15 thoughts on “Thanks Honey

  1. Well, on some trucks that just adds to the character. But jeez, honey, you got a bipod on that thing and you still rest the barrel on the truck bed? Go ahead and scratch all the blueing off the barrel why doncha. I mean, at least move forward a bit and rest the stock on the bed instead.


  2. At least the owner was not on the other side of the pick up… the hole doesn’t matter much, it was a ford, it would have rusted out eventually.


    • At the newest that is a ’96; the oldest, an ’80. In the typical place where Fords start to rot, over the wheel arch, you can see zero corrosion. Even looks to be factory paint. In that climate, it may rust out in another 60 years or so. It’s GM contemporary, from the same era, has been crushed a long time ago.

      Whitehall, NY


  3. Not only that but she puts dimples in the bed by ramming the bipod into it. The bipod she should be using somewhere other than where she is. Terrible rifle handling. It causes “bad” days.


  4. Buddy got a 50BMG single shot. He was going to show it off to me and another buddy. He set up a target just over 1000 yards out. He dropped his tailgate and set up a in a supported position across his tailgate. When he took his shot the concussion blew out his tail lights and rear window.


  5. There’s a reason for that bipod and a thing called the prone position.
    Pretty sure that using the barrel as a rest will affect accuracy. No, I positive it will.


    • I did the same going for a close shot at a squirrel on my bird feeder with a bolt action .22 from my squirrel snipers nest in my dining room. Embedded the round in the front porch railing. It’s still there. Wifey never noticed.


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