19 thoughts on “Then Again

  1. maybe 3-5 out of a hundred know how to think. after the dept of ed. it seems kids know how to repeat shit without really thinking about it. and now a days i begin to wonder about that even.
    do they even teach basic math anymore ? or any thing that involves thinking ?
    true fact , the us was number one in education for years and now we what 17th ?
    while we where working they made our kids stupid. and no shop classes anymore ?
    kids do not know what or how to use a screwdriver. this sucks ! teach a kid or two how.

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    • With a cheater bar…
      I get your point but I could use a can opener when I was 5 years old and when I was 9 I was raising myself and my younger brother alone basically because my parents had split and my dad had custody and he was too busy working and chasing pussy.

      At 9 I could cook clean do laundry make sure my brother was fed and clothed and off to school and the same for myself and kids these days just do not want to learn.
      I have proven that to myself multiple times by reaching out and offering to teach and video games are more important.

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      • My grandmother raided her siblings while in school herself. Then she hitched to college and got enough hours over several years to get a teaching certificate. She never got a degree. Even that took years because her father, who was the straw boss on a cotton plantation, would come and drag her home to help with the harvest. She always canned vegetables out of her garden and was largely self sufficient.
        I have done a lot with my life but I ain’t squat next to my grandparents. My kids are softer still. I try but the simple fact is, our forerunners were a lot tougher than us.
        The future of America is not one of freedom and self reliance. Pity.

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      • To pile on, Absolutely this kid is old enough he should have already opened plenty of cans in his life, plus cooked his own meals, plus basically be able to handle a wide assortment of common tools. By the time I out of diapers, I was out in my Dad’s garage helping hand him tools while he worked. I was rebuilding engines before I was old enough to drive. And on many occasions there was no one there to “teach” me, I simply took something apart to figure out how it worked, then fixed it, then put it back together on my own. Today’s kids watch 30 minute YouTube videos on how to use a screwdriver, and still get it wrong.

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  2. Isn’t that the same kid they handed a rotary dial phone and said “You have five minutes to call this number.” He (and his buddy) couldn’t do it.
    And Frank: the P-38 is the single greatest invention of the US Army. Some years ago I found a bag of 100 of them in a surplus store, so I have them all over the place.

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  3. Even worse, how many can open a can with a knife? That takes talent, and, yes, I can do it.

    It’s pretty easy, and I’ve never injured myself doing it. You just have to know how a chisel works and use the right type of knife (a big wedge blade is the best, like one designed to hack through bone. fine-edged meat cutting blades are not to be used.)

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  4. Still have my scar from the P-38 I uses to wear on a chain with my dogtags. Was conducting a simulated assault and I dove to the ground to help set up fire support. Damn thing came open and I got the business end stuck in my chest. After that, kept it in a plastic sleeve along with the dogtags.

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  5. I have an electric can opener in the kitchen, don’t remember the last time I used it. I have a manual one that is easier to grab, and quicker because I am not locked to a section of counter and am free to be anywhere in the laboratory/kitchen creating dinner or science experiments.
    My children all grew up with the manual cranked version so it’s not a mystery to them, but I also ensured they knew how to do laundry, cook, fish, build a fire, shoot,sew a button back on a garment, and basic first aid.
    They are relatively self sustaining and I am pleased by that.

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  6. I was shocked when I found out how many parents in my family and circle in general do not cook. They mostly order out. And if they do cook, it’s heat-and-eat or processed foods. One of the things I do in the supermarket is see what others have in their carts. I’ve seen whole carts of soda, frozen processed foods, snacks. If they buy any ingredients it’s wings, hamburger, or hot dogs.

    Sad. Because what it does in some stores – like the ghetto Kroger near me is that they stock less fresh ingredients, or stock them less often.

    My kids all know how to deal with cans because I’ve shunned all my wife’s pampered chef gadgetry and use old school openers. They’ve also seen me open cans with the opener on my swiss army knife.

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  7. There’s a whole lot to be learned on a really damn simple weekend camping trip. And, som epeople actually survive the experience.

    Say, Phil, is this kid the brother of the cordless drill genius at the top? They have to be in the same family, along with the “hammer drill” chick from a few weeks back.

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  8. I honestly don’t remember anyone telling me how to use a can opener. I think I just watched my mom using one. Pretty simple to use.

    I was a pretty lazy kid growing up (Still pretty lazy now, lol) but I didn’t have a computer or smartphone and the TV wasn’t always that interesting, so I’d get bored and go see what my parents were doing.


  9. Cheap chinese electric openers, POS. Grocery store bought manual openers, POS. I have tossed both in the last 2 years. P38 till I found an opener, probably made in china, similar to those of years ago on amazon. I hate the zon but mostly chinese shit utensils in the store.


  10. the EZ-DUZ-IT can opener is easy to find on Amazon, made in USA and is just as simple and reliable as they always used to be… sells for about what you would buy one in the grocery store for. Works great. A LOT better than using a P38 🙂


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