Why Yes, I Have Been Known To Gamble Occasionally

And my luck with the subject at hand can only be described historically as catastrophically bad.

But, being the stubborn bastard that I am, I decided to roll the dice one more time, BFYTW.

I got a new headlight switch for this Beer Can Coffin Sprite the other day and proceeded to put it in over the weekend.

That’s all fine and dandy but all of the wiring for the lights in the front end of the damned thing are unplugged and since I had to rewire it thirty years ago some of the wires don’t have the factory colors with the little stripes on them. The dimmer switch was also disconnected out in the nose too.

I have a couple of shop manuals for it with the wiring diagrams but couldn’t be bothered to dig them out from wherever it is that they are buried so I just dug out a test light and went at it. An hour and a half later I had the switch in and all the exterior lights working. No dash lights but whatever. That whole dash needs to be gone through again anyway. I even got the brake lights working even though the new brake light switch I ordered last month is still on fucking back order. So this afternoon I was feeling pretty damn Froggy and decided to try it again. I’m going to take the little bastard to work. The last time I tried that I got a hundred feet from the driveway there and the transmission shit the bed coming down the hill in third gear. It didn’t make a sound, It just popped out of third gear and that was that. No second or third gear and they use two different shift forks on two different shafts inside the shifter housing going into the transmission. I still don’t know what took a shit inside that thing because I put another transmission together and threw it in.

I made it to work safely and then waited. Of course it’s dark at ten thirty at night when I get off work, is the fucking thing going to work and get me home? Shake shake shake, let’s roll the dice and find out, shall we?

Here’s the answer.

Why yes, yes it did. That’s right after I got home a little while ago.

Thank You Jesus.

And Mother Mary.

And Saint Christopher.

And all the other Saints in Heaven.

I think once is pushing it far enough…

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