They Say The Only Two Things That Are Certain Are Death And Taxes

That may be if you look at things in a certain context.

One thing I know for certain is that life as we knew it is dead and gone.

Over the years a few people have given me some shit for the By Line at the top of this blog, “Documenting the death of America”.

I wasn’t wrong and that has been up there for several years now.

The America we grew up in is most certainly dead and it’s not coming back, ever.

What we have to look forward to is still very much up in the air though.

TPTB and the NWO most certainly have their plans and their hopes.

Unfortunately for them, Americans by and large tend to be a contrarian bunch.

There is a reason BFYTW resonates so well.

Nobody can accurately predict the future but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I think that no matter what happens long term, there are enough of us left that still have influence over the generations that are behind us to suggest that there will always be, some kind of America.

Even if it is isolated pockets across the country, the ideals and beliefs will refuse to die.

That alone gives me some comfort.

Because from where I sit, this whole planet is about to erupt in unimaginable violence.

It may or may not happen within my lifetime at this point, but it is going to happen.

Nothing is more dangerous than a wounded and cornered animal.

Since America was the last place on Earth to escape to and live in liberty with justice for all, we are all trapped in the corner here.

Add to that the increasing tyranny we are seeing ratchet down on a daily basis, we have all been wounded to a certain degree now.

They are going to push until they flip the switch and then God have mercy on their souls because no one else is going to.

18 thoughts on “They Say The Only Two Things That Are Certain Are Death And Taxes

    • I disagree. One of the goals of TSBTB is to replace straight white males with easily manipulated, low trust, foreigners who have a high tolerance for corruption. Killing us off over the course of generations is perfectly acceptable since we may fight back if it were done quickly.

      To NOT have kids, to yield to the perception that “there is no future”, is the selfish thing to do. Unfortunately I am selfish and have no intention of having kids. I support those who want to keep fighting when and where I can but otherwise I’m just riding out whatever time I have on the earth.



  1. Death of the United States maybe. But here in the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys, America is still alive and going strong. We still call ourselves “American” without any bastardized hyphenation. You still see more people without masks than wearing them. Ask Wirecutter what is like to live here instead of in California.


    • I’m feeling battered here, just kidding. Living in The Bay Area, Phils stomping grounds, I am so grateful for the absolutely perfect weather/growing conditions, and the ease of survival. If you find your hides -hole, there is no better place. N’est ce pas Phil


  2. The tagline is what brought me here because I can handle the truth.
    I come around for the contrarian everyman approach and BFYTW is the only way forward.
    Those who have to work for what they have always get it right and the inbred “elites” born on third base with a silver spoon can eat shit.
    More for them and less for us is going to lead to the ultra-violence and that is part of the order out of chaos plan.
    Earth is not their Play-Doh ball and we are not their ant farm summer vacation experiment.

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  3. I spent 16 years teaching my boys and two handfuls of Scouts before that downfall, so I know there is a small pocket of competence in my region. I also started their first several years homeschooling, so they also had that firm foundation to build from.

    The last couple of years, I already got to see the fruition of that in the eldest’s ability to stand his ground at a technical university as well as the initiative he has taken to explore his interests, learn useful life skills and restore and mod an ’05 van from the ground up so he can travel the country, camp, and learn real hands-on history.


  4. Death taxes and having to go to work I lost my job last Thursday people found out about it I was getting phone calls on Monday I was back at work on Tuesday but on the road once again but again making a lot more money.
    The worst thing is of course having to be on the road but you have to do what you have to do most of the time I’m within 4 hours of reaching home in an emergency.


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