Shortages And 30-50% Price Hikes, Are You Ready For This? Because It’s Coming Soon

This isn’t fear porn, this is the reality coming before Christmas, more than likely before Halloween next month.

Pay close attention to what this guy is telling you because he is the canary in the coal mine.

His suppliers, the ones who’s job it is to know what is going on with the supply chain, are sending him written warnings about what to expect.

Supply chain disruptions from 6 to 12 months?

I’m here to tell you that is unrealistically optimistic. We haven’t even gotten close to the neck of the funnel yet.

Price hikes of 8 to 30 percent?

Already here and going to get much, much worse.

Give him a couple of minutes to start getting down to the nitty gritty and take heed to what he is telling you.

Like I said, this guy is the canary in the coal mine.

15 thoughts on “Shortages And 30-50% Price Hikes, Are You Ready For This? Because It’s Coming Soon

  1. Best learn to cinch your belt tighter and eating less… We all are going to look like Phil come spring, I know we can have a Phil Look Alike contest and see who has the skinniest ass.

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  2. Put away lots of dry beans, white rice, vitamin C, D, B and sea salt first. But if we go into Bosnian civil war mode and you don’t already have several thousand rounds of ammo put back, shoulda done that first.

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  3. Already noticing on little things that go up from ten to fifty cents overnight.
    Coffee filters, non-dairy creamer, whipped cream, KETO light grain snacks, a roast that cost under ten dollars before the COV-LARP is now twenty fiat bucks.
    The massive importation of replacement CPUSA dependents continues, just at the I’d buy that for a dollar store and new unity collective comrades in tribal garb and speaking some ooga booga with the EBT card ready.
    A venal “elite” who hates all people will laugh at the divide and conquer as they escape to the fresh water Patagonian bolt holes with buckets of lucre.
    The women folk of the FAM are hitting up yard/garage sales on Christmas gift quests for the little ones and the Kamal had a Freudian about the coming shortages on an open mic.

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    • I literally just got home from ye olde Dollar Store myself. I spent sixty dollars on a bunch of stupid little things . First aid stuff, Dental stuff, tin foil,wax paper, zip lock bags and a a case of half gallon water bottles that I like to keep handy out in the garage. I also got some cheap Tupperware type containers. I’m going to stick the first aid stuff in one, label it and stick it under the sink in the bathroom. Ditto for the dental stuff. A dang toothbrush is three fifty at Fred Meyers and two for a buck at the dollar store. Same thing with toothpaste and it’s all name brand. The Wifely Unit isn’t here so I can stash this shit and nobody is the wiser but me.


  4. Phil,
    I work for a manufacturing company in Michigan, we have such bad staff shortages (due to paying people not to work), that we are basically telling potential new customers, second quarter of next year. We did take on a new customer in British Columbia, who was buyng their metal from Taiwan, but the cost of containers is so high, that it made sense for them to re-source to this continent. Due to the distance, we told them it would be FOB our dock. The freight cost across the continent ended up being far less than the cost of a shipping container.
    One other thing, we sell to a number of firms that make finished products which they sell to “big box” stores, their prices are negotiatrd in November, for the next year. Expect the cost of anything that you buy at the big box hardware stores to soar after the first of the year.
    Joe Biden has succedded in bringing back inflation, and evacuating embassies, what’s next from the 1970″s? Disco, Bell Bottoms, leisure suits?

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  5. I am in the trucking industry, (18 yrs a driver, now a dispatcher) and the prices they are paying for shipping is much lower then it was earlier this year… there is less freight to be shipped so now they can screw the truckers because less available freight = more trucks competing for the load… sucks every way you look at it…

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  7. Oregon, September 2021.
    Wal*Mart in west Eugene.
    Entire shelving units are gone.
    Instead of aisles barely two-carts wide, the aisles are three and four carts wide.
    Friendly folk like to park their carts sideways to ‘catch-up’.
    Lately, I have room to bash through with nary a hurt feeling nor scolding glance.
    Small steps, incrementally.
    re — Canadian Prepper
    His shows are extraordinarily professional for YouTube, informative while pretty to watch; his production values are equivalent to anything out of hollywood.
    Although he can insert five minutes of filler in a nine-minute show, the B-roll visuals and ‘throw-away’ backdrops are vivid reminders.


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