The Weakest Link

There is a reason it’s called a Supply Chain.

And this is what happens when the weakest link is exposed.

H/T to WRSA for the link

This happens to be down in Australia and is the direct result of a Truckers Strike which very quickly highlighted the Weak Link in the supply chain..

I’m here to tell you that if you don’t think this can happen here that you are dangerously delusional.

It can, has and will happen again.

Without a bunch of Truckers helping it along.

The Just In Time Inventory system has finally, once and for all, been exposed as the Bean Counters Trick that it has always been.

The Trucker’s Strike down in Australia that no one heard about just proved that beyond a doubt and there is your video proof above.

The forty five container ships stacked up off the coast of California waiting to get unloaded that they don’t want you to know about is also proof. Nobody wanted to pay for building and maintaining giant warehouses to hold inventory anymore.

So right now there are 45 floating ones rocking back and forth blocking the shipping lanes instead.

For the life of me I haven’t been able to convince my wife to build up a pantry.

Ninety years ago everyone had some kind of pantry out of necessity.

I’m thinking they are going to be making a come back in a huge way here in the very near future as the signs keep popping up everywhere I go lately and they all say the same thing.

That was two days ago.

I have since seen three more with slightly different variations of the same basic message.

We can’t get what you came here to buy, so sorry.

I am here to tell you that this is not going to be a temporary thing and I hate to use this phrase that got beat to death by the corporate whores a while back but it’s the one that fits the best.

We are living in a paradigm shift.

The old ways are being replaced both deliberately and by side affect necessity.

There is going to be a society wide Darwin effect start showing up here real soon.

Only the fittest will survive.

That doesn’t translate literally either.

The Femboi with the Man Bun who likes to work out may be physically fit but the older housewife who is savvy enough to see what’s going on and has a deep stocked pantry and the knowledge to create things out of the basic ingredients from it will be around a long time after Femboi has started fighting with the Possums while Dumpster Diving trying to find something to eat.

It’s been proven millions of times throughout history and this time will be no different.

And while you may or may not think you are immune to what is coming I would like to point out that you and yours aren’t the ones that I am really worried about.

This, is what scares the hell out of me, when it finally starts affecting the Inner Cities full of this.

We are literally going to be fighting a multi front war with diminished supply capabilities that are very easily shut off completely.

Just like this.

Just to put a fine point on this, anyone who has studied the history and strategies of Communism from over the last hundred years already knows that their favorite weapon is food.

They starved millions and millions of people to death before they ever just started killing them outright to save time.

The students of and adherents to Modern Socialism/ Communism currently control the Levers of Power here in the United States.

You don’t seriously think that they aren’t going to use the same plays out of the same playbook do you?

Who knows, maybe some day you will have unexpected visitors.

Thanks to Hank, I am adding this because it’s perfect.

Some of those High Tech toys laying around may come in handy after all when it all goes to shit.

36 thoughts on “The Weakest Link

  1. That video of the streets… scary. What bugs me is that if they can find the money for all the drugs they take, they could easily use it for food or housing or even, gasp, to get a damned job.

    And they look like zombies. And they have the same hunched-over vacant look.

    Imagine how many would die if the drugs were shut off.

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    • It’s called addiction, Brother, and every war in every place we’ve been has mysteriously kept the flow of heroin coming to this country.
      In spite of ALL the alphabet agencies who supposedly are in the business of fighting it.
      And this regime expects US to trust THEM.

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  2. I had hell getting powdered milk last year. Buy big. I know I preach to choir about beans and rice, but you got to make that shit palatable. Think dried soup and gravy mixes. Powdered drink mix needed. We have a lot of really good water, here. Only problem it about 120 ft. deep. Have fuel for fire from derelict oil wells.

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    • Oatmeal, maple sugar, flour, yeast, baking soda and powder. It’s easy and much cheaper to buy big bags of rice, beans, oats, noodles and any dried goods from WinCo and make your own 25 year shelf life food with 5 gallon Mylar zip lock bags and oxygen absorbers. Videos on YouTube!!!

