Mumblings And Grumblings

Biden administration to mandate COVID vaccine for federal workers, contractors

Federal government is nation’s largest employer

I hope a bunch of them tell him to go fuck himself.

I’m thinking a few million of them could quit and we would never see a difference.

From what I am seeing, the Arizona audit is going to open up a barrel of monkeys anyway.

They already did a walk through, canvassing supposed voters from the 2020 election and found a couple hundred thousand discrepancies.

Biden supposedly only won that state by 12,000.

Yeah right.

Everybody and their dog must know by now that Biden and Heels Up are illegitimate.

Fuck those Commie loving motherfuckers.

In a tiny bit of news I would put in the Good column, Biden’s nominee for the head of ATF just went down in flames.

The gun grabbing cocksucker was a little too much for even the RINO enablers to swallow.

Bye now Mr. Chipman.

Oh by the way, go fuck yourself on the way out.

I see they have admitted that food price inflation has already hit 30% and get ready for the sand paper enema.

I have seen estimates of 50% coming at us.

In other rumint, there are mumblings and grumblings of very bad shit coming before the end of the month on multiple fronts.

At this point all I can do is try to keep working and chipping away behind the wife’s back at trying to rebuild a stash.

It ain’t easy because no real good place to put stuff.

She will not have any preps in the house and the garage is full, on top of being a shitty place because of no temperature or humidity control.

I have one of those old Milk Shed space heaters I run out there in the winter time to keep shit from freezing but it is far from optimal.

I’m patiently waiting for all of these price hikes to maybe slap her upside the head into realizing that buying shit and storing it now beats the shit out of paying through the nose more and more every time she goes shopping.

In other words, I’m waiting for the tightwad in her to finally take over.

I’m thinking it’s going to be a long wait but stranger things have happened.

She can be extremely stubborn. As in out waiting a glacier when she digs her heels in.

Today is Thursday, I was supposed to have one day off on Saturday and then switch hours again.

That got cancelled out of the blue yesterday.

Works for me. Sure I like having 3 days off every week but then again, 8 hours a day is plenty enough for me right at the moment. Spread the 40 hours out instead of trying to cram them into 4 days.

When I work 4 -10’s, I spend that first day off recuperating anyway.

So I got my weekend back anyway.

Well I’m off to do my dirty deeds for the day, I have shit to do before I go to work.

Try to be good and if you can’t be good, stay sanitary.

18 thoughts on “Mumblings And Grumblings

  1. Last time I saw it in print there were 800,000 ++ non-essential federal ‘workers’.

    I’d like to see the United Airlines people tell them to go take a hike too. Guess ya don’t want your airline anymore do ya UA, go FY, or hell, hire a bunch of affirmative action people to take our place.


  2. Thank God they shit the bed with chipmunk for atf. Just got the federal vax notice from a friend. Headed to the store for more popcorn.


  3. 168 calendar days, or, 121 work days left, with 173 days of sick and vacation banked.
    In the words of some pathetic millennial loser (but I repeat myself)…’come at me bro’. I’ll ‘take’ the shot (LOL, right) and spend the rest of my career ‘recovering’ from it. Retirement line forms here….


  4. Under your bed is a good place to stash stuff.
    Cut some plywood and you can put a layer or two of cans on closet floors, then put the plywood over it. You’ll never notice that until you need the food.


  5. Looks like it’s more than Fed workers and contractors…..sounds like ANY employer with more than 100 workers is affected. They are DESPERATE to get EVERYONE vaccinated. They DO NOT want anyone left unvaccinated to be a “control group”. If the whole country is vaccinated fun when people start dying in droves they can lie and say it’s something else.


  6. We are never going to see an “Arizona Audit” released.
    This is a well planned psy-op, just like Q.
    Let’s give the white folks some “hope” that something will be done.
    If the audit was going to release anything of significance, it would have months ago. Remember “we’ll be completed in March”, then we’ll be completed in April, then May, then June, July, August, and on and on…..
    We really have only one option at this point. But lone wolves will be sacrificial lambs.
    May God help us


    • Lone wolf actions are the ONLY actions that give most a chance at success. All other type of activity WILL be infiltrated by Fed moles and informants. The course of action is simple. Find an enemy….a communist/demonrat…the terms are synonymous, and act. Plan carefully, execute plans meticulously and odds of success are high. Most victims know their killer. This gives investigation an edge. But when there is NO social connection involved odds of a successful resolution for a case drop precipitously. But make no mistake about things. TINVOWOOT! Our choices are slavery or violence of action. It’s far too late for any other course of action. The left has stolen the election and seized power. They have NO intention of ever giving up, quitting, going away or leaving us alone. They intend to exterminate most of us and RULE the survivors.


  7. Stocking up at the local bi-weekly church pantry for the past few years and now have a good larder.
    Suiciety can go insane under the CCP RAT POS Biden crime family, I have plenty of water, canned goods and can openers.
    The local Pik-N-Pak is almost cashless now as the EBT windfall comes in for fellow traveler comrades, crony capitalists are commies as well.
    Remember the NYC banks funded Bolshevik Revolution Part I a little over one hundred years ago.


  8. DoD contractor here. Not the job I wanted but the job I could get so….anyway. I informed my employer today I do not consent to even filling out the form. There is a ‘Do not consent’ box on the form. If you check that and sign it then you are subjected to mandatory weekly testing. That gives them tacit authority that they can mandate you to do something. Even the religious/ medical exemptions give them tacit authority that they are justified in what they’re doing. So they’ll mandate testing now and then come back later and mandate more and you can’t really argue at that point because you agreed to weekly testing. The finer points matter.

    So I told them I am not consenting to even fill out the form. Still awaiting my employer’s response.


  9. Husband is DoD employee. He is applying for religious exemption, fingers crossed. Then he will drag his feet and delay a decision for as long as possible concerning the shot.

    Here is my humble opinion:

    Where husband works (YMMV), the fair majority of those refusing the shot are POC. I wouldn’t doubt that they will pull the race card concerning the shot. They file EEO complaints and grievances at a drop of a hat. Imagine the fedgov trying to discipline and then firing thousands of POC. Get ready for the shit show. This could actually work to our advantage. Imagine the court cases in this scenario. Again, my humble opinion.

    Percent blacks in US- 14%
    Percent blacks in fedgov jobs 18%.

    Am I being too optimistic in reversal of mandates in this scenario?

    In the meantime, I have given my husband my opinion and advice concerning the shot. Ultimately, it’s his decision.

    I did tell him that if he gets the shot and dies, that someone else would be having the pleasure of fucking me. 😂😂😂
    (Is that blackmail?). We both had a hearty laugh about that!!!


  10. My wife fussed at me as I built extra shelves in the kitchen closet and started buying food in bulk. It took some cash to get a pantry running. Now that it’s full its’ easily and cheaply restocked.

    When the coof hit, then we had a freeze and both times we had food, paper products, and whatnot she’s shut up about it. The best was when she was baking and ran out of parchment paper.

    “I don’t suppose you have some in your stash?” she says.

    I did.

    Go get a wire shelf and stick it in the corner if you have to.


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