6 thoughts on “Take That Ya Flyin’ Rats

  1. I used to work on the sixth floor of a building n downtown Portland. In the summer we’d eat lunch at our desks and occasionally toss a crust out on the window ledge to draw in a seagull or two. We’d laugh at them when they’d fight over a particularly tasty morsel and try to make life as difficult as possible for them.

    One day I came into possession of a sheet of paper that was extremely sticky on one side. We taped to the ledge with the sticky side up and laid an Oreo on it. Two birds materialized above the trap before we could close the window and both of them planted a foot on the paper.

    Does anybody remember a Donald Duck cartoon in which he has something similar happen. In the cartoon he got his hands stuck on flypaper first – then his feet and finally he tried to pull it loose with his beak.

    Well, that day we got a real-life show better than Disney could ever dream up. But it was far funnier than any cartoon. BTW, since seagulls can’t make facial expressions and since they are always watching for killer whales or something similar, they never took their eyes off us – even when we were rolling on the floor with laughter!

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  2. Back in my very young years, we would throw alka-seltzer before casting our line at the fishing pier. Can’t tell ya how many time we caught the damn thing in our line. I hear now that is slightly illegal.


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