The Tide Is Turning

Our current Chinese dick sucking Champion they call a Governor here in the State of Washington made some squeaking noises a week and a half ago saying that The Mask Mandate was back in effect state wide and evahbody gots to be wearing the Muzzle when shopping or attempting any other indoor retail exchange of FRN’s for goods or services.

Yeah, about that….

I just got back from a quick trip up to the local GIANT RETAIL BOX STORE which shall remain nameless but I’m sure you can take a pretty good guess of where I’m talking about. That and a short run into a Quickie Mart on the way home.

As Gomer Pyle used to say,

No signs on the front doors assaulting your eyes and intelligence proclaiming you have to have a mask on to get in.

Either place.

I was really surprised they didn’t have a permanently posted Karen at the front door of the Big Box Store demanding compliance either.

So in I went, bare faced except for the beard.

I knew what I was after and you will find out about that later so I didn’t do a whole bunch of wandering around but I did wind up going all the way to the back of the place plus a couple of meanderings down two ailes in the middle before I found what I was after.

The whole time I am going around Sheeple with the muzzles on but the harder I looked, the more people I noticed weren’t bothering with it.

I’d say AT LEAST 30% with no masks.

I even went through a Check Out line and the cashier didn’t say anything.

When I whipped into the Quickie mart a few minutes later the only ones wearing masks were the two cashiers.

I saw at least 10 people come and go and nobody had on a face diaper.

They are losing .

People have had enough of the bullshit and are flat out ignoring the Commie loving Prick up in the Capitol.

I’m not even talking about the 3/4’s of the state East of the Cascades who are already 90% Red anyway and hate that fucking bastard with a passion.

I can already tell you they quit giving a shit what that asshole has to say a long time ago.

No, I’m talking 15 minutes from Oregon and their complete Mask/Vax zealotry.

Karen Central.

This gives me a Size Large, Warm Fuzzy.

It’s BFYTW writ large and there is no mistaking it.

22 thoughts on “The Tide Is Turning

  1. PS, None of the places I go to in Cincy are asking for non-vax people to wear a face diaper except for my workplace because we have some anal HR chick. With that keep in mind we got a warehouse guy who empties the ice trays into an ice bucket in the break room freezer and refills the ice trays with water, all without washing or sanitizing his hands, Shitshow doesn’t even come close for this countrywide bullshit.


  2. I’ve noticed a lot of people in my area doing the same thing, Phil, which is good to see, more people are looking at reality. Might be too little too late, we will know by the end of next month.


  3. Hey Phil, I am also behind enemy lines in communist Washington. I have not worn a facemask since September 2020. When they yell at me I yell back ‘no thanks, I know where it is’ like I haven’t heard what they are saying. Not one employee has bothered to chase me down yet.

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  4. Phil,

    Re: the antibody therapy you posted:

    It sounds promising, but so did the press releases for the current crop of poisons.

    And no word on where it stands in the list of things to be tried, beyond investigational.
    So it’s pretty much vaporware, at the moment.

    It would be nice if actual scientists somewhere pulled their heads out of their asses and did things right on this nonsense, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


  5. Also in WA on the Peninsula. Pretty much ignore the mask BS in the grocery stores and big box, no one has said shit but a small hardware store owner asked me to mask up. I told him I wasn’t sick and didn’t see the need for this BS again. He said he agreed but if an official came in and saw an unmasked customer. he would get a $10,000 fine.

    Srsly? What are you gonna do?

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  6. What would Sam Adams and the boys do?

    The incited rebellion against the monarchy for a freaking tax on tea!

    They didn’t know how good they had it!


  7. Here in Montana, hardly a mask to be seen. Maybe 5% in wally world last time I was in there. I truly think people with half a brain are sick and tired of this crap. Only time I have worn one is when I take my mom to the doctor for appointments. There are a lot of nazis in those medical places. Might be because a lot of them are seriously overweight and would rather wear a useless face diaper than do something about their weight. I have not worn them since this began in 2020 except as mentioned above.


  8. I also have the original face diaper that I picked up at a garage sale (they had a free box of them) and that is the one I use when going into med places. It is at the bottom of my purse, wadded up, filthy and disgusting looking. You should see the looks I get when I dig around in the bottom of my purse, grab it, shake off the crap, and put it on. It is funny. Don’t know how many times I have been offered a new mask and I say no thanks, this one is just fine. I modified it by adding string to the ear loops so it just kind of hangs loose on my face. Only way I can tolerate it.


    • Do the Medicos insist you use hand-sanitizer, too? They did in my doctor’s office. As soon as I finished with the hand-sanitizer, I reached over and picked up my untreated cane. When I got back to the exam room I let the doctor know how ludicrous I thought it was. They don’t insist on hand-sanitizer at the door any more. They’ve only asked once about the experimental gene therapy. I’m surprised they haven’t invited me to take my business elsewhere.


        • Shelby County Tennessee is under a (snort!) “30-day” mask mandate.

          Went to Lowe’s, no sign on the door and about 50 percent compliance.

          Went to Home Despot, sign on the door said “Please” so I didn’t. About 80 percent compliance, nobody said anything, but that might be because of my “Absolutely DO NOT fuck with me” face.

          Went to Advance Auto Parts, No sign, no masks, they were happy to take my money.

          I’ve noticed that heavily-Democratic local governments are extremely reluctant to turn loose of the power and will come up with all kinds of reasons to avoid doing so.


  9. Some establishment Have a we recommend you wear a mask but NO is enforcing it. Some people are wearing masks I do not Fuck the face diaper. I have not run into any Karens yet.. But I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity.


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