ ya don’t know how to tie a hang man’s knot? I have used that type of know, I have heard it called a double bowline knot, like Done stated a cowboy bowline and another I can’t remember, damn oldthimers…

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  2. I used to make my Scouts learn how to tie a line around themselves with a bowline. Sometimes blindfolded other times while swimming. The one knot you need to know when someone tosses you a lifeline. I’m sure now that they are the Gay Scouts they would get all offended by such a thing. Whatever. I reccomend to all and sundry that if you can’t instantly tie a bowline go learn it. Life could get exiting here in the FUSA and you might need to get dragged out of something.


    • Try teaching your scouts how to tie it one handed instead of that “rabbit comes out of the hole” trope. I found it in an old sailing book (Practical Sailing, around 1925) years ago. Not only is it easy, but I actually had occasion to use it for a lifeline on a sailboat in trouble.

      Another variation is to feed the tail back out of the last loop of the knot and you can pop the knot free like a shoelace bow. The book described that knot as a bowline on a bight.

      What most people miss about the bowline is that you can put any amount of stress on it, even wet, and you can always untie it. Great knot.


  3. Since I learned the first part of that knot, the ‘loop and loop’ for lack of knowing what it’s really called, I’ve never tied a bowline any other way. I’ve tied it thousands of times since, and never have to think about any rabbits and trees….

    And yep, also learned to tie a bowline around myself with one hand only and a tossed line.

    Bowline, figure of eight, clove hitch, half hitch, and a middle of the rope loop like a butterfly knot (or an ‘inline bowline’, and you have covered pretty much every need that a non-sailor has. A fisherman’s, and especially the double fisherman’s to make a loop would round out even advanced knot tying.



  4. A double bowline would have 2 loops through the carabiner at the top. A bowline on a bight would have the loop around the standing part of the rope, turning it into a slip knot. My wife searched the Rope Geeks page linked above, and it’s described by a couple of commenters as a bowline with a Yosemite tie-off, or a Yosemite Bowline.

    Of course, if you want to believe a couple of random internet commenters… 🙂


  5. Yosemite Bowline it is. It is considered a life safety knot since the part of the loop that will tighten down won’t tighten on one line, but on 2. The story is the climbers at Yosemite figured it out the hard way. I’ve put bowlines under a lot of load and never seen a problem, then again I’ve never shock loaded a bowline, I’m careful to put them under a steady load.

    Our Fire Department, where I learned of the Yosemite bowline stresses using figure 8 knots instead. Figure 8’s are considered life safety knots without any extras or additions. Other knots typically need an overhand knot or some other addition.


  6. In the middle of a piece of rope, it’s called the “Trucker’s Knot”, or “Dog Dick.” The loop in the middle of the line acts like a pulley when tightening down a load. And afterwards, you can jerk the knot out of the line.


  7. I learned that in a medic school in Panama in the early-1970s.
    Master Chief called it a ‘surgeon knot’ because it stays knotted… and because it is easier to run — with a carmalt forceps in one hand and hemostat in the other — than a traditional ‘rigger’ knot inside a cut-down (surgical removal of tissue to access an artery).


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