Thinking Double Plus Ungood Thoughts

The Wifely Unit has been watching television programs all day and since last night that are retelling the events of 9/11 and showing all the video available from that horrible day.

It’s like reliving it.

I just watched five people in a row fall to the ground after jumping out a window to escape burning to death instead, again.

I’m not going to go into all that today.

I thought and thought about it but my mind has been elsewhere, dwelling on the present.

There is so much bullshit being heaved at us currently that I really don’t think any one person could keep track of it all and every time I turn around I am seeing more that has been unleashed quietly behind the scenes without anyone noticing it.

This is of course, by design.

Keep us reeling from one outrage to another while they pull the more egregious stunts in the back ground, all part of their larger plan.

There comes a point where I just sit and watch it go by, too busy trying to earn a living and dealing with the seemingly thousands of other things going on to even take notice.

There also comes a point where one realizes that none of this is going to stop, the goal posts move every day along with the outrage du jour.

Eventually this is all going to come to a head.

Even with information overload, a few things manage to stand out.

One thing that has been percolating along for a while is the ridiculous push to have some kind of protest in Washington D.C. on September 18th.

Let me tell you something straight up here.

If you are stupid enough to show up at a guaranteed set up like that after we have all seen how they have hunted people down who were just standing around at the Capitol on January 6th, how they literally have made political prisoners out of people who were there, are torturing them and treating them to conditions normally reserved for criminals in Third World Countries and have trumped up outrageous politically motivated criminal charges with no basis in fact to justify holding them in these despicable conditions in an attempt to make examples of them, then you absolutely deserve what you are going to get.

If, you still are determined to go take that bait then don’t bother planning on coming back again and if you do manage to get home please stay the fuck away from me forever.

At this point your guaranteed freedoms of speech and assembly are nought but fond memories and protests and rallies are as useless as tits on a boar hog at this point.

I don’t have the answers and I don’t pretend I do.

I’m just a red necked mechanic with a big mouth but I have been to Grandma’s house a couple of times.

This is going to have to be dealt with economically, under handed non compliance and fuckery.

Lots of fuckery.

Leviathan has a great deal of power but it is also huge, slow and clumsy.

We will need to use that shit against them.

15 thoughts on “Thinking Double Plus Ungood Thoughts

  1. Agreed 100%. If Bubba and Cletus want to be martyrs for the cause, more power to them. Include me out. When BCE, in his recent blogposts is the voice of sanity, reason, and restraint, then you know times are already spicy. We will have more than ample opportunity to register our next votes (in calibers starting with a ‘4’), we don’t have to go provoking the incidents.
    In prepping, there’s always more to do. I just dumped the old, stored gas in the rigs, and refilled with the expensive stuff; my small engines, from chainsaw and lawnmower to the genny, don’t like moonshine in their gas.


  2. As usual, you have taken the words out of my mouth. Every way you turn, a new problem. And it’s a made up problem that doesn’t have to be. I am as frustrated by this as anything I’ve ever seen or experienced and I am just a little bit older than you. The good thing is at least I don’t have to argue and fight with my wife about this. She is in my court.


  3. Main reason to be the grey guy, keep ’em guessing and wondering instead of knowing. Do not be pigeon holed, they have your ass that way. There will enough time in the future to be the Rambo you always wanted to be. Now, you will get hammered down and be one of those political prisoners. Why go to the seat of Saurons power, enough of them sumbitches around your neck of the woods to keep a reasonable man busy. Those that cannot answer the siren call of tptb because they ain’t around is one less black boot to worry about…


  4. One thing that really hits my hot button, is that our intelligence gathering has not improved in 20 years. We knew about the potential for terrorists to do something 20 years ago, and missed the boat. Now, at least based on NYT reporting, we took out an aid worker and his family in our zeal for a quick response to a suicide bombing that killed 13 Americans.


  5. Breaking-NATO alarmed by the size of Russian WAR games.
    They smell the weakness of the Uncle Joe Depends undergarments.
    The PSYWAR has been ongoing for 20 years and now they must move quickly to deliver the North American prize to the Satanic/Transhumanist/Globalist/CCP fellow travelers with the COV-LARP Jonestown Kool-Aid cult.