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  3. In addition to the collapse of supplies for “stuff”, we need to be prepared for our sources of information to go black as well. How will we know what’s going on anywhere beyond shouting distance?
    The general consensus I’ve seen in “‘pockyclips fiction” seems to be that if the grid goes down long term, that upwards of 90% of this country dies within the first year. And if this country goes down hard like that, count on the rest of the planet doing the same. That includes China.

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  4. That’s an awfully steady camera for an amateur (aka truthful) video. But assuming it’s true, these people are not an asset to government’s ability to project power, they are a liability.

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  5. I am not tasty so don’t even think you might live off of my carcass for a couple of weeks… I am a bitter sumbitch and no spice or condiment will get that nasty ass taste out of your mouth. You think I am kidding? I went three weeks E&E Survival course and you would be surprised what you will eat when your tummy is rumbling harder then thunder and you get the trembles.If you have no field craft or any knowledge of edible plants in your AO you are truly fucked, you might as well get on the cattle cars and piss off one of the guards so they shoot your sorry ass quick and easy. Life is easier if you are dead then waste away to bones and suffer violence and dysentery, cholera, typhoid…

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  6. What kind of drugs do these people use?
    Regarding supply chains and big storage:
    Germany silently phased out those big emergency storage units where they stored tons of grain and other fundamental stuff needed for people in times of disaster.
    Most Germans still believe that their government will send them food should SHTF and they’re in for some nasty surprise.
    Talking of SHTF:
    Two or three of the biggest military bases of the Austrian army had some big blackout drills last year.
    Just the other day the army announced that they will change each and every base’s infrastructure in order to reach self-reliance regarding electricity, water and other base necessities.
    These preparations fit quite well to predictions of military and civil researchers that within the next five years there will be a major, long lasting blackout and they’re all saying that it’s not a question of if but when it will happen.
    Indicators point to that happening much sooner since the European electricity grid has been at the brink of collapse many times since last year.

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    • “European electricity grid has been at the brink of collapse many times since last year.” One other way the EU has fucked every citizen in Europe. There is going to be a peasants revolt there too and you are gonna be busier then a one legged paper hanger in a three leg butt kicking contest with forging knives, swords and halberds… Jake.

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  7. I learned the lesson of the missing link when I was 18 and working at an auto parts packaging plant in Flint, Mi. One area was devoted to assembling struts for the Buick assembly plant nearby. Every hour or so a truckload would go out. One day a bomb threat closed the place soon after starting no struts for Buick. That one little blip idled both the assembly plant and Power train next door.

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  8. When TSHTF I know some folks (in a metaphorical way?) that are going to blow the Tacoma Narrows bridges (or so they claim) to keep the Seattle Liberal’s from coming in and stealing our food. They’ll all have to take the log way around through Olympia and Shelton. And that’s a long way when you’re hungry and tired.
    But SWMBO and I can last for a year or so (longer if we don’t mind losing weight involuntarily!). Plus I know how to grow my own. Won’t need gas cause they’ll be no place to go.

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  9. Just In Time philosophy. Introduced to U.S. mfg. by the Japanese. It was an easy sell: no excess stock to continue to inventory and no warehouse space costs. They did it in aircraft and shipbuilding supply chains, too.

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  10. Back in the seventies, the world supply chain of food was geared around a three- to five-year schedule. The only countries which had starvation and shortages were those which had little to no reserves OR a high level of corruption. Then as previously stated, the supply chain schedule was reduced to one year during the eighties, and we all remember all the famines throughout Africa (every fucking bleeding heart artist was in on it) and through Southeast Asia.

    Move forward to today, and the supply chain is actually measured in WEEKS.

    For those who still don’t get it, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is WEEKS (that is fourteen to twenty-eight days) from having nothing ever showing up.

    I learned this back in the 1990’s when I was finishing my Agricultural Ticket. And we were all warned back then about the consequences of only having two chickens to supply eggs and meat for a family.

    Note: As much as I appreciate how we need to have foodstuffs on hand, we ain’t gonna be around longer than ten days without decent water.

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