Thank You Terrapod!

I’m a little late with this, I have already had a few email exchanges with him explaining that I am just plain fucking beat but even worse, both my hands are very stiff and sore from running a die grinder all night at work last night.

He sent me a package and I found it here when I got home last night but I was too beat at that point in time to send a thank you note and my hands were hurting so bad it was painful just to do my usual two finger hunt and peck typing style.

It was so bad last night when I got home that I could barely hold on to a cigarette and when I got up this morning my fingers were so stiff it was painful just to open them up enough to hold on to a coffee cup.

Such is life.

I did manage to thank him, he went way out of his way and sent me a little Care Package that pretty much cures my screwdriver shortage problems for the rest of my life!

You are awesome man, thanks again.

He says he picked all this up for less that ten dollars at an auction and it cost him more to ship it than it did to buy it.

I absolutely believe that these days.

I am loving this screwdriver set though.

I’m not even joking.

The square shanks are the handiest, you can put a wrench on them for serious torque if you need it. That little flat blade on the bottom in the middle?

I haven’t been able to find one that size for nothing and here he sends me one as part of a much larger matched set!

Then he also sends me a NAPA set!

There is also a Quick Change bit holder and bits and another set of bits plus a little retracting key chain.

Dang it, I see I didn’t get the six inch manual sliding caliper in the picture.

Those things are real handy out in the garage. Tape measures have their place but sometimes you need something that doesn’t flex and move around, actually a lot of the time that’s what you need but all you can find is a damn tape measure.


He also set along a little note and mentioned he is guest posting over at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler!

Swing by and say howdy to him.

He is a hell of a nice guy.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Terrapod!

  1. Great care package!

    About the hand pain, I hope the job is providing anti-vibe gloves. If not, they are worth buying on your own, but they should be providing them. I didn’t believe that a glove could make a difference, and wore whatever fit best and left enough dexterity to do the work, but I tried some Hexarmor anti-vibe and I’m a believer now.

    Instead of the crawly pins and needles feeling I feel normal after running a pressure washer all day. I wouldn’t even try to run a grinder, needle scaler, or similar tool without them.

    Good ones aren’t cheap, but they are worth it.


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  2. One word — ‘Golden Milk’
    This’s a turmeric compound, with supplemental black pepper and MCT oil.
    Add it to a smoothie, tea, or stew.
    It works best heated with some oil — coconut is my go-to for ‘bullet-proof coffee’.
    Hot soup or beverage increases the effectiveness of turmeric.
    The literature says turmeric is about 3% (three percent) absorbed, so massive over-doses may be required.
    Turmeric is popular in curry concoctions.
    Any curry can be made mild by adjusting the white pepper and hot chiles.
    (White pepper is nuclear-dangerous in the hands of an amateur…)
    Of course, as I wrote years ago to Mountain Guerilla John Mosby — avoiding the cause makes more sense than a crippling painful recovery.
    And, as always, look into reducing/eliminating grains and dairy.
    Some people [points to self] do better on zero-zero-zero dairy and grains.
    After I went organic (no petroleum-based pesticides, no GMO) , all my decades of allergies disappeared.

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  3. Cannae supply the world, but a word to the wise, seek out local online auctions, you will be completely amazed at what sells and for how little, especially hand tools.

    Us old farts grew up with hand tools, the modern kids age 40 and under not so much. This is why many a time NO ONE bids on em and they can be had for opening bid, 3 or 5 bucks. Estate auctions also online, where entire tool boxes go for 20. Manna from heaven. Some require elbow grease, especially older U.S. made tools, worth the effort. Within a 1 hour drive radius of my location (SW MI) there are at least 6 auctions going, some twice a week others weekly or bi weekly. Have fun hunting.

    For example or in this area. I am not responsible for any drooling or damage to computer equipment that may result. Sadly, shipping costs usually make this a pick up your own stuff process or it is no longer economical. .


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