17 thoughts on “Message Received Mr. Biden, Please Stand By For Reply

  1. Comrade Kommissar Sum Dum Fuk or Xhou Bai Den just does what his CCP Long March asspuppeteers tell him to do or else he gets the stairs again.
    The fitting face for the end of Chiquitastan and did you notice how all of those who participated in the Big Steal are exempt from the depopulation jab?
    History is full of coincidences isn’t it. (sarc)


  2. My boss is a liberal. We are a defense contractor but the mother corporation hasn’t spoken about complying or not. I told the boss not now, not ever, never will I get the clot shot. He agrees this is tyranny.

    My liberal admin got the clot shot, got pregnant, miscarried in that order. She regrets taking the shot too. Red pills everywhere.


  3. Shit’s getting real. The idiots are actually going to push this to going hot.

    Rhetorical question for them. What are you going to do against hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Chris Dorner types who are smarter than he was? Here I’ll help you with the answer, in the words of the red queen “You are all going to die.”

    No mercy, no quarter, no stopping till they’re all dead.

    We’re comms silent from now on.

    See you on the other side gentlemen.



  4. Wait for it. Next it will be no social security benefits unless you get the jab. No veteran’s benefits unless you get the jab. No admittance to federal property unless you get the jab (and don’t forget, the highways are considered ‘federal property.’ So is the air. So are the waterways.)

    Now, the unwashed masses receiving fedmonies for being illegal aliens or being dumbasses or on welfare or other government money that the Fedgov has control of, those will be exempt.

    This is going to happen. You can feel it in the air. You can hear the beast’s breathing. You can smell it’s evil breath.


  5. They need shot in arms and shots fired to bring down the full tyranny.

    Got seeds, band aids, and …?

    They will not stop.

    Where are you America?


  6. I would like to respectfully request that we raise, The Oriflamme.
    The Oriflamme (from Latin aurea flamma, “golden flame”) was the battle standard of the King of France in the Middle Ages. It was originally the sacred banner of the Abbey of St. Denis,[1] a monastery near Paris. When the oriflamme was raised in battle by the French royalty during the Middle Ages, most notably during the Hundred Years War, no prisoners were to be taken until it was lowered.

    Get that part, no prisoners.


  7. What will they do when the truckers just decide to stop taking things into these Dem controlled places that start mandating the jab and other things? When the supplies start drying up the unrest will grow and when they try and take them from the surrounding areas where there is no jab mandate and people still think for themselves they will start to understand all we want is to be left alone to live our lives in peace…but no you thought you were better, smarter because you are liberal the realization on their faces when a large group says no and then starts to take them apart will be priceless. The biggest mistake anyone can make is awakening the sleeping giant…just the WW2 Japanese about what that brings about.


  8. Unless/until we start seeing REAL breaking video of leftists and their politicans dangling from lamp posts or bleeding out on sidewalks then THEY WIN……FOREVER!


    • The revolution ALREADY HAPPENED. It was a bloodless coup by the commie left who overthrew our government, siezed control and now RULE WITH IMPUNITY. And almost NOBODY realizes we even HAD a revolution happen.


  9. Dayum, wish they’d just step on their dick royally so we could get this party started, they keep fuckin around much longer I’m gonna be too old to play……


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