Yet They Keep Pushing This Bullshit

Is it just me or do I keep seeing more and more bad news about this jab horse shit?

What I am seeing is that they try their damndest to either spin it or keep it quiet.

We gonna be finding out either way here real soon when The Flu Season hits.

You know, the one that disappeared last year?

32 thoughts on “Yet They Keep Pushing This Bullshit

    • The question always is “How many?” Not just a percentage.
      When you look at actual numbers less than 10% of US population has contracted it.
      I like my odds of NEVER getting it.

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    • I think your forgot how fractions work. What that study shows is that the vaccine is less effective for the delta variant, for which it wasn’t designed. The vaccinated still have a lower risk of dying.

      80% of Brits are vaccinated. 2/3 of the deaths came from the vaccinated 80% of the population. 1/3 of the deaths came from the unvaccinated 20% of the population. The vaccinated have a lower death rate (%).

      Here is a simplified example. Take a population of 100 people, 80 vaccinated and 20 unvaccinated. Then 15 people die, 10 vaccinated (2/3) and 5 unvaccinated (1/3). 10/80 (1/8) is less than 5/20 (1/4). The odds of a vaccinated person dying are lower even though more vaccinated people died.

      I’ll let you in on another math conspiracy – 2% milk doesn’t really have 98% of the fat removed. “They” don’t want you to know that.

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      • here’s a question i can’t seem to get an answer for.
        the number keepers can tell you how many new cases there are every day. they can tell you how many of the new cases are un vaxxed, and how many are fully/partially vaxxed.
        but they cannot/will not how many new cases have had and recovered from covid 19 previously.
        WHY IS THAT??
        seems to me if that number was large, it could be used to push booster shots, because here’s proof you can get it again.
        but it’s probably a really really small number and would tend to indicate that natural immunity is far superior to the jab.


        • I don’t believe much of what ‘they’ say at all. CDC, Fauci, all proven liars. Don’t even mention the WHO, likely run by the Chinese.


        • Whenever I hear “New cases….” my first thought is “Who cares?”
          Testing positive from a test that has about a 90% false positive rate is the most meaningless metric in the history of the planet.
          Only meaningful numbers are hospitalizations (for real China Wuhan Virus cases)


  1. Flu did disappear last year, because most of the country – if not most of the world – was shut down, closed, the superspreaders (known generally as “children”) were thwarted from sticking their fingers in each others’ noses and mouths, and then bringing their infections home to mom and dad, and the rest of society in 95% of cases was wearing masks and slathering millions of gallons of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on 24/7.

    Almost like Pasteur’s Germ Theory might actually be true.

    Nonetheless, the vaxx jabs are neither safe nor effective at doing anything but guaranteeing side effects, a fact which is moving from vague suspicion to undeniable truth, at warp speed.

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  2. If the jab worked, according to traditional vaccine “science”, NO ONE that has had the jab would be getting sick, NOR would anyone require a “booster” 3-6 months after being jabbed. Does anyone that has had the polio, diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, name a disease that a real vaccine has been developed for, get that disease, even DECADES later? That FACT tells you all you need to know about the Covid jab.

    Oh, the virus mutates causing the jab to be less effective? If the jab worked, it would completely sanitize the virus inside the affected person, thus allowing NO MUTATIONS and no CONTINUAL spreading of the virus.

    I remain in the control group and no amount of propaganda will convince me to change that position any time in the future.

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    • No vaccinated person would get sick? Huh? No vaccine is 100% effective. The annual flu vaccine is 40 – 60% effective so lots of vaccinated people get the flu, just fewer. The measles vaccine is about 88% effective. Kids still get the measles, just fewer.
      No vaccine requires a booster? Whooping cough? Tetanus? A tetanus booster is recommended every 10 years. Step on a rusty nail and what’s the first medical question they ask at doc-in-the-box?
      It’s not “all or nothing.” It’s “more or less.” Nuance is hard.

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      • So is getting straight information out of the FedGov.

        Nah, I’ll let my immune system handle the problem, it’s 99.87% effective. I’m pretty confident I have the IgM already aware of the Wuhan FLU virus.


  3. The inbred globalist “elite” maggots who own every government and politician have it on their must have item list for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    Cashless society while living in Bidenville pods with bugs and soylent green for supper is the plan while they live high on the hog looking out over the favelas full of untermenschen rube kulak deplorable toothless hill scoggins.

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  4. The percentage of “healthy” people dying from the vax is greater than the percentage of “healthy” people dying from the wuhan. I’d bet money on it. You are dying from the wuhan because you are unhealthy to begin with and already susceptible to dying from something else anyway. Like heart disease, diabetes, really old, and any other poor health contributors. It’s planned virus, Jax and other tools used to force people into reliance upon gummint for all their needs health care, housing, food, transportations. These asshats (worldwide) have gone full commie and are not even trying to hide it. Treat them accordingly. This will end in what they are ultimately hoping for, but are ill prepared to deal with, and even less prepared to comprehend the outcome. Coming soon to a nice neighborhood near you ___ Rule 308!

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  5. Oh, yes, I forgot to point out:

    Told y’all last year that the Virus was torn apart by CRISPR and a non-natural genetic sequence – not found in nature! – had a SARS gene spliced at that spot. Here’s the (relatively) non-technical analysis for you to read.

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    • Let’s see.. who had something to gain by massive mail in ballots and getting DJT out of the picture beside the dems. China comes to mind. Remember the head of Alibaba saying if Trump put tariffs on it would mean war? Do we think he was kidding? Would China actually do biological warfare? Gosh, such hard questions.


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