This’ll Throw Ya

No screaming, no unintelligible gutteral vocals, it’s not Head Banging either.

As a matter of fact, I’m kind of hard pressed to put a name to the genre, maybe one of you can.

It’s long but it ain’t bad.

I kept trying to figure out who the vocalist sounds like and the closest I can come is the original singer from Styx.

I dunno, give it a spin and see what you think.

14 thoughts on “This’ll Throw Ya

  1. The singer of Mystery is actually filling in in the band Yes as lead vocalist…. I just found out about mystery about a year ago, they are considered “progressive” or prog rock, whatever the heck that means…

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    • Thanks.
      Prog Rock, I’ve heard of it and some of it is pretty good. That name just wouldn’t come to me last night after work.
      Interesting that he is filling in for Yes.


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