6 thoughts on “They Like To Call It Progress

  1. Yeah, look at all that white privilege. Only white privilege we have around here iffn’ ya get the silver spoon as a birthing prize and you are destined to an snobbish ivy league indoctrination University to take your rightful place of lording over us unwashed, stinking deplorabulls … and cows. POCs and the tribe elite are envious that we pulled ourselves up with our bootstraps and have the will, the way and the intelligence to succeed and prosper. They will soon learn all the fuck we wanted was to be left alone and we will police ourselves and be our own lord and master and that scares them to no unholy end.

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    • I saw a picture earlier and it just clicked in my head that it totally reminded me of what it looked like back then.
      Looking a little harder and it is very similar now to then in some ways.
      All we need now is another Black Friday.


  2. Phil, I wonder if the stocks are low cause they’re guarding against losing too much to looting. I don’t know the area well enough. No problem here in Cincy anywhere. Overflowing everything.

    Hey, here’s a good one I just saw on a meme…..

    1980 and 2021 are as far apart as 1980 and 1939. Hmmmmm.


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