Whaddya See? Whaddya Hear? Whaddya Think? Whaddya Doin? Open Thread

It’s been a little while since we all got to share our thoughts here. I’m going to be thrashing around out in the garage for a while but I will have my phone with me so I can keep up with the comments.

Let ‘er rip people.

76 thoughts on “Whaddya See? Whaddya Hear? Whaddya Think? Whaddya Doin? Open Thread

  1. I’m running odds on how long joey jo-jo has left in office. Any takers? Suspect the dims need him out by Christmas so they can start the new year ‘fresh’, but I give him ~45 more days: October 14th.

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  2. Plenty on my mind. Biden falling asleep during Israel PM visit, Inslee mandating masks again, people just being stupid.
    How have we let things get to this point? I’m ready for the revolution.

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    • From what I have seen personally, a full third of the people around here are completely ignoring Inslee’s little dick tates. Even Wal Mart isn’t forcing them on people, we even asked one of their employees about it. When you have lost Wal Mart you are all done.
      I saw a piece on the local news yesterday about the State Fair going on down in Salem Oregon where they have a complete mask mandate, inside and out and they were sniveling HARD about all the people wandering around without the diaper. They showed literally HUNDREDS of people walking around in the Fair with no diaper.
      I’m telling ya, the bastards have lost the control.
      People have had enough of the stupid. After we all got a taste of going back to normal we ain’t giving that back up.

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      • I have to agree with you for the most part. I live in a small town and don’t see much compliance, but go anywhere near Bellevue and the sheep all have them on. I think there are pockets of compliance.

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  3. Still property hunting. The market in MI is RIDICULOUS! Everything is moving in 8 to 48 hours, and what is listed is overpriced by at least 2.5x. Possibly going to take advantage of it and sell our place, rent for a year, and take our time looking until the market has settled. We can then find what we want and build it up from there.

    Also had a busy weekend harvesting from the garden and just got done canning this season’s dill and bread n butter pickles. Need to stay on top of this. Plus, I cant putz in the garage since I snapped the mount guide for the tail of my lathe.

    I follow your blog every day. Glad to see you have some time for you after your hectic summer. Hope you stay well.

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  4. I wonder if we will find out if Bidens dogs are biting white or black secret service members. Would make for a great political ad if it were black members

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  5. Totally convinced our Betters sacrificed those wet behind the ears marines to pull at our heart strings to go back in there and do something. And those “13 beers for the fallen”? half those poor bastards weren’t old enough to drink. I’m am one pissed off old man.

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  6. Sitting here waiting to go in to work the hurricane tonight. Eye is going to pass right over my parish. I will be driving in right as we really get slammed around 6pm.

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  7. 180 calendar days until I can retire. 156 working days worth of vacation/sick/comp saved up. Vaccine ‘mandate’ most likely headed our way in the next few weeks. Let you figure the rest out.
    20gal (4 5gal kegs) of homebrew in the kegerator, grapefruit IPA, tangerine IPA, a Blue Moon clone and a black chocolaty coffee porter kinda one that tastes like heaven. Going to be a good fall.
    Finally got my taxes to my tax guy. Per him (30yr retired IRS guy) unless you owe them, you don’t need to file, and if you file late every few years (extension/no extension) you will never get audited. I’ve been audited twice in my life, once while I was stationed in Germany. Had to fly back and sit with these assholes as they figured out they owed me $2700. Almost paid for the ‘right now’ plane ticket.
    Slo Joe and the Ho are going to be histories misfits, if there are enough of us left to have a history to write, let alone someone intelligent enough to read it.
    Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself, and John McAfee isn’t dead.

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  8. John Deere 30,40,50,55, 60 series tractors all use the same brake pads. Reportedly, there are ZERO in stock ANYWHERE, (unless dealers just are not confessing so they don’t loose their precious inventory). There may be some after market still available.

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    • Is there anyone anywhere that relines brake shoes anymore?
      Serious question. I did a few and a couple of clutch discs way back in the day. Ya probably can’t even get the brake lining material anymore.

