Joe Chi Minh Just Scored An Own Goal With His Jab Mandate

Not all who remain unvaxxed lean right.

Joey’s handlers just made a major miscalculation and sent the senile old fucker out to tend the net.

Obviously this new jab mandate horse shit was meant to cow us Deplorables into compliance by extortion.

As I said above, not all who remain Jab Free and still have Original Equipment necessarily lean to the conservative views on things.

There are plenty of people left in this country who are intelligent enough to detect bullshit when it is offered up as Filet Mignon.

The little asterisk at the bottom of the new jab mandate states that Postal Workers are exempt.

So are all of the illegals pouring into the country, anyone that doesn’t have anything to do with FedGov and has less than 100 employees is also exempt.

This is a very targeted attempt to force the jab on as many people they could think of at one stroke with one decree.

Any businesses that would be affected would have to have enough intelligence combined in house to be able to perceive that rushing into complying with this bullshit might not be such a good idea.

There are already legal challenges filed and potentially running off a bunch of your employees when there are already hundreds of thousands of unfilled positions around the country might just be a good way to hurt the bottom line in a very serious way.

And that is exactly how they are going to look at this.

Whatever affects the bottom line is what they pay attention to.

A quick mental exercise should be all it takes for anyone in charge of a large business to cause them to hit the pause button on this little power play.

Biden sez must get jab, uses vague bullshit OSHA regulation to achieve own goal.

Business owners go OH NOEZ! and lay down new policy to employees.

Many employees laugh all the way out the door while turning in keys and employee badges.

Business tries to adapt to loss of knowledge, skills and manpower.

Lawsuit overturns Hidin’ Bidens little ploy.

Business still trying to find new peoples with skillz and shit to fill holes created by jumping the gun.

Nobody applying because business reputation just fell through the floor.

No profit.

Business goes Tits Up.

It would take all of ten seconds for that to run through any CEO’s brain .

There are many businesses that are basically running on Skeleton Crews and Shoe Strings right now anyway.

A few of those critical employees walk out the door over this jab bullshit and they are done permanently.

If you are running a business that currently has 102 employees under the current economic conditions but traditionally has 150 under normal business conditions, you are already running as lean as you can cut it.

Lose 10 to 15 due to having to fire them because they refuse to comply with this crap and you are in very, very, serious trouble.

Even Mega Corporations are going to feel the repercussions to this.

Those of us who have thus far resisted getting The Jab are very unlikely to change our minds at this stage of the game.

All this is going to do is finish killing an already weak and faltering economy.

Also, if there was actually a Republican in office who had two functioning synapses in their brain, they would be able to do some basic math here.

Zero Times Zero Is Zero.

People who do not have jobs do not make political contributions.

It’s tough to get re elected without campaign contributions.

Once again, there is that Bottom Line thing.

My Bottom Line is that I am not taking this jab under any imaginable condition.

God will provide and I will have a little extra time to find new ways to throw sand in the gears of Leviathan if it comes down to getting jabbed or having to subject myself to testing every fucking week just to keep a job.

21 thoughts on “Joe Chi Minh Just Scored An Own Goal With His Jab Mandate

  1. The stipulated ‘100 or more employees’ leaves off nearly 50% of all workers. How then can this be about forcing the jab? There are other telltales such as the USPS exemption and illegal aliens not subject to the fiat.

    I think this is entirely about wanting to become the casus belli for open hostilities. dot gov has been trying awfully hard to kick start this party. None yet has had the desired effect. Oh, it will come. Everyone knows that. But it is dot gov wanting to control the action. Instigating is a means to control.

    The set-piece which dot gov wants to initiate favors the entrenched belligerent. That is what this ‘mandate’ wishes to achieve.

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  2. “People who do not have jobs do not make political contributions”.
    That won’t matter much since the corporatists make most of those for favorable laws to enrich themselves.
    Sorry about the email today. I shut off power to my whole system and rebooted. Started getting the dangerous website warning over at Joan Wilders place.


  3. I am sure that they (idiots in nominal charge) are looking at fed retirement/pensions, Social Security recipients and those of us getting corporation pensions next on the list that have to have the jab or else… I have a pension from a portland area hospital system and I am sure to get a email any day now to further continue receiving that pension I will have to be anointed with the unholy jab. I have old friends that are still working for the system and will be leaving before Dec 1st, putting in for their retirement before the “mandated prick” goes into affect. Long term highly skilled nurses, technicians and lab personal will be leaving the hospital in desperate straights…. I say good for them. Let the leftist wienie hospital administrators and bean counters change bedpans and wipe emesis off the floors.

