16 thoughts on “Gotta Be Quick!

  1. how fucking stupid can you be to do something this stupid ?
    one can hope he does NOT HAVE OFFSPRING. way past time to clean the gene pool.


    • Nah nah nah. I bet this guy could tell some stories. You say he was a darwin award winner if he got snagged, but he didn’t. Survival is a razor’s edge between prudence and abandon.


  2. No. Just plain No. At one time I might have admired that, but I’ve gotten pretty cautious in my old age here. Hell, I wear earmuffs and goggles to run the damn lawnmower.
    Yeah, he made it that time. But the rule is: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And that old bumper sticker: Stupid Should Hurt.


  3. Good practice for the coming sporky times with the replacement purge squads armed by the worst government that money can buy…be quick or be gone.
    Deplorables are being set up as the scapegoat when the shelves are empty and gas is ten dollars a gallon or when muh EBT no longer works due to fiatbux printing press flameout.
    Just read about “sustainable” organic jet fuel that sounded like something out of the Mystery Babylon Bee which will cause a $2 a gallon tax on the economy powering juice or petrol.
    At least we don’t have the bad orange tweets anymore.


  4. This is the kind of guy that picks up a baby rattlesnake bare handed. It’s all fun and games until it swings around and bites you in the finger. Then it’s off to the hospital for 3 weeks, a week of it in the ICU, and a $250,000 bill waiting for you when you finally get home.
    I’ve got better things to do with my time and money.


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