OK, This Is Very Cool. Listen To Any Radio Station In The World

Go to Radio Garden, it’s kind of like Google Earth except every little green dot is a radio station. Go anywhere in the world, click on the green dot and listen to that radio station.

It took me a while and a cursory trip all the way around the world out of curiosity but I finally found me a Heavy Metal station in Hell , Michigan.

How appropriate, no?

It appears to be a repeater for Heavy Metal Radio.

You can even save your very own favorite stations.

11 thoughts on “OK, This Is Very Cool. Listen To Any Radio Station In The World

  1. Hi Phil.

    About 30 tears ago I worked with a guy who lived in Hell. He had a bunch of dui’s and I would give him a ride home sometimes. We would stop at the Dam Site Inn and he would buy a few rounds.
    Good times…

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  3. Website freaked out one browser. Worked on another. Doesn’t show anywhere near all of the stations in a given area. I wish it showed state lines overlaid on the satellite view. it would make navigating a bit easier.


  4. When I went through there back in the 60s, Hell and Christmas were 5 miles apart. The last gas station Hell had a sign; Last chance for gas until Christmas. The last gas station in Christmas had a sign; last chance for gas until Hell.

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