A Little Perspective.

Someone made a graph that tracked the Stock Market from it’s inception in 1789.

That’s where this starts.

Look at the two Stock Market crashes in 1835 and 1929 and then look at what has happened since then.

All I can say when I look at this is that whatever goes up, must come down.

And it’s a LONG WAY DOWN.

Even the near melt down of 2008 barely slowed it down in the long run.

I don’t know about anyone else but if you charted my wages for the last 40 years it sure as shit wouldn’t look like that.

It would be more of a flat line with a couple of small bumps in it.

I’m serious.

I couldn’t even tell you how many Recessions I have lived through at this point. I remember a couple three good ones though.

The early 70’s, the early 80’s and of course the one I still say hasn’t ended yet, the one that almost broke the entire world’s economies in 2008.

All this Quantative Easing and money printing, the shady deals The Fed has been pulling over the last ten years, all of these things have been done to hide the fact that the whole Enchilada would implode overnight if it didn’t keep doing these things to keep it propped up.

They have quite literally been printing and GIVING MONEY AWAY to all of these TOO BIG TO FAIL shysters which in reality is a Rich Man’s Gambling Casino on steroids.

Except they can never lose.

When they take a big hit, We The People get stuck with the bill and they get handed a fresh stack of chips to keep right on playing.

It is so far disconnected from the reality of Main Street at this point that it’s like we don’t even exist anymore.

I have no idea just how long this can realistically last, I was convinced the whole shebang was toast in 2008 and have been flabbergasted at how many tricks they have come up with to keep this charade going since then.

What I find interesting is watching all this happen while the ripple effects of the government basically destroying the service economy they created for us peons haven’t even hit the far shores yet.

There will be long term repercussions but you wouldn’t know it by following the Stock Market.

One thing I forgot to add to this is that while all this upwardly mobile Stock Market data suggests there are a whole bunch of rich bastards out there it would be prudent to remember that a lot of these people are rich on paper.

If the Stock Market crashed tomorrow there would be a huge amount of people who suddenly found out the hard way what the difference between being paper rich and being liquid asset rich is.

13 thoughts on “A Little Perspective.

  1. yup, when it all goes tits up. i figure we just have to repeat the french thing way back when.
    that will be fun to do to a lot of those fuckers. or at worst we could always shoot the fuckers in
    the belly and watch them go slow and screaming in the way out. me I good either way.
    but a whole lot of those assholes have it coming to them.

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  2. “GIVING MONEY AWAY to all of these TOO BIG TO FAIL shysters which in reality is a Rich Man’s Gambling Casino ” – Phil

    That nails it. ECONOMY. That means Wall St., not Main St. A scamdemic with epic global impact on every good grown or otherwise produced and Wall St. is still climbing? The U.S., Provider and Protector of the World, is having all of its teeth pulled and destabilizing order. Do the math.


    • …and they get handed a big stack of chips and keep right on playing.
      I’ve thought this for years. Not to worry, the govmint will publish more money. So many bastards out there…


  3. The problem with that graph, is that it doesn’t adjust for inflation.

    Adjusted for inflation, and placed on, say, a gold standard, rather than based on Fiatbux, the whole thing would look like a graph of your paycheck: a flat line, with a couple of small bumps in it.

    It’s a poker game at best, and you’re the sucker, and a Ponzi game at worst, and you’re the last guy in.

    And always, ALWAYS: Nobody wins, unless someone else loses.

    Like the Lottery as a business proposition, the only way to always win is to never play.

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    • The rise is due exactly to inflation. Watch what happens over the next few years.

      Look at the latin american countries in the recent years during their hyper inflation and debt refinancing.


  4. Here’s a very good explanation of why stock markets don’t work the way investment people want you to believe. They claim an average yearly return as a certain percentage but it’s very misleading. It’s that you can have losses that make all the difference and it’s summed up by the phrase, markets don’t compound..

    You can find it here. It lays it out pretty clearly and gives you a lot more realistic expectation on what you can expect in returns and the pitfalls. Clear enough for a dummy like me.

    I’ve never seen it explain this way before. I’m pretty sure they don’t want you to know this.



  5. Muh stock market is fake and gay just like everything else in Chiquitastan.
    Stock market cultists are probably like Bush Sr. at the supermarket gawking over a laser and having no clue what a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs cost.
    All polls, enemedia reports, any numbers from the government, biomedical security state agitprop, should be greeted with howls of laughter and tossing of rotten vegetables in their general direction along with some vile flatulence.


  6. I’ll bet if it was plotted with inflation adjusted $$ it would show where the run up to each collapse started. It would probably be a flat line like your wages.
    (Try plotting your wages based on 1960 $$ and really get pissed off.)

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  7. It’s a crooked scam designed for the wealthy to profit and condoned by gubmynt through payoffs by those benefiting the most. Your so called elites. If you don’t physically have control of it, it ain’t your’s and you have nothing. especially when the entire economy, implodes, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


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