The Delta Drill Press Motor Fiasco Continued

I finally got this ‘Shorting Necklace” piece off and show you how this thing is supposed to work.

I may also have found why it quit working.

Baby steps.

Here’s a little bonus video of the Sonic Cleaner in action.

Lol, I had no idea it was going to drown everything out. It’s really not very loud, the microphone just tuned into it.

That green stuff is Simple Green and water. It seems to work pretty good but it sure does look like the Love Canal in there.

7 thoughts on “The Delta Drill Press Motor Fiasco Continued

  1. Can’t remember his name (or his blog) but the “Canadian lawnmower & chainsaw guy” had an unltrasonic cleaner trick on his Youtube channel – Put the part to be cleaned in a jar with solvent (plastic jars work, he uses peanut butter jars, but he found glass jars work better, and he found gasolne works well as a good and cheap cleaning solvent) and fill the ultrasonic cleaner with water, stick the jar in and turn it on. Cleans just like the part was in a cleaner was full of solvent, but filling it with water is cheaper, and solvent in the jar means using a lot less solvent.

    He has a large commercial ultrasonic cleaner which makes it much easier to use jars. I’ve got the same one you have and a jar big enough to hold most of the parts I clean wouldn’t fit in the cleaner.

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  2. Heard that aluminum does not do well in Simple Green. But in the ultrasonic it works a treat for bolt carriers and bolts, then a hose off with hot water and Tri-Flow.

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    • Best thing for cleaning Aluminum that isn’t an acid is Marvel’s Mystery Oil..
      I found a Youtube a few years ago of a guy cleaning up the transmission cases and wheels on old motorcycles and it was amazing.


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