I have been out in the garage most of the day thrashing on this old drill press trying to at least get it put back together to see if it even works.

You can find out what happened here.

Now that I know it works again it can go on the back burner for a while.

I have way too damn many projects as it is but there are a couple that need my immediate attention so this one is going on the back burner until Winter now probably.

I have to admit I’m just a little bit proud of myself for getting that motor back together and working again but once is plenty.

10 thoughts on “Next!

  1. Impressive!

    I gotta tell ya, I’d never heard of an induction/repulsion motor before and still have no real idea how they work. Getting that to run is really something.


  2. For further gear reduction why don’t you fab one from scratch? A bearing to fit the hole with a shaft that has a 1/4 reduction and 1/2 reduction pulley.


  3. According to what I learned; the smaller the drill bit, the faster the rpm’s should be. I think that bit in the video should have been turning about 1000 rpm, or a little faster. Other than that, good build.


  4. Man, where do you find prizes like this? Every time I go to an auction or other sale it’s either not fit for the recycler of it’s so far back on the list to be sold it takes all dam day to get to it, And I can’t stay awake that damn long. I’d love to find some of this older “out of date” equip. it’s always a lot better built than the new crap.


    • The word is out to my friends and relatives to keep their eyes peeled for deals on vintage equipment.
      My buddy picked this up at a yard sale way out in the boonies close to his Dad’s place that he just happened to stop into on his way out there.


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