They Can’t Hide It Anymore

Seen last night when The Wifely Unit decided it was too warm to cook again and wanted to go out to eat somewhere we didn’t have to put on a damn mask.

I have been telling her for weeks now that this is was happening and was only going to get worse.

The Normalcy Bias is as strong as Armor Plating in that one though.

She pretty much lives near the head waters of a certain river in Egypt we have all heard of.

She may not listen but maybe you can spread the word.

It’s not going away and it’s going to get a lot worse from here for the foreseeable future.

Since everything comes in by shipping container and is distributed by truck, the entire Just In Time Inventory System is completely FUBAR.

I railed against that when it came out and have railed against it the whole time it has been in use.

Everybody is worried about the Commies when it’s the fucking Bean Counters who have done us in.

20 thoughts on “They Can’t Hide It Anymore

  1. Two very popular restaurants here in Central Mass just closed for the summer. These are the typical “clam shacks” where fried clams, fish, scallops and ice cream are extremely popular. During summer folks are lined up ten to twenty deep for the food. Closed before Labor Day, what should be one of their biggest weekends, two reasons – no staff, no one willing to work and unreliable fish supply. The former is happening all over the country, lazy ass people sucking up the government “stimulus” which pays them to not work. The latter is part of the supply chain issue. Weird thing is we are less than 60 miles from the Coast! An hour’s drive and one restaurant – Ronnie’s in Auburn, MA – claims that the trucks either don’t arrive each day or what they bring is rotten. Amazing.

    The Communism that’s being forced on us by the Democrat party and the UN will fix this, I’m sure. It worked so well in the Soviet Union.


    • Yes, some people are being paid to sit on their couch but others are being paid to “do something else”. I’m sure Phil would get a permanent woodie to be paid to play in his garage all day…


    • I think staffing problems have more to do with masks than laziness.

      I dont “need” a job. My spouses incomes is more than sufficient. However, I have worked – parttime – on and off over the years in seasonal or retail. I have a handful of friends in similar circumstances. I would love to “get back out there” and help a local retailer.

      Unfortunately, every place of employment is forcing face covering and/or vexxation. This is unacceptable.

      I cannot imagine a job – other than caring for the truly needy during a dropdead plague – wherein I would wear a mask or get injected just to make a business-not-my-own a profit.

      Im not getting any more “stimulous” than the first one that was sent to everyone.

      Not lazy. Not crazy. May God bless my spouse for playing the Mask Charades.


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  3. And then there’s this: I just read a headline “If there are 8.4 million unemployed in America why are there 10 million job openings?”
    It made me wonder if the MSM guy that wrote that saw another headline the day before: “Biden considers extending unemployment benefits again”.

    A side note: A really popular lunch and dinner restaurant near me is now open for lunches only. They can’t find enough help. This when the McDonalds across town is paying $16 an hour starting wages because they can’t find enough help.

    Things are completely out of wack.


  4. Haven’t been to a Subway in years. One opened in the nearby plaza and I thought “Heck, why not?” Gimme a Roast Beef and… Sorry sir, we don’t have any Roast Beef. OK, gimme a BLT on.. Sorry sir, we don’t have any Bacon…. Seriously? There’s a damn grocery store right next door.
    Sorry sir, we can’t do that…. Yikes. I went up the road and got a huge slice of Pepperoni pizza and a beer just because. BTW, the pizza joint has Roast Beef, Bacon etc. so it definitely sounds like it’s a supplier and logistic issue.


    • Most of these franchise places have to use supplies from the company’s distribution. So, yep, the grocery right there means nothing. A brewery here in Seattle, Maritime Pacific in the Ballard brewing district (really, that is what it is called as it has so many breweries there!) is half a block from a cash-and-carry. I often see the chef, who works most times alone because of staff shortages, rumbling flat carts of stuff from there when the regular suppliers fall short. Lucky for them to be independent.

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  5. Phil,
    You hear about the diner near Orlando .. the one where the owner steadfastly refused to offer food/service to Biden votes? They had to temporarily shutter the business – because business was so brisk, they sold out of just about everything !!!


  6. going to get worse. may not get overly better. trucks are key to it all, they are the last mile.

    Lots of the supply lines are shortened right now.


  7. Not just the beancounters. It’s the friggin Masters in Business Administration assholes that have done this to us. Just in Time inventory. Human Resources. Minimal staffing/maximum work. Consolidations/Mergers/other stupid moves. Words like ‘Paradigm’ and ‘Throughput’ and other stupid words.

    The movie “Office Space,” where one guy has 7 managers. That’s brought to us by MBAs.

    Had a job where I answered to 7 different managers, and partially answered to 5 more, and answered to 2 not-managers, but yes they were managers, from a different company that, yes, I answered to. 14-15 managers all on my ass. Good thing my ass is wide.

    Fucking Masters in Business Administration. Pointy haired bosses all. Or even worse, 50mph hair. That’s hair that has enough hair product in it to maintain the look while playing golf in 50mph hair.

    Limp-dicked pricks all.

    When the MBAs took over engineering companies, that’s how you end up with fucked up companies like Boeing.


  8. Just for the record, back in 84 my future brother in law had one of those sub sized Mustangs that Ford churned out to meet CAFE standards. Apparently he bought it off the lot and NEVER changed the oil. Amazingly it ran for about 2 y ears then seized the engine solid. He had to sell it for scrap. Luckily that gene did not permeate to my wife.


  9. Don’t know if it’s the same in other places, but here, yea, you can find some “no skill” jobs that start off at between $11 to around $15 an hour, but you’re lucky if they give you 12 to 16 hours a week. They over hire so that they don’t have to pay benifits for 40+ hours a week employees. Feed them crumbs and tell them they should be happy while fudging the “unemployment” numbers. If you can reel in enough of those desperate enough for a few bucks, you can report them as employed even if they don’t make enough to spring for a Happy Meal at McPukes. It’s all just another government lie.
    Shit’s gonna go sideways if this keeps up.


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