19 thoughts on “No Concert? No Problem, BFYTW!

  1. You can send that black looking thingy to me. I can make sure it is put together correctly!!!!

    Much more mileage from that than you would get from a piece of paper!!!!


  2. I’m going to assume that there’s a lower for it somewhere, and plenty of them little things that make loud noises and fly out the end.

    I just had a friend here get a new hunting rifle and can’t find any rounds for it.
    He called and asked if I had some.
    Yeah, like I want to part with anything I have now.
    He ended up having something in a caliber that I was short on so we made a trade.


  3. Oh boy, Phil- you being a bad boy! That does it. Two week in the electric chair for you! I admire the capabilities you have on the premises. I don’t think the cockgobblins in charge appreciate the number of humans with resources and imaginations.


  4. That’s how I described it to someone. Like putting together one of those jigsaw puzzles designed for little kids. It looks like I may do another one for a Christmas present for my daughter.


    • All I can say at this point is to shop around hard. I literally could have bought two off the rack for what I have into this build and it’s all off the shelf stuff. Just the upper and bolt carrier group cost me as much as a cheap complete rifle at today’s prices.
      I bought some of these parts a while ago and have been sitting on them.


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