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      • Phil, don’t know about your area, but most of the brake rebuilders went belly up back around 1990 when Chicoms flooded the market with their fully assembled brake shoe kits, no core charge and for less than it cost to re-line. old ones.

        Possibly there are a few heavy truck and heavy equipment re-liners still around, but for cars and light vehicles, none left in the Midwest that I can find. I have 2 complete sets for my 52 MG rebuild project, if it ever gets done, those will last forever given it will be a Sunday driver in dry weather if that.

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      • There’s a Pacific Diesel Brake, Inc. in both Spokane and Seattle. THEY might be able to re-line them. They rebuilt my clutch pads in my 3-wheel mail truck back in ’77 and I think they are still going strong. Check ’em out!

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      • There was place in Portland on Killingsworth called Friction Specialties. I think they did that kind of thing. Not sure if they moved or went under.


    • There Was a place in Odessa that would rebuild a clutch and I Think they were doing brakes, too. So many oddball drives in the oilfield.. That is where I’d start.

      Odessa spring brake and axle.

      Yeah, they will build your leaf springs.

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  9. The homeland security cucks are playing war games in the capital city here in the Buckeye . Our legislature took Gubernor Devines power to tyrannize us away and only a few democrats are wearing masks . The big national guard planes are back flying practice runs and taking pictures of the fields looking for ganja . And I haven’t watched a tv since I retired in 2012 .

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    • The Wifely Unit turns the fucking thing on in the morning automatically and just keeps on walking right into the kitchen. That dirty motherfucker is literally on sixteen hours a day. She can be outside for crying out loud and it just stays on. I swear she would lose her mind if it’s not on constantly. I literally gave the last one I owned fifteen years ago. I do have to admit though that I am just as bad when it comes to the internet.


      • My wife, ditto. She says it keeps her company. She’ll ‘watch’ a movie 8 times and not know 3/4’s of it – “Oh, I didn’t see this part”. :). As soon as her eyes are half open, on comes the radio on the nightstand 20 min commercials, 5 mins of shit content. Two seconds after feet hit the floor, the TV comes on. I’m either at work or doing something else around the house. Not a problem.

        I like to contemplate the universe for at least an hour after getting up before I stand in front of the bullshit spewing fire hoses.

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  10. This is probably too long so the TL/DR version is – things are getting more and more fucked up all the time. Hang on to your britches because they’ll be upside down before long.

    Well it’s drier than a popcorn fart over here. Just did a complete inventory and date check of supplies in our go bags in the event we have to bug out ahead of a wildfire. If one starts and the wind is wrong you could kiss everything else goodbye. Last year wildfires burned around us on three sides.

    Long term water is becoming more of a concern. When they first tapped this aquifer they made the claim they were drinking 10,000 year old water. A few years back it was reported our aquifer was 80% depleted and we’re using it at a rate of 1.5% to 2% / year. The only real surface water is the Columbia impoundments so I don’t know what we’ll be doing in a few years for water. Even now some of the shallower wells are drying up when the deep well irrigators kick their pumps on. Even in a total grid down situation it will be centuries before the aquifer recovers. If you’re thinking of relocating to this area you might want to take that into consideration.

    Cost of living is going up, up, up and real wages are going down. Food is climbing the fastest probably followed by fuel. Gas has hit $3.65/gal, seems like it climbs a few cents every couple of days. A usual shot in the arm, harvest, was short lived and yields were way down with some places seeing a 30 to 40% reduction in bushels per acre this year. Wheat prices are up some so that will help the farmers a little but the local economy is taking a pretty big hit with the loss of the summer wages.

    Real estate prices are up yet places are going almost as fast as they are listed, sometimes even before they are listed. Also seems to be more buyers for larger, more marginal pieces of bare ground. Don’t know what they plan on doing with it – see water concerns above.

    The drought has ushered in a dearth and the apiary is going through sugar water at an incredible rate. According to Michigan State University a 50K colony should consume around a 1/3 of a gallon of 50/50 sugar water per day. Mine will take a gallon every 12 hours if I let them. Buying sugar and feeding has become a major expense and time hog but I don’t want to lose any colonies.

