Sounds Plausible Enough To Me

I’m just going to say the same thing here that I did over there. I don’t think the Intel boys are going to let that shit slide and there WILL be more back stage fuckery. It’s just whether or not we hear about any of it that is the question.

Deep State War?

…The biggest and most confusing aspect of the whole fucking slo-motion debacle is the What The Fuck is going on? and Why?  

Couple of things -popping out- to me:There’s a serious disconnect between what’s happening on the ground, versus what we’re hearing here stateside.  Now some of MY sources have given me some updates, all the way until they managed to get the hell out of Dodge.  There appears two major Groups: Perps and Vics.  Under Perps, there seems to be three major ‘players’ in the whole fuckup, and then there’s the Vics, which I break down into two groups.  I  think the best way to break this down is to name and shame the players as we go.

Go read the rest, Big Country is on to something here, I’m sure of it.

4 thoughts on “Sounds Plausible Enough To Me

  1. Mr. Country is a national treasure, as far as I’m concerned. I afraid it is a matter of time before the PTB “turn him off”. Wether they like it or not, he is making a point and twisting the tails of the pieces of shit that are calling the shots.


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