Yet They Never Seem To Ask The Obvious Question?

I have lost count of how many news articles I have seen reporting on Joe Chi Mihn’s fumbling remarks that someone is telling him what to do yet NOT ONE of these fuckers will ask the obvious question.

If Biden is so far gone as to not even be able to handle simple press conferences and has to be constantly reminded to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out immediately after dripping some Pablum into the hungry mouths of the so called journalists,


Biden again suggests he’s not calling the shots: ‘I’m supposed to stop and walk out’

President Biden continued his bizarre habit of implying his handlers call the shots from behind the scenes on Wednesday when he concluded remarks in honor of labor unions by saying what he was “supposed” to do. 

“I‘m supposed to stop and walk out of the room,” Biden said after finishing prepared comments in the East Room of the White House. 

I have seen a few of these paid regurgitators suggest that perhaps his wife Jill is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Give me a break.

That woman couldn’t hit her ass with either hand.

No, I’m thinking there is actually a group of Commie Sympathizers pulling the strings but it just goes to show how completely useless the damned Press is in this country, hell, the whole damn world.

You would think someone who calls themselves an Investigative Journailist would be all over this.

But no.

He’s the most awesomest pResident evah and just go back to whatever you were doing, peon.

Whoever is actually running the joint has been making moves to yank this clown off the stage because it is so damned apparent he can’t even open an envelope without someone telling him how anymore but they fucked themselves when they paired Ol’ Heels Up Harris with him.

Nobody and I mean nobody wants that wench anywhere near the true levers of power so they are scrambling to find a way to get rid of both of them.

This begs another question nobody seems to be interested in asking.

Who do they have in mind?

Pelosi is literally right behind Biden when it comes to a functioning brain stem, she’s a fucking drunk on top of that.

No, there is a hidden hand they are planning on playing and all we can do is sit here and watch our country fall apart and become the biggest running joke on the planet, waiting to see what fresh horrors these psychopaths have in store.

29 thoughts on “Yet They Never Seem To Ask The Obvious Question?

  1. well, it does seem like bozo cabinet is in there “working” with dumb fuck joe. so,,,
    guess who might be running this shitshow we have now. and who is giving that dumb fuck orders ?


  2. They are not going to put Trump back in charge. He was effective. No, as long as Slo Jo is pulling air he will be in charge. at least on Paper. I put money on Valerie Jarret puling the strings and she will keep heels up out as long as she can. Who knows, they might be angling to put the O back.


    • We are on the same wavelength I have been suspecting that Iranian bitch for a long time to be the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. If you stop and think about it then that whole Afghanistan debacle starts making perfect sense.


  3. I don’t think Joe and the Ho are going anywhere soon. With the help of the propaganda press, they are too useful as the perfect cover. Even if Joe assumes room temperature, they could still play the “Weekend at Bernie’s” card.

    It seems to me that the ideal time for the CCP to hit Taiwan was five minutes after Joe announced he was bailing on Afghanistan. They didn’t. So what are they waiting for? They play the long game. Is Joe so in hock to them that they figure they can use him to slowly strangle Taiwan without them firing a shot?


  4. Somewhere in the universe, an alien civilization is watching us by a mental link. You see, they’re far more advanced and don’t need the telly. They change their channel with a thought. Anyhow, they’d see our situation, look at each other in amused befuddlement like we would if we were to catch a segment of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Sad, but that’s the reality we’ve been dealt. Now go have that pint, or shot or whatever swill. If you’re on the wagon, nows a good time to fall off. Cheers all, OG


  5. No one’s in charge.
    The lunatics really are running the asylum. What you have is a situation where there is no accountability for anything so they’re all raiding the cookie jar as much as they can knowing they’ll get away with it.
    No magic group/person will be coming to save us; we’re on our own.
    Act accordingly.


  6. You all expect that someone understands the problem and will do something to fix it, because that is what we all do, if something is broken, we fix it. The folks running around in Washington really think that someone will “fix it”, they think a grown up will show up and make everything better, put gas in the car, change the tire or even write a check to bail them out of the mess. They have no idea that the wreck they have caused is not a flat tire, but a 70 car pile up. They thought that they didn’t need a parent around and having grandpa around would be enough, he’s a nice guy, lots of money to spend, and if he’s a little out of it who cares. There is no understanding that generous grandpa took out a second motgage on the his house, drained the grandkids college fund and maxed out his credit cards. All that was before grandpa did something really stupid and drove the ’68 Camero he had worked on for 20 years into a telephone pole and killed 13 people. There are no grownups in Washington, no secret puppet master and if you want to fix things, like always you figure out the best tool for the job and get to work. My suggestion would be to RTFM –

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  7. Susan Rice and her merry band of criminals from the Obuttboy Admin. The tell is that the same kinds of commie policies are coming out from the WH daily and I’m sure that, per Obuttboy’s own admission, ” Sure, I wouldn’t mind running things from the background”, he’s directing the show.


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