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  4. no, this is not a false flag op. they are too stupid and too arrogant. yeah, maybe the 18th is, idk, but the vax shit is just their arrogance b/c we haven’t stretched their necks to date. that needs to change, soon. look up alexander solzenitzen. i already quit rather than vax. they’ll come after my .mil pension soon. that’ll be d-day, follow my oath day.

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  5. Look up the NY Post photos of president Ron Klain and the WH staffers deep in selfie mode.
    These are not the ones that we have been waiting for.
    This jab bravo sierra won’t sweep the Afghan debacle under the rug and external enemies are plotting with glee while rubbing their hands and laughing.


    • Ron Klain ran the US Ebola effort and a total of two people died. If only the Ochre Abomination had been smart enough to hire a competent administrator like Klain (instead of Jared) a lot fewer people would have died from covid.

      Where are American soldiers today? Hint: Not Afghanistan.


  6. It’s gonna be a forced career change for me unless some court steps up & blocks this bullshit, which I ain’t gonna hold my breath over. Gonna save as much $$$ as I can in the meantime, though I’m gonna set some aside to restock the pantry.
    At work we’re already below skeleton crew as it is (10 positions filled out of the 25 we should have) because of piss-poor management manning cuts, lots of open positions at all levels because no one wants to work for the shitty-ass company that took over. Anyway, our top 3 guys are all out the door once the mandate goes into effect, plus the only guy on the entire project who’s been there over 40 years put in his retirement papers. Our site is screwed. Hate to do that to our boss ‘cause he’s a a great guy & awesome supervisor but we ain’t gonna play their BS game.


  7. Slow Joe doesn’t care what the consitutency thinks…..Slow Joe has trouble remembering what the word even MEANS. And his HANDLERS simply don’t care what our side thinks, what the people who voted FOR him think…they don’t give a rats ass what ANY of us think, believe or want. Polls, approval ratings, media rankings….ALL now irrelevant. Because when you OWN the voting machines AND you can force the insanity of “mail in voting” onto everyone allowing for unprecedented vote fraud on an epic scale you simply DO NOT WORRY about winning or keeping your hold on political power.


  8. I see two major flaws in your logic:
    “People who do not have jobs do not make political contributions.”
    How much did it cost Slo Joe to stay in the basement?
    “It’s tough to get re elected without campaign contributions.”
    2020 showed us that elections do not matter. The outcomes are now dictated by those in power. If the tax revenue is low, they will print more money, so money will not determine the govt action.


  9. VP made a statement that made her seem like she thought the mandate was not a good idea.

    I think Biden’s handlers could be setting him up for removal.

    VP Harris is out in Cali stumping for P*lossi’s nephew saying all the right commie words. Acting all Presidential


  10. There is a huge number of people who are beyond fed up with all of this.

    ‘Shrub’ (GW Bush) compared ‘extremists at home’ to the terrorists who attacked us on 9-11. He is insulting what is an American tradition of dissent in our nation. Mind you, we have been peaceful and avoided inflicting casualties. I do believe that despite his prattling, we are nothing like the terrorists that attacked us on 9-11.

    It is patriotic to feel strongly about issues facing our nation and it is patriotic to protest and fight against policies that people feel are wrong. We merely voice our concerns and refuse to comply (peacefully mind you) and we are terrorists????

    Funny who Antifa and BLM destroyed billions of dollars of property and there were multiple murders as a result of the violence and destruction and they are considered to be righteous and we are the terrorists?????????

    The government knows that there are millions of us who are not complying with mask orders and mandatory vaccinations and that we are getting pissed off for sure. We have not attacked our nation or caused billions in damages and thousands of deaths. To compare people who are unhappy with what they see as government overreach with blood thirsty terrorists who only want to kill Americans is in and of itself UN-AMERICAN.

    I have said that we cannot vote ourselves out of this mess we are in. The tyranny is embedded too deeply in the halls of government at all levels. Changing the elected officials is like repainting a car. It is still the same underneath and if it was a POS before it still is after.

    If this is to be dealt with it will be by patriots who will square up against the mightiest army on earth. Just like in 1776. Back then England was the superpower of the world. The Patriots then faced what appeared to be insurmountable odds and yet, they chose to declare that our colonies were a new independent nation knowing that if we failed they would pay with their lives.

    If we decide to fight for out freedoms, I dearly hope we can get organized and understand it will not be easy especially at first. There will be an incredible price to pay to regain our rights and liberty and I hope that we make this decision before too long because every day we wait it will be worse.


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