26 thoughts on “Truth In Advertising

  1. Not fond of F150’s I take it? Have had a few but driving a Colorado now and like it well enough.
    I know you where a Ford Mechanic so you must have seen some of the better copies.


  2. My 2001 F150 has 180K miles on it. Still has the same alternator and water pump. Did put a new fuel pump in at year 18. Everything works. When we had real gas the 4.6 V8 would get 20-21 mpg any time you wanted it to on the highway. Now that they adulterate the fuel with automotive moonshine, I only get 14 at best.


  3. My 1971 F100 is a great truck. Has a 6 cyl. 300 inch. Gas mileage isn’t great but what can you expect from a stump-puller of a tranny and rear-end like mine has. Years and years without any major repairs. Just kept clean fluids in her.


  4. Wonder how all the aluminum in the newer ones react with steel bolts and bushings…

    Saw a sooper-doody at the gas station with a split down the outside of the bed, figger he touched it at 30 below.

    I remember when new truck bodies being made outta recycled beer cans used to be a joke…


  5. The only Ford I’ve ever owned was a 1983 LTD Wagon, about twenty years ago. Bought it off a little old lady for like $800 and drove the hell out of it for about three years.

    Tough little shitbox, surprisingly. Had the weakest inline six I’ve ever come across. Terrible gas mileage too, but it made a damn good camping rig with the backseat folded down.

    Engine finally shit the bed one day and I sold it for $300 to some guy who said he was gonna use it for a rolling toolbox.


  6. My first (and only) new pickup was an ’87 F-250 with the 6.9 diesel and a five speed. It was four wheel drive, which is the only thing I didn’t like about that pickup was that cheesy front axle. But other than that it was a good, solid pickup.

    In about ’90 I put an ATS turbo on it, and it suddenly became Super Pickup. I had it tricked out a little and I was ready for a long life together until it burned up in a wildfire that also destroyed my home and shop. The truck’s alloy wheels were melted puddles of aluminum, one of which I kept as a souvenir. The pickup had about 170,000 miles on it when it died.

    The main reason I bought it was that the local Ford dealer had 5 of them, different colors but all spec’d the same. $14,000 plus taxes and fees. When I see what new pickups are going for these days I am truly gob smacked. It makes me glad to have bought my only new pickup when a working guy could actually afford to buy one.


    • If you are talking to me then all I can say is that you haven’t been around here much.
      I was a Ford factory trained and certified mechanic for ten years and worked at a Lincoln/Mercury dealership.
      I have owned at least 8 or 9 Ford trucks in my day,.
      I hate Ford with a passion only a professional mechanic can comprehend and now drive an 89 Silverado.


  7. That picture could easily be the ’02 F-150 that I owned for a few long years. It had the second or third iteration of the 5.4 triton debacle. Fortunately, it was the one with crappy head gaskets (as opposed to one that would eject plugs or the one that would eat plugs.) I ended up replacing the right side head gasket, driving it a few years, then selling it before the left side went. I did learn a lot about front end work in the interim.


  8. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who ya arr. Another one to add to the collection, Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge, Found On Road Dead, Feeble Overused Reclaimed Detritus, and now Shitbox Edition, it just keeps getting better, until it doesn’t. Never ever in my entire life have I ever found any model of ford ever built that was easy to work on or whose ergonomics was conducive to human comfort. And I worked for a company that had a fleet of fords exclusively, a first class pain, unitl they went to yotas, that move was from the shitter to the bidet.


  9. I have a ’96 F-250 7.5 litre or 460cid and a ’02 GMC Sierra 5.3 litre or 324cid. Both extended cab 4×4’s. Guess which one is the daily driver? Hint: There is no F in Mpg.


  10. I didn’t know they did the Shitbox Edition in pickups. I thought my ’09 Explorer Eddie Bauer was the only Shitbox Edition they made.

    Live and learn, I guess.


  11. I talked to a guy who had a new F-150 with the eco boost V-6. He was along driving at steady normal highway speed and it blew a rod through the crankcase. Another friend recently had a new one that the dealership couldn’t get running andended up replacing.


  12. I have a similar “Shitbox” sticker on the back hatch of my ’09 Honda Odessey. 220k, and just rebuilt the suspension, so it rides like new. Like a Timex, it just keeps going and going..


  13. Remember Twin I Beam Suspicion? What a pile of shit. Fuck that. Fuck me. Fuck them. POS was always all over the damned hiway. No more Ford’s for my happy ass.


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