Well Whaddya Know, Someone Is Finally Wanting To Take A Peak Under The Hood Here.

This is way, way overdue here in Washington state.

My unconfirmed suspicions are that every single election since they started this Mail In Ballot bullshit has been compromised.

Washington’s current vote-by-mail system evolved over decades. In 1993, the state began to allow vote-by-mail in precincts with fewer than 200 voters. In 2005, that was expanded to allow counties to adopt vote-by mail.

By 2011, 38 of 39 counties were voting by mail and the Legislature adopted it statewide.

Washington requires people registering to vote to provide a valid driver’s license, state ID or Social Security number. Ballots mailed to voters have intricate defenses against fraud, from the type of paper they are printed on, to time stamps and a bar code individualized to each voter.

I’m also thinking that ever since Arizona started their vote audit, the criminals running our local scam have had plenty of time to cover their tracks so auditing the damn thing will probably be very expensive and completely fruitless.

However, it will cause the dirty sonsabitches to be one hell of a lot more cautious than they were in the 2020 election when they cheated so obviously because it was the result of pure panic because Trump was obviously kicking their asses.

My personal opinion is that every single race in this state was fixed.

I obviously have no way of proving it but the results have the stench of sewage all over them.

I don’t even think our illustrious asshole governor even campaigned yet he won by almost double the votes of the nearest contender.

You can’t tell me that really happened because half of this entire state hates that prick with a passion and they would have voted for literally anyone but That Guy.

But, good luck with your attempts at auditing these crooks.

It’s not a complete waste of time by any stretch of the imagination.

18 thoughts on “Well Whaddya Know, Someone Is Finally Wanting To Take A Peak Under The Hood Here.

  1. In my state, the vote flipped both Houses of the Legislature and the Executive Council (that’s similar to the Cabinet for the U.S. President) from Demonrat to Republican. Yet, Biden, at the top of the ballot, won. So, a majority of the voters cast ballots for Republican representation at the State level, yet voted for the Demonrat for U.S. President and U.S. Senator. Makes perfect sense. One town audited the results of their vote. The audit commissioners were almost all Demonrat operatives from out of state and the Republican (RINO) governor allowed it.


  2. Audits are nothing but expensive taxpayer funded Kabuki Theatre bullshit designed to distracts us from other things they are doing. The results will be inconclusive, contradictory and basically irrelevant. NOBODY will be removed from office and NOBODY will face actual justice for the election fraud. TINVOWOOT. Want justice form the criminals? Want your country back? Then sack up, saddle up, step off the porch and start hunting.


  3. Look at all the time they spent in Florida over Bush/Gore and a few hundred ballots.

    Imagine them trying to verify signatures and eligibility, non-duplication, etc of Millions of ballots in multiple states if not all states. Not in this life. The only way to counter this is before it happens with election processes that are a shade more secure than N Korea.

    Thanks Republicans for sitting around the last few decades with your thumbs up your asses while the dems raped your election processes like biden in a room with an 8 yr old girl for a week.


  4. We don’t have an open and honest election here in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Washington, ever since they screwed Rossi out of his governorship. The State Supreme Court said we know there was vote cheating, but we don’t know who did it! What, nobody cheats to lose! The courts ,the state government, the.law enforcement and now the federal government are all corrupt!

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  5. It could be worse, as in the glorious people’s republic of Washington with Pol Pot’s Pleasure Penthouse wymyn governor a 100% CCP RAT POS.
    We have them right where we want them, surrounded from the inside.


  6. If you have been following Washington’s elections all a long You could have seen the future. There was a guy running for mayor of Seattle Before the turn of the century (20th to 21st) was leading on election and magically they kept finding votes for his opponent so that a day or two after election day they declared his opponent the winner. Later he ran against Patty Murray for Senate and mysteriously the same thing happened again. The demonrats just spread their cheating country wide is all. How to fix this. Use biometric data or an on file photo9graph and facial recognition software to register each voter. When the Paper Absentee Ballot arrives at the polling station. The voter submits a picture or biometric data they supplied when registering to vote. the vote is hand counted. In front of poll watchers from each party. If for any reason a poll watcher leaves the counting area that pool watcher is barred from re-entry to the ballot counting area. if one party refuses to come into the polling area the votes in that area are impounded by the US Marshall’s service and will NOT be added to count for that precinct city or state. Illegal aliens who are registered to vote their ballots will not be counted and the precinct accepting those votes will also LOSE the right to have their votes tabulated. Get rid of Motor Voter. If an Illegal wants to drive in this country they get an International drivers license like US Troops had in Europe. It was a card board card about the size of a credit card with NO Photo on it. Sorry this is so long


    • Your solution deprives the rightful and legal voters their votes. No system is perfect I think we can agree. What needs to be done is aggressive and forthcoming arrests and prosecution of those precinct workers and election officials when even a hint of voter fraud is suspected and have very public trials and punishment. When volunteer pole workers face a mandatory twenty years at hard labor, no exceptions, no mercy with your suggestion of bio-metric identities, no mail in votes, if you can show up a starbucks, you can show up at a voting place and two IDs, your driver’s license, and a state voter ID then you may vote and be more assured of your vote counting.


  7. Audits may just be kabuki theater but I’d like to believe in them anyway. But then consider, whatever happened to the Durham report, how about the finding of the Arizona audit tat has been complete for a month now, how about the finding of 140,000 or some fraudulent votes found in Georgia, and then the finding in Michigan of more voters in counties than those counties have people, and the promisee of the audit in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?
    When you get right down to it the entire feral & state gummy mints are not the but a taxpayer funded theater that accomplished little but enriching other countries. We’d all be much better off not having any gummy mint at all. At least we could shoot the fukin crooks…….


  8. Tambourine Borelli. That’s the woman in the video beating the audit drum? She’s a died in the wool commie from the NY State Attorneys office. She showed up in Washington state not too long ago suddenly acting like she’s with the Tea Party. Beware of controlled opposition. She’s foul.


  9. Huh. Group probably funded by dominion. Donate here to help?

    Its amazing. The last couple years when I reboot my Mac mini on occasion, not every time, when done the blutooth feature is on and I have to manually turn it off.

    When the ropes are snapping on the hanging platform I will believe something is being done by the just us system.


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