  6. Well…
    Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday.
    Happy Birthday to her!
    By pure luck got the weekend off, so I went home.
    Got the winter garden of greens put in.
    Collards, spinach, mustard, and turnips.
    The wife got tuned up early, got mean early, started walking sidewise and then passed out.
    Her stupid friends came by for a little bit and then left without me having to talk to them, besides the pleasantries.
    One of my two friends that I have around here came by also, we talked defiance.
    Good day all around.



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  8. Totally agree. Stay away from crowds. The French Resistance didn’t have rallies. I think about the Resitance a lot these days. People call the French “cheese eating surrender monkeys” but internally resisting the Nazi’s in an occupied country had to be some scary shit. I beleive that The Powers That Be are actually afraid right now.


  9. Phil,

    Hard, far, and wide. And often.

    Manhole covers are portable, for instance.

    Road crew left a few blinky light barricades just sitting around?
    No problem. Close off an interstate entrance. Make an endless circular detour.

    Epoxy an ATM closed. Better yet, a few dozen parking meters near city hall.

    Get a slingshot or a high velocity pellet gun, and take out a surveillance camera or three.

    Get a business reply mail card, and an empty Amazon box, and mail forty pounds of your pet’s droppings to Corporate @$$hole Company.
    Put the return address of the local Leftard politician on it.

    Your mayor’s a dick? Dummy up cardboard replicas of his auto license plate, rent a look-alike car, and go visit a few dozen red light cameras.

    Print up some wicked subversive handbills, blow 50¢, and stuff one inside every morning newspaper of the local fishwrap at a dozen local coffee shops.

    Somebody’s got a “Biden” bumper sticker? Add a “F**k Your freedom” or “To Hell With The Bill Of rights” sticker to their collection. Maybe give them a racist one, or an anti-gay one, to make their collection really stand out.

    They’ve got so many woke bumperstickers there’s no room for more? No problem. help them out; swap their plates with the car next to them. it’s a gift that will eventually unwrap itself, frequently with help from someone on a police motorcycle. Bummer, huh?

    Got a business that’s pimping vaccine passports? Do a science experiment. Find out how well they work to open a business door lock filled with acrylic and activated by catalyst.

    Woke retailer has self-scanner checkout lines? Go to a craft store; buy glass etching compound. See how long you can make the checkout lines when none of the self-scanners work.

    Turn some street signs.

    Playdoh, alarm clock, batteries, and some wire: let your imagination run wild. Wear gloves.

    Maybe make two such “items”. Send one to Antifa from BLM. Send the other to BLM from Antifa. Stock up on popcorn.

    Print up flyers to fake Leftard rallies. Post them at high schools and college campuses.

    Have signs made that say “Whites Only” and “Colored”. Stick them up over the drinking fountains or restrooms at the local school district HQ, City Hall, or the local Democommunist congressweasel’s office building. Wait for the the fun to start.

    Tired of companies like Woka-Cola and Jillette? Have coupons printed offering a discount on their products, Leave them in the flyer bin at local supermarkets.

    And so on.

    Be creative. Be prolific.

    Be the friction that makes everyday life such a pain.

    The possibilities are endless

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    • I am so glad you are on our side Aesop… I use to put NRA stickers when I could score some and put those on those “woke” cars all over Portland when I worked and lived there… I never thought about glass etching compound, I hate self check out with an unholy passion. I am grinning like a Cheshire cat fool over the possibilities of companies having to replace scanners…


  10. Would be a tragedy if the tire companies were overworked and ran out of replacement tires. I had my house re-roofed and those aluminum roofing nails are nasty. No cleaning them up with a rolling magnet, color almost exactly like my driveway. I had to sweep my whole driveway twice and almost low crawl looking for them. My contractor caught a flat on his dump trailer from one.

    I used to be a over the road CDL driver and some places we would not deliver because of construction trash issues. Not worth the tire troubles.

    I use a cane on icy days with a ice spike to avoid breaking a hip. Once or twice used it to pick up tin (not aluminum) cans by driving that spike through it. Retractable with a rubber tip cover for indoors walking. Don’t want to poke holes in flooring you know.

    Just the ramblings of a tired old man, please forgive my chattering 🙂


  11. Fuckery? How about something a lot more basic, local, timely, infinitely more personal, and effective!

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. –

    How many adult males that follow this blog have repented today? Yesterday? Any time this week? Any time this month? Last month? And really meant it and wanted help from God to change even if it was painful for *you*???