    There are more and more, umm, strangers around. Folks that look like they haven’t bathed in several days or more, carrying backpacks or sling bags, just wandering around somewhat aimlessly. A few years ago seeing one or two strangers on foot a month was rare. Now it’s not uncommon to see several a day. Group sizes are also getting larger, generally it was one or maybe two strangers coming through. Now it’s not uncommon to see several in a group and now they have one or more kids in tow. As a result we’ve had an increase in petty pilfering. We have to lock up the rigs and shop door every night to minimize trouble.

    Garden harvest is ongoing and it won’t be too long before that effort will be over for the year. Already starting seed harvest on several things. The boss has been running the canner full time here recently and we have the next two years of green beans canned. Corn is really late this year and if we didn’t have a bunch from last year in the freezer we would probably run short before next year. There’s a ton of other stuff coming off and in another couple of weeks it will be a full time job just putting everything up.

    Started feeding cattle a couple weeks back as the pastures are shot for this year unless we get some rain soon and then it will only be a small help. The plan is to knock down a couple of beef the middle to end of October. I would hate to have to buy beef, for that matter any food, from a store at current prices.

    We’ve pretty much checked out on the whole political front. Things political, financial, pandemic, military, et al, will continue the way they are until they can’t any longer, then they’ll collapse. I’m working on having me and mine be among those that survive it. There is nothing and I mean nothing that is worth the life of any of my family or those close to me.

    I don’t know where they all came from but the kens and karens are everywhere these days. I long for the days when they are no longer protected by the law and I can respond in the manner in which they deserve, which is driving their teeth down their throat.

    There is a bright spot in the near future, unless the forest gets closed for fire danger, elk season is looming on the horizon. With the current shortages of components we’ve been working on refining loads for the bolt guns with what is available so as to avoid digging into our inventory. Currently I have six loads, using a variety of components, that will shoot into and inch or less at 300 yards which is more than enough accuracy for a hunting rifle. The spawn all are doing their own development following along my footsteps and my youngest daughter still out shoots myself and her older brother.

    There’s more that could be written but I’m starting to bore myself so I can only imagine what I’m doing to your readers.

    Later Phil,


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    • The news about the growing number of apparently homeless wandering through your neck of the woods is troubling, as is the water situation and the fire concerns.
      You just reminded me of something I wish I had thought of while you were here and now I have to go check on something.
      About an hour ago I started cleaning up the smallest of the old wrenches you gave me, it’s going to clean up nicely when I get done with it.
      I hope you saw my Email that I received the package you sent me too. That is greatly appreciated and that particular project is about to go to the head of the line, right after I get this drill press motor mounted back up and get that thing going.
      Keep your eyes peeled, I don’t like what I am hearing from there and God bless you and your family.
      My best to you as always.


    • Wes my family had a ranch in the 70’s that we saw the droughts, feeed costs climbing and stumblebums starting to gather. Happily my Uncle had a firm rule “The Ranch is NEVER unmanned”. Someone had to be home no matter what event was going on. I missed out on some movies and dinners out but that was the rules.

      Neighbors all around our valley had thefts, barns burned and wholesale cattle rustling as there was a brisk market in cheap beef for the slaughterhouses. Even our ranch fuel supply was of interest and we had to discourage folks from trying for a fill up etc.

      Given the increase of tweekers (methheads) and such stealing and destroying stuff I think it’s time for ranch families to band together so that at no time is the Ranch unmanned.

      Also sad that Today the criminals have the police protection, even if your friends with the local police as I am, their hands are often tied as they are released almost before the paper work is done.

      Russian History in a nutshell “Then it got WORSE”.

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    • What the “Remove the Dams” people don’t realize is that as bad as Hoover & Orville look today, it is 100% more than without them. Remove the Columbia & Snake dams, you remove the bulk of the power to irrigate. Water tables drop, it takes that much more of the reliable Power we no longer have to pump from deeper. The Desert wins. Abundant Crop supplies gone. The cheap, abundant milk supply goes down as there is no cheap feedstuffs from the rotation of higher value crops. Water attracts water- does dry land farming production go down if irrigation system is gone?

