They Are Just Going To Tell You That You Need Six More Anyway

Here’s 120,000 more reasons to stick your vaccine passport up your ass though.

120,000 vaccinated Bay Area residents don’t have proof, government has no plans to help
Despite already getting vaccinated, 120K people have no way to prove it

About 120,000 vaccinated Californians in the San Francisco Bay Area are struggling to prove they were vaccinated after not receiving the proper CDC cards.

“Right now it would be too difficult to go back to 120,000 people and redo their cards. People have to understand we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, where resources are stretched so thin, we’re focused on battling COVID-19,” San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy said of the vaccinated Californians who only received photocopies of their vaccinations. 

As some businesses in the Bay Area ramp up vaccine requirements, people who received their shots at a mass vaccination site in San Mateo County are struggling to book trips and others want access to the proper cards before they hit any roadblocks.

My heart pumps purple piss for ya.

It’s gotta give you a a warm fuzzy knowing the good little Commies down in San Mateo County have the same kind of lazy and incompetent government workers the rest of us have to deal with, right?

My folks used to live in San Mateo and I used to ride through that entire county from one end to the other every fucking day going back and forth to work on my motorcycle when I was going from San Jose to South San Francisco and back .

Geographically it isn’t all that big but there are a shit ton of people in it.

It’s basically a fifty mile long city from San Francisco to San Jose.

The only way you know you are traveling from one town or one county to another is to be paying attention to the signs on the freeway.

The way I see it, it’s a good place to be from, not to be in.

I don’t miss that shit one little bit and as a matter of fact, Portland is the same damn way anymore.

We all already know what an outstanding bunch of local government employees they have.

Another place that’s good to be from anymore with the same kind of lazy and incompetent Commies running the place.

14 thoughts on “They Are Just Going To Tell You That You Need Six More Anyway

  1. Everyone has probably seen the meme, but when a restaurant for example needs to see you vax card, tell them you’re going to need to see the cards of any and all of their employees that will any contact with your area, food or drink, In fact, you need the medical history to knmow they won’t be infecting you wiht Hepatritis as well. What farkin nonsense all this is.

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  2. My son just recovered from the wu flu he only missed one day of work he is a senior in high school working alone running heavy equipment for my parents. This virus really didn’t slow him down.then he gave it to my wife (who by the way is one of the toughest people I know) she ran 12 miles Saturday Sunday not feeling well we got tested she’s positive im negative she’s feeling better started her and i on ivermectin Monday today’s Friday and now I have it I’m 52 smoke heavily have diabetes as long as I can drag my ass outta bed I’m going to try to do something every day not letting this shit get me down and under no circumstances will anyone in my family get the jab

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    • Redwood City used to be nice.
      No personal offense meant but you couldn’t pay me to move back down there.
      Washington state is already California Light as it is, we just have crappier weather.


      • I grew up on the peninsula next to RWC. Yep, it was nice in the ‘70’s. If you still live there on purpose, you’re the problem.


  3. Once you submit to this jab bullshit they are going to keep insisting you get more and more boosters. Once you are taking 4-5-6 boosters and people start dying off like flies, they will have reached the magic number and insist you take that many. Planned depopulation through sterilization, and outright offing blamed on a virus that itself was purposely unleashed on the population at large. All for control and money. I’m slo and I can figure that out, slo if you can’t quite managed to figure it out by now, Holy moley!


  4. My sister just died at 78 in San Mateo. I was relieved to hear there would be no memorial service, because there’s no way I’d have gone to it.
    As it is it’s like pulling teeth go get me to drive to Sacramento.
    See how I am?


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