Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Rod Bearings.

Rod Bearings who?

Rod bearings you used to have in your engine.

I would literally make whoever owned this POS sign a written release before I even put the drain plug back in it, let alone after I put that thin assed oil in it that seems to be all you can get these days and tried firing that bitch up.

For those who may never have heard that heart wrenching sound of thousands of dollars screaming into the void as they leave your wallet at light speed due to ignorance and or stupidity…

15 thoughts on “Knock Knock, Who’s There?

  1. I can’t even… A moronic douch puppet if ever there was an animal. I am surprised the car drove into the shop bay to be put on a lift. I dread to see the tranny fluid and the diff fluid, let alone the power steering, the A/C refrigerant. My heart would seize.


    • My truck uses 5W-30…. why? Here in the frozen north I can see that so you get lubrication on a tighter tolerances engine. 30weight will do the same thing.


  2. Came out of a dip in the road doing 120 or so and that is what I heard when I hit the pavement again. Mine had a much deeper note to it though. 460ci Ford.


  3. My word, that is uuuuugly. The sound you never ever want to hear but is unmistakable. I had a fiddy 6 cheby way back when, totally worn out 235 cast iron 6 cyl. I was going to change out to a Pontiac 389. Shits & giggles I drained the water and let it idle away to see how long it would take to seize up, then after that failed, drained the oil. Just sat there ticking away and never did seize up. Finally got tired of waiting and shut it off. But I know if Ida added rpm to the mix it woulda seized sooner than later.


    • Unsurprising, because the idle oil pressure is NORMALLY zero – look it up.
      When I first herad t his as a kid, I said, “No way!”, then looked it up in the Motor’s manual. Sure enough, 0 PSI at idle…

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      • Many years ago I was taught that decent oil pressure was 10 PSI for every 1,000 rpm.
        Newer rigs run higher oil pressures but zero oil pressure at idle would concern me greatly. That’s what that old Bronco I had run at and the main bearings were gone in it.
        The red oil pressure light would come on at idle.
        Using a gauge in the dash means you are going by whatever “Crack Pressure” the manufacturer built into the oil pressure sensor.
        Some won’t register until they hit a certain pressure, like 4 or 5 psi so technically the gauge might read zero even though there may be 3 psi in the system at idle.
        That’s still pretty damn low in my opinion.
        This is why I prefer mechanical gauges, you get a real time actual reading.


  4. Oh please, you haven’t seen shit.
    Try explaining to a moon god worshiper who just drove his Fld120 w/ddec4 60series onto the lot that his oil leak is actually a hole in the block punched by the #5 rod after the 2 piece piston came apart. Those little weedeater “motors” are just toys.

    I am the motherfucker knows as Bert

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