2 thoughts on “Dude, Go Back To Selling Birkenstocks Or Something

  1. Gotta be the stupidest getup I’ve seen lately. What happens to him if he gets hit or crashes? Spinal surgery?
    Dumb dumb dumb. Must’ve been invented by a Libtard. Looks good, fails when something goes wrong (as it always will).


  2. Dunno. It’s kinda like what I do from time to time with shopping carts when you park in the back-forty (still a kid at heart): support most of your weight on the cart and push-glide, push-glide. You’d be surprised how few steps are required to get going, and how fast you’re careening thru the parking lot. With better bearings and larger wheels, I’d think some respectable speeds could be achieved. I’m with egorr above in that the suspension harness is wrong: I’d think about integrating a fall-prevention rig rather than a wide belt.


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