Writing Off $500 BFYTW

Two years ago now?

Pretty sure it was ,tickets for one of the concerts on my Bucket List went on sale and The Wifely Unit bought a couple for me for either Father’s Day or our Anniversary, I can’t remember.

They weren’t cheap either, a little over $300 for two tickets because she caught it early and got great seats.

I have been wanting to see Megadeath in concert for a long time. When these tickets were announced, it was Megadeath and Ozzy Osbourne, a Double Win!.

Then Ozzie got sick and they postponed the concert.

I can understand that of course, I want the old Rocker as healthy as anybody else.

A year goes by and in the mean time this Covid Bullshit hits.

Six months ago they announced the concert was back on, except now it would be Megadeath and Lamb of God.

Oh Hell Yeah I wanted to go see that!

Lamb of God kicks ass in concert, seen them a few years ago.

As the appointed date approaches, Judas Priest announces their 50th Anniversary tour.

I have seen them probably 10 times now and I gotta say, since their two original guitarists aren’t there anymore, it’s kinda like they are just going through the motions.

It ain’t the same but whatever, it’s 50 years and quite the milestone.

So I bought tickets to go see that a couple of months ago.

Then three weeks ago now?

I get an email from Moda Center, where the concerts are going to be at and here is this list of new rules and crap they want you to put up with just to go see a concert.

They completely outlawed tobacco anywhere on their property.

As you can imagine, a Sportsball/Concert complex takes up a pretty good chunk of real estate.

Then they say you either have to have Proof Of Jab or have Proof of Negative Covid Test, taken within 48 hours of the concert.

Yeah, Fuck, You.

Ain’t happening.

So I got Online and put all 4 tickets back up For Sale on the Official TicketMaster website.

That was at least two weeks ago now.

I get another Email from the bastards yesterday and they changed their rules again, with 24 hours to go before the concert actually starts.

Now it doesn’t matter if you had The Jab or not, anyone wanting to see this concert has to show proof of a Negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of Show Time.

In the mean time, I ain’t going anyway and not a single bite on these tickets I put back up for sale, even though they were great seats.

So I’m out at least $500 here, don’t get to see a band that hardly ever tours anymore and will probably never come around here again.

At this point it appears that I won’t be going to see any concerts, ever again, period.

So be it.

I will not comply, BFYTW.

Kiss My Fucking Ass, I’ll eat the money and you will never get another nickel out of my pocket again.

It’s going to be interesting to see just how many people actually show up to this concert tonight after they did their little last minute rule change.

I’m betting some of those smug bastards who took the jab and didn’t catch this latest email about the new rules are going to be a bit miffed when they show up down there and can’t get in because they don’t have a negative test to show.

And then they get to eat $300 worth of tickets too.

17 thoughts on “Writing Off $500 BFYTW

    • The way I see it, if they don’t have Bread and Circuses anymore, people just may spend that extra time figuring out they are getting fucked and may well decide to do something about it.
      Since I don’t have the distraction to go to now tonight I have other plans and I can 100% absolutely guarantee you that those plans would put a whole bunch of panties in a serious twist if they knew what I am doing with that time now.

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  1. Phil- I hate your revolting developments. If we keep putting up with this shit, the PTB will keep pushing. Picked up in-laws from hospital yesterday. People in reception say “mask!”. Oh boy… they just pushed one of my favorite buttons. I was respectful, but forceful. Security guy didn’t say shit. They remember the “mean old fatman” the rest of the day. Like I say, if we keep cooperating, they gonna keep pushing. Fuck all that. BFYTW is nearly as good as “Remember the Alamo!” I sorry for your shitty luck.


    • No, they were electronic tickets . I ain’t driving all the way over to Antifa Central and standing on a street corner trying to peddle the fucking things either way.


  2. Keep poking the bear, assholes. Eventually, the teeth and claws are going to come out and there is going to be Hell to pay for the Marxist muttfuckers.

    Sorry for the loss, both monetarily and momentous musical memories.


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  4. Phil,
    Why not offer them for free to any honorably discharged vet who has the jab? I know there must be a few who fell for it before opening their eyes. Look at it as a way of saying Fuck You to the Left while doing something for someone who served.
    Just an idea.


  5. Good on you. Shouldn’t take more than a half hour to assemble. That’s going to be a very nice tool all said and done to add to your vast collection of tools.


  6. I wonder if the cost of the tickets could be considered a deductible casualty loss for tax purposes, in that you had no control over suffering the loss which was caused by actions of another party.


  7. Around October of 2019, because she loved Peter, Paul, and Mary, my girlfriend bought a pair of tickets to a Paul Stookey/Peter Yarrow concert that was scheduled for late April of 2020.

    It was postponed until October 2020 because of the lockdown.

    Then it was postponed until sometime this year.

    Then it got cancelled, because someone remembered that Peter Yarrow had a conviction for taking “indecent liberties” with a 14-year-old girl in his background.

    A refund was promised, but, in the meantime, my girlfriend had passed on, and the card to which the refund would be applied had long been cancelled.

    Even without that, the organization in charge has new rules. Everyone, vaxxed or not, has to wear a mask. Nobody’s allowed in without the vaxx, though. Sounds … contradictory isn’t the right word, but it’s not well thought out. And no more refunds if you don’t qualify for entry with their new policy.

    Meh, I wasn’t too interested in attending in the first place; it would have been for her, not me. Some of their other concerts and functions I’ll regret missing, but …

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