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      • Ever notice how the most radical environmentalist types live in urban anthills and seldom encounter any ‘nature’? And when they do, it’s usually in hippie encampments that leave mountains of trash behind when they go off to annoy someone else.

        The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services spent around a million dollars cleaning up 48 million pounds of trash left by “pipeline protesters” in 2017 alone.


  11. I had to piss yesterday while doing some errands so I stopped in at the local Walmart. There were two dudes at each entrance. When I walked up they asked if I wanted a mask and hand sanitizer. I said “no thank you. I’m a human, not a sheep” and kept on walking. There was a troll just inside (she is my cousin I have avoided her since 1972, didn’t recognize me). She offered me a mask and hand sanitizer, I told her “I will never comply” and walked right past. After my piss I checked the ammo counter – all shelves empty, no surprise there. I’ve only been able to secure single and double ought for my 12 gauges.

    80% of the Walmart shoppers had a mask on, 20% didn’t. Easy to tell Patriots from sheeple.

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  12. I’m betting that CCP will make a move on Taiwan in 60 days. After that there will be a cascade of events around the globe by other actors (state and non-state), none good. I pray I’m wrong.

    More gear ordered, more time on HAM radio work, more time with Jesus, more time on my dirt bike. Helping friends learn how to garden and put by using several methods. Also helped them with one of their equine, what a good boy he is. More people need to be around equine, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person”.

    Oh one more thing, I’m getting older. Something 13 young marines will no longer be able to do. Sad that.

    Saber 7

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    • You are dead on in the equine department. The aroma of a horse is one of the most unique of all aromas. Stay safe Saber. Strangly at 4 this morning was out back with planes airborne. Opened my flight tracker app and damn if there wasn’t an air equine transport charter landing in Tulsa. Someone spent some money, maybe they were just fueling. I saw them on a racehorse documentary awhile back pretty cool.


  13. First the elites have to find a way to get rid of Kamala and get a replacement that can actually function, then they yank Joe over to the sanitarium. They see the wave coming Nov 2022 and have to get this done no later than June or July 2022 if not earlier.

    This presumes there are a few sane individuals in the D party, which I will admit is a stretch, have not seen one yet. It also presumes they want to try and retain power, that too is questionable as they are raiding the treasury at such a pace that they might just all head for the Swiss alps with their bank accounts overflowing.

    Nah, they are too drunk on power to act rationally and think they have total control over the voting systems.

    Rough seas ahead lads, stock up and batten down.

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    • I still say they made a deal with Jill that she props him up keeps him in line and she gets a year of Holidays as First lady then they “remove” him or he steps down. And unless they replace the VP first they are stuck with her and she just may make the ultimate pick for VP that the dems really don’t want either Nutty Nancy or old Cankles herself. Can we start the impeach 47 & 48 movement now?


  14. Starting as of about yesterday I’m taking a mental break from current events. I’ve had enough biden-covid-vax-mask-climate-harris-media-commie education pukes and all the rest. Life requires a certain amount of participation in current events but my active level will be on the lowest setting. I intend to ignore as much as humanly possible. I’m up to speed, not going to miss anything of importance.

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  15. Tough weekend. My beloved Sister in Law’s funeral was Saturday. My Nephew is in Navy Intelligence after starting as a rescue diver and is the toughest person I know and he was shaken up badly by the loss of his Mother. Here’s the interesting part; He, his wife, and 2 teenage daughters are moving from San Diego to Texas in the next year after he retires from the Navy. I was surprised to find that the girls are ready to get the hell out of California. I met another guy from San Francisco and told him about all the times I went through there on the way to Travis Air Force base doing Engineering support on the C-5B program in my younger days but had not been out that way in a number of years. He said “you’re not missing much”. It’s obvious all is really not well in the Golden State.

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  16. Life goes on. Went to a local prepper fair. Lotsa hucksters doing a brisk business. The two sheep we bought in April are getting rotund. They say not to name your food, but after a few incidents, we’ve started calling them Beavis and Butthead. I made 18lbs of pastrami with brisket and venison haunch. Came out quite good. Other than fixing a water line, things are quiet around here. Haven’t watched tv since they cancelled firefly.

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