6 thoughts on “Mind Fuck

  1. Cats could have stopped the Bubonic Plague.
    If muh vaccine and the obedience muzzle work how is the COV-LARP still going?
    Oh…it is about the Luciferian aliens taking control of earth and humanity.
    What will manboons do about it? Too late.


    • Bubonic plague and the Black Death were more about the fact that they occurred during really cold periods where everyone lived crammed into one or two rooms in order to stay warm enough not to freeze at night.

      Mid-1300s, Mid-1600s. Both ‘mini-ice-ages.’ Both full of plagues.

      Both full of plagues that came from…. CHINA.

      Want to stop pandemics? Destroy all life in China.

      Africa is bad, but it’s known for nasty plagues that burn out quickly., slow spreading because they kill the host too quickly. China, on the other hand, is the place that fast-spreading and slow-burning plagues come from, allowing the plague to spread amongst a huge population before killing in wholesale numbers.

      No amount of cats could have stopped the bubonic plague, Justinian’s plague (also a mini-ice age) or the Black Death. What saved people in all of those plagues was running away from urban centers and isolating far away from other people, if they were ever.


    • Packing tape across the door frame for a few days. Then pull it and film it. Packing tape is how you prevent them from ever scratching furniture. Tape it sticky side out, after getting rolled up in it a few times, they’ll leave it alone. They WILL find out something else to scratch. That I can guarantee.


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