    How many times have you asked God for permission to do X, Y, or Z? Not help but permission? Parents don’t let young children watch certain TV shows, listen to certain music, associate with certain other children, etc…. Have any of you asked God lately if it’s okay to watch the TV shows you watch? Listen to the music you listen to? Look at the *stuff* on the internet that you look at? Read what you read? Associate with the people you associate with? Have any of you asked help with your tongue? Have any of you humbled yourself and said, “Father, I’m a bad Christian, husband/wife, son/daughter, father/mother, manager/employee, brother/sister, friend, PLEASE help me to do better? I need Your help, please!” That should be a daily, if not hourly, prayer.

    How many of you have put on sack cloth/burlap and ashes, bowed down, and humbled yourself in the last week? Month? Year? EVER??? Go read the story of Jonah. That jerk was so damn stubborn that he stayed in the belly of the fish for THREE damn days before he would change his mind. Can you imagine the stench, the damp, the dark, the cramped space, the nasty, icky goo of the inside of the fish’s stomach! He was sooooooo stubborn that he put up with it for three days before he would yield to God’s will. Don’t be like that.

    Husbands, you want a submissive and supporting wife? Ask God, the Father, to show you how submissive and support you are to Him. I dare you! I bet most of you don’t like the answer you get. I bet even fewer are willing to do the work necessary to change. You expect godless liberals to change after looking at a few facts and miraculously come their senses but you don’t even ask God, the Father, to start changing you on the inside each and ever day. Why would God change your enemies when you aren’t even willing to ask Him to change you?!?!

    Has anyone following this blog fasted in the last week/month/year/ever? And it doesn’t have to be food. It can be music, internet, whatever. Have you asked God if there is anything you should cut out of your life? For those who did, did you do it? And BTW, that’s not a one-time prayer. That should be a daily prayer.

    How many of you have actually gotten on your knees and said something to the effect of, “God, please change ME! Please help me to do better!” That’s another daily prayer.

    How many of you have thanked God for all the wonderful things in your life? Wonderful? Yeah, how about coffee! After the first sip of every cup of wonderful, hot, flavorful cup of java, you should be saying something like, “Oh, God, thank Youuuuuu. That is SOOOOO good.” as the warmth spreads through your body. And if you can enjoy your coffee with an extra large slice of silence (and a smoke or two if you are so inclined) then you should be *doubly* thankful. Thank Him for that microwave, hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, great sanitation, toilet paper, soap, trash pickup, internet, etc. More daily prayers.

    You want to bring out the BIG guns and really and truly strike back and fight the real enemy??? How about asking God, with a sincere and humble heart, to show you everything in your life He wants to cut out and what He wants to put in!!! I triple dog dare you.

    One of the most devastating prayers I ever prayed was, “God, I open all the doors in my life to You. I hide nothing from you. Come in and make all the changes You want.” There are some days I literally cower in bed and try extremely hard to take the prayer back. Warning, do not pray that prayer when you are on a mountain. Pray that only in a valley and be prepared to get ground down like a bad weld. The part about “Your will be done” in the Lord’s prayer almost scares me to death. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you are in deep, deep, DEEP manure and absolutely nothing is going to change in your life and your prayers will most likely have littler or no effect.

    I could add so much more like how to hear from God, how to stay in His will, how to get help from Him in almost everything you do but I’m not allowed to. Why? Because most of you need to learn how to come under HIS authority. Don’t understand? Imagine you’re a manager and you have an employee that never follows your instructions. He shows up late. He leaves early. He doesn’t work on what you told him to work on. He does sloppy work. He takes all the credit and blames all the mistakes on you, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you’re white collar, blue collar, red collar, whatever, we all can recognize a bad employee when we see one. How about each and everyone one of you ask God, the Father, for a job review? Ask Him to be as detailed as possible and to show you every area in which you need improvement! Yeah, it’s like being inside a sand blaster but far, far worse. It takes YEARS to get right. I’ve been through many, many sand-blasting sessions and let me tell you it’s extremely painful, at least at first. It does get easier, somewhat, as you grow with Him.

    For those of you who scoff and otherwise dismiss what I wrote, good luck. You’re going to need it.


    • Our Heavenly Father,
      Please break the hearts of our enemies, and turn them from their own wicked ways back to Your ways.
      And if they won’t turn back, please break their legs, so we’ll know them by their limping.
      – Irish Prayer Book.

      ^Regularly featured prayer, since time out of mind.
      Which only proves God’s not yet done with them, because they’re still walking.

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