A Little Jab’ll Do Ya.

You’re going to love the booster next week honey.

Yeah, I can be a tasteless motherfucker sometimes.

It’s part of my charm.

9 thoughts on “A Little Jab’ll Do Ya.

  1. The beast of labor is attempting to have a thought or the local witchdoc gave it a shot of mudik to help it with the symptoms of using the bushmeat remains as a manuel rabbit…………moral is, you are standing too close unless the 40gr pill is ready for the base of its skull.


  2. Epileptic seizure? Sure looks like a couple I’ve seen. Eyes roll back her in head, uncontrollable movements. Don’t think it’s a total grand mal seizure, but it’s close.


    • I did a little searching and apparently it’s the after effect of getting whacked in the head with a huge stick.
      Something about putting a cell phone on her head and letting her have it.
      I dunno but it most certainly rang her bell.


      • That damage is now permanent. I know for a fact after they have one episode like that, every one afterwards is progressively easier to onset. That person will no longer have control over these and they can be set off even by a dog barking.

        Bloody well screwed for life now.


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