6 thoughts on “Rookie

  1. Wtf is he bitchin about?

    This is a Perfect Example of just 1 of the things wrong with the “Modern” American Male.

    Pro Tip Dude-if she aint banging your best friend or the neighbor…You Win!
    If she is, Dump Her Ass. There’s plenty.

    And what Phil said !


  2. there is no such thing as a quick trip to a womans’ salon and also it’s probably going to cost an arm and a leg compared to a barber (who actually has to get certified and salonists don’t)


  3. Had a boss that called home before he left his office every day. His office was an easy 10 min walk from the car and a 15 min drive from the house. He said it was to make sure that any guys around the house had time to get out before he got home! I was young, thought he was joking, and didn’t understand… at